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C6 We're Even

We're even.

"Okay, I'll listen to father, I'll go change now!"

Kuan Tian really wanted her not to eat here, but he had to show that he welcomed her.

Kuan Ying went upstairs and heard Kuan Lulu crying behind her. "Dad, what do you think sister means? Could it be that she doesn't like me and is so jealous of me?"

"Lulu, don't be angry. Don't worry. With me around, she won't dare to bully you!"

In the past, she also enjoyed fatherly love, but now, she only felt disgust.

Kuan Ying really did not want to continue eating this meal. She better change her clothes and go out to take a breather.

Just when she opened the door to the room, she felt a chill on her back, and she could not help but bear the huge haze.

She was so shocked that she almost cried out, but her mouth was covered by a pair of cold hands. When the door opened, she was directly thrown onto the floor.

Kuan Ying took a deep breath in pain.

"Give me the medicine!"

Ou Yee's tall figure was like a haze covering her body. His handsome face looked very hideous at this moment.

Kuan Ying did not expect this person to be Director Ou.

"Medicine? Director Ou, what medicine do you want?"

"Don't play dumb. You are a doctor. There should be medicine for pain in your home!"

It turned out that Ou Yee said the bathroom was an excuse. His real purpose was to find medicine!

"I am indeed a doctor, but Director Ou, you are still my brother-in-law. If you want medicine, why don't you call me sister and beg me to give you medicine to stop pain!"

Ou Yee's cold gaze seemed to be warning Kuan Ying that if she said another word, she would immediately die!

Kuan Ying's entire body trembled, but she still maintained her cunningness!

"Director Ou, if you want medicine, although my sister is not a doctor, her studies are also related to medicine. You can look for her to get medicine!"

Didn't he feel sorry for her sister?

Kuan Lulu was so smug, she should give her a chance!

"Don't talk nonsense!"

His voice was extremely cold, his black eyes were like a cheetah. He was warning her not to play tricks on him!

Kuan Ying felt wronged. She did not play tricks.

"Director Ou, as a doctor, I have already reminded you. In your current situation, painkillers are useless!"

"Director Ou, if you had listened to me and checked earlier, you wouldn't have come to my room to get medicine like this!"

Kuan Ying did not like Ou Yee. After all, Ou Yee had helped Kuan Lulu today.

Since Ou Yee had helped her enemy, it meant that he was also her enemy!

"Kuan Ying!"

Ou Yee raised his voice and Kuan Ying got up from the floor. She patted the dust off her body and said, "Director Ou, I have no medicine!"

Kuan Ying lifted her chest and raised her neck. What she meant was to tell Ou Yee, Since you can bear the pain and don't ask Kuan Lulu for medicine, why did you ask me?

"Yee, are you alright?"

Kuan Lulu's voice came from outside the door. Kuan Ying sneered in her heart. She was really alert!

But before she could laugh, her arm was pulled by Ou Yee's big hand and she crashed into the wall.

Kuan Ying's back hurt from the impact, but her mouth was covered by Ou Yee.

He was tall and big. He covered her mouth and nose with one hand and grabbed her arms with the other.

She was like a little mouse embedded in his arms. She could only stare sharply at the man who had inexplicably caught her!

No, she still had legs!

Although her upper body could not move, her feet could still move.

Kuan Ying stepped on Ou Yee's feet without any hesitation.

She was very happy to see Ou Yee's expression change drastically. But he was able to endure the pain. His pair of black cheetah eyes stared at her as if she was his prey. He exerted his strength and saved his own foot, and at the same time, prevented another unexpected event from happening.

Kuan Ying did not even know how Ou Yee pulled her legs apart. And she could not land on the ground. Her legs could only hang on his calves.

He pressed her against the wall and covered her mouth and nose. Her legs hung on his calves. It did not seem like she was being held back, but rather, it looked like an ambiguous position!

Their pupils constricted, Kuan Ying's cheeks turned red, and Ou Yee's manly aura sprayed all over her small face.

Ou Yee felt that their position was not right, so he immediately let go of her. But Kuan Lulu, who was outside the door, was really worried about Ou Yee.

"Yee, did you find the bathroom?"

Ou Yee's hand, which had just let go, grabbed Kuan Ying again, but this time it was different. The hand that he had grabbed Kuan Ying's arm just now had turned into grabbing Kuan Ying's chest!

Ou Yee's expression changed drastically. He just wanted to hold Kuan Ying back. He really did not think that his hand would press on her chest just like that.

Kuan Ying's breathing was not smooth. She had always been the one taking advantage of others. Today, she was taken advantage of by a man!

Kuan Ying's mouth and nose were covered, making it difficult for her to breathe. Her face became even redder.

Kuan Ying was so angry that she wanted to cry!

Ou Yee, you bastard!

Hurry up and let go!

However, Ou Yee did not move at all, as if this was the first time he had touched a woman's chest. Ou Yee's body moved forward instinctively.

Kuan Ying's eyes widened even more!

She exerted all her strength and grabbed Ou Yee's hand that covered her mouth and nose. She did not hesitate and bit down!

Ou Yee's entire body was twisting in pain, but he did not make a sound!

Kuan Ying was angry. There had never been a man who treated her like this, and this person was Kuan Lulu's fiancé.

Kuan Ying bit down until there was a scent of blood between her lips and teeth. Only then did she suddenly let go.

She was simply dumbfounded as she looked at the blood dripping from the palm of the fair man, as well as her teeth marks!

"Alright, I'll be right out. "

Kuan Ying did not know how Ou Yee could calmly deal with a series of accidents.

He was too calm.

"Okay, I will wait for you downstairs!"

Kuan Lulu happily went downstairs.

Kuan Ying looked up at Ou Yee who did not feel any pain.

Ou Yee pulled his hand back with force and a few drops of blood fell on the floor.

He tidied his sleeves and found some tissues to do a simple treatment.

Then, he opened the door, leaving only one sentence. "We're even!"

Kuan Ying smiled!

He did not intentionally touch her body, but she bit him.

They were even!

Were they even?

When Kuan Ying went downstairs again, Ou Yee had already left.

Kuan Ying was not interested in his excuse to leave. Ruan Hui looked at the table full of dishes. Although she was very proud in her heart, she was very dissatisfied with Kuan Ying today.

"Kuan Ying, come to the study with me!"

Kuan Tian was very angry. No matter what, he had to teach Kuan Ying a good lesson.

Kuan Ying sneered. Even if she did not respect her father, she still had to consider her grandfather.

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