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Mr. Ou, Take Medicine/C9 Why Did He Pull Her
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C9 Why Did He Pull Her

Why did he pull her?

Ou Yee's entire face was flawless and perfect.

If the gaze in his black eyes was as gentle as March's breeze, that would be even better!

"Is there anything else?"

His voice did not have a trace of displeasure.

Kuan Ying did not have anything else to do. She knew that it was time for her to leave.

However, the bite mark on his palm that was holding the document seemed to be a type of accusation.

Kuan Ying gritted her teeth and her star-like eyes flashed with a conflicted light.

Immediately, she took out sanitary cotton, disinfectant, and gauze from her bag and placed them in front of Ou Yee.

"Director Ou, let me remind you, I am a doctor. I have a professional disease, and the documents you have come into contact with contain a large amount of bacteria. After you disinfect the wound with disinfectant, use cotton swab gauze to treat the wound. This can prevent blood infection. See you! "

She was not a person who would hold a grudge. She was very clear about the boundaries between kindness and hatred.

Since he said that they did not owe each other anything, then they did not owe each other anything.

Kuan Ying had just turned around when her wrist was grabbed by Ou Yee. She suddenly felt pain. Due to inertia, she made a move. She definitely did not do it on purpose.

Ou Yee definitely did not expect that he would pull Kuan Ying's hand just like that. Due to inertia, Kuan Ying used this small mouth that had been noisy since she saw him to kiss his nose.

Her kiss was like a dragonfly lightly touching the water, making him feel numb.

Their movements were stopped just like that.

Kuan Ying really did not think that due to such an accident, she kissed Ou Yee!

Oh my god!

Ou Yee was completely stunned. This was the first time he was kissed sweetly by a girl. Even Kuan Lulu was not that intimate with him!

Her breath carried her unique fragrance and entered his nostrils. In an instant, her fragrance seemed to ignite the throbbing in his heart that had been sealed for a long time!

He did not let go of Kuan Ying's hand and instead used even more strength. Kuan Ying was frightened.

She suddenly pulled away his large hand and slipped away without saying anything!

Why was she so careless? Why did she kiss Ou Yee's nose?

Although Ou Yee's nose was so beautiful that she wanted her to touch it, it was not to the extent of making her kiss him.

This was an accident!


Kuan Ying quickly pressed the button of the elevator. Her movements were even faster than a rabbit's. Lin Mu, who was waiting outside, was stunned when he saw her.

It seemed that if Kuan Ying did not escape quickly, a fierce tiger would chase after her from behind!

However, behind her was Director Ou. Did General Ou eat Kuan Ying?

Lin Mu did not understand. She looked through the glass and saw the CEO, who had never been in a daze, touching his nose with her finger.

He seemed to be in a state of shock.

Lin Mu widened his eyes. Could Kuan Ying, this arrogant woman, have hit Director Ou?

Kuan Ying, who was hiding in the elevator, was still in a state of shock.

Oh my god, her first kiss!

She had imagined countless times where she would give her first kiss to the man she liked. She never would have thought that she would actually kiss someone else's nose!

Oh my god!

Furthermore, this man was Kuan Lulu's boyfriend, her future brother-in-law!

Oh my god!

Kuan Ying felt that she was very disgusting and quickly took out a tissue from her bag and fiercely wiped her lips. Luckily she did not apply lipstick, otherwise, besides the bite marks she made on Ou Yee's palm, there would also be her lipstick marks on his nose!

She really felt that she was very disgusting!

She was so kind to disinfect him, why was he holding her hand?


He was truly a petty person. Was he worried that she would poison him?

When the elevator arrived, Kuan Ying took a deep breath and treated it as if she had given her first kiss to a pig. Before she could walk out of the elevator, she ran into Kuan Lulu, who was here to deliver lunch to Ou Yee.

The air froze and the atmosphere became tense.

"Kuan Ying, why are you at Yee's company?"

Kuan Lulu widened her eyes and looked at her as if she had found the woman who seduced her boyfriend!

"What did you do with Yee?"

What did she do? Was Kuan Lulu blind?

"Kuan Ying, come here!"

For some reason, Kuan Lulu became crazy. She grabbed Kuan Ying's hand and went to the corner of the wall.

"Kuan Ying, why are you so shameless? Yee is your future brother-in-law. I will not pursue the matter of you seducing him at home yesterday. Why did you come to his company to seduce him?"

Even if Kuan Ying initially thought that her mother was a mistress, But that was a matter between the elders. She could tolerate outsiders saying that she was stepdaughter. It had already been more than 20 years. Was Kuan Ying taking revenge on her now?

"Kuan Lulu, you should be more polite. Who seduced your boyfriend?"

She was not interested in Ou Yee. If it was not for the inheritance of the hospital, she would not have come here!

"You are still lying. If you did not seduce him, why is your mouth so red and your face so red? Do you think I'm a fool? "

Kuan Ying was stunned because she used more strength when she wiped her mouth. It seemed that anyone with some experience would feel that she had been kissed when they looked at her lips!

Kuan Ying did not say anything and Kuan Lulu was so angry that she wanted to slap her.

Kuan Ying's eyes became cold and she grabbed Kuan Lulu's hand, "Kuan Lulu, are you crazy? Aren't you very proud? Didn't you want to tell everyone that you are together with the Prince Charming that all the young girls in S City dream of? You don't trust him that much? "

Kuan Ying did not want to know what kind of person Ou Yee was. But if Kuan Lulu wanted to involve her, Then she would say, don't you know your man the best?

"Kuan Ying, you slut!"

"You can continue to scold me. If you continue to scold loudly, it would be best to let the entire company hear you. It was rumored that as stepdaughter, in order to humiliate me, you pretended to feel wronged all day long. Now you actually dare to scold your own sister as a slut! "

A trace of viciousness flashed across Kuan Ying's eyes. She was not someone who was easily bullied. In the Kuan family, ever since her mother passed away, she had been secretly opposing Ruan Hui and Kuan Lulu for more than ten years.

Kuan Ying knew all the tricks they used outside.

Although she did not know how Kuan Lulu was with Ou Yee, Kuan Lulu would definitely pretend to be wronged.

She really wanted Miss Kuan's position in her heart. Only when outsiders did not know that she was stepdaughter could she pretend to be Miss Kuan.

She moved her head close to Kuan Lulu's ear and her eyes revealed a fierce light. It was as if if if Kuan Lulu went crazy again, she would bite off her neck.

"Kuan Lulu, if Ou Yee knew that you pretended to be wronged in front of him, but you are criticizing your biological sister, can you continue to flaunt that you have a good boyfriend?"

Kuan Ying smiled very coldly. She remembered how Ruan Hui and Kuan Lulu humiliated her mother back then.

She did not have time to accompany Kuan Lulu to go crazy. If Kuan Lulu did not have the ability to control Ou Yee, it would be Kuan Lulu's problem!

"Kuan Ying, you slut. Just you wait. I will let Ou Yee announce that I am the future mistress of Ou's!"

Kuan Lulu clenched her fists tightly. She and Kuan Ying had been secretly fighting each other for more than ten years. They both knew each other's temper.

Since Kuan Ying dared to use this to threaten her, she would definitely take revenge on Kuan Ying!

In the deserted office, there was only a touch of warm sunlight in front of the desk.

Ou Yee sat on the CEO's chair in a daze.

One of his fingers was still touching his nose that had just been kissed. Although Kuan Ying's lips had already left, there seemed to be a brand on his nose that fell into his heart.

In front of him were the cotton swabs, gauze, and disinfectant left behind by Kuan Ying. Was it that all the things in the doctor's bag were these?

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