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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C8 What's There to be Unhappy About?
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C8 What's There to be Unhappy About?

Outside the window, the sun was shining brightly in front of the president's desk of Ou's Group.

The rising warmth instantly spread around the cold office.

On the desk, there was a cup of hot coffee. Under Ou Yee's handsome features, the rising smoke made him appear hazy and charming!

Ou Yee was looking at the report. His slender fingers holding a pen seemed to be waving a magic wand.

His strokes were smooth and natural, just like his appearance.

His diamond button was shining brightly.

The aura around his body exuded coldness, showing his nobility and steadiness.

He was like a painting in the afternoon!

Suddenly, the phone in front of the desk rang. Ou Yee raised his head slightly and pressed the number one button.

"Director Ou, there is a lady downstairs who said she is here to apologize to you. "

His hand, which was about to write, stopped. His voice was calm.


"She said her name is Kuan Ying. She said you complained about her in the hospital and asked you to withdraw the complaint!"

A sharp light flashed in his dark eyes and shot at Lin Mu.

Lin Mu could not help but step back. His whole body was trembling.

"Let her come up!"

After cutting off the phone, Lin Mu stepped forward and bowed.

"Director Ou, I'm sorry. That doctor is too much. You should teach her a lesson!"

Director Ou, your identity is respected. She had gone too far.

He wanted her to apologize to Director Ou personally.

Ou Yee didn't make any sound. Lin Mu could only stand aside and bear his anger.

He closed the document that he had just signed and leaned against the chair. His long legs curved up in a handsome and elegant arc, and his fingers crossed over each other on his knees.

There was not a trace of light in his eyes.

The elevator went straight to the main area. Kuan Ying walked out of the elevator and looked at the Ou's Group.

On both sides of the elevator were bonsai that gave people a sense of vitality. There was a resting area on the side.

In the middle floor of the building, with Ou Yee's identity, the scenery of the main area was naturally very beautiful.

A hint of ridicule flashed across the corner of Kuan Ying's mouth. Such a domineering and extremely extravagant emperor was actually a villain!

He actually complained about her!

He had gone too far!

She arrived at the automatic glass door quarantine office area.

Kuan Ying approached and the glass door automatically opened.

He crossed his legs and sat quietly on the president's chair.

His expression was still indifferent and distant, his aura was noble and overbearing.

Behind him was a large French window at the center of S City.

If Kuan Ying had not been forced to apologize, she would have thought that she had walked into heaven.

Ou Yee was really beautiful. Regardless of his temperament, appearance, or style of conduct, he was the best!

But he actually complained about her!

"Director Ou, thank you for giving me valuable suggestions for my work. Regarding the fact that you have responded to the dean, I will follow your instructions. The next time I see Director Ou ordering me to write a list, I will definitely give you medicine. Please withdraw your complaint. I am very grateful! "

The atmosphere was strangely silent.

Ou Yee frowned slightly. He did not expect that this girl would bow to him and say ambiguous words.

He could tell that she was extremely unwilling!

Since she was unwilling, why did she have that attitude yesterday?

Kuan Ying had no choice but to bow. For the inheritance rights of the hospital, this sacrifice was nothing. But what Kuan Ying did not expect was that Ou Yee actually did not make a sound!

He did not feel satisfied?

"Director Ou, if you do not speak, I will treat it as you accepting my apology. Please move your distinguished finger and call the dean again. If there is nothing else, I will return to the hospital first. See you later! "

She would not let Ou Yee humiliate her. She was not wrong in this matter!

She turned around and heard his voice from behind.


Kuan Ying's feet stopped on the spot and her back was facing him.

"Director Ou, do you have any other instructions? You are not satisfied with my apology. Tell me, I will go back and ask them to modify it. I will come back and repeat it for you!"

That should be fine!

"I am indeed not satisfied!"

Kuan Ying suddenly turned around!

She looked angry. "Are you really not satisfied? What is there that you are not satisfied with?"

He was really like a villain.

Kuan Ying's heart was filled with anger, especially when she thought about what happened yesterday, which made her even more furious.

The man sitting on the CEO's chair did not move at all, his black eyes still did not have a trace of light.

"Lin Mu!"

His voice was irresistible!

Kuan Ying did not know what Ou Yee wanted to do. When she heard him call his secretary, she became alert.

Lin Mu, who had been waiting for Director Ou to get angry, immediately understood why Director Ou called him!

Even if he was unwilling, Lin Mu could only stand where he was and bow to Kuan Ying.

"Dr. Kuan, I'm sorry. I made the decision to file a complaint against you!"

Kuan Ying was speechless.

She felt that Ou Yee would not do such a thing!

Wait, why did she admire Ou Yee so much?

"Is it really you who complained about me?"

Wasn't he following orders?

Lin Mu's expression became even more embarrassed, and his eyes widened!

Don't you know who Director Ou is?

You caused him to endure the pain and do things!

Kuan Ying's mouth twitched slightly. She did not think that the secretary would feel sorry for Ou Yee!

Didn't she bow for nothing just now?

Her eyes were wide open, as if she had done something especially stupid!

The atmosphere was awkward!

Lin Mu had been Director Ou's secretary for so long. This was the first time Director Ou had asked him to bow to someone else. He felt very uncomfortable.

"Director Ou, lunch time is up. Do you still want to order lunch yesterday?"

Ou Yee nodded. Lin Mu turned around and left. Before he left, he glared at Kuan Ying.

Kuan Ying ignored him. Since it was not him who complained, she should leave!

But for some reason, he actually did not want to leave!

As for Ou Yee, it was as if he didn't care about her existence. He picked up the document that had yet to be signed. The bright red teeth marks on his palm were exceptionally clear.

He sat straight, and his fingers were slender and perfect.

He quietly sat on the chair, his head slightly lowered, and the side face in front of the floor-to-ceiling window became even more vivid and moving.

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