His Forced Love/C1 1 Kneel by the Side to Serve!
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His Forced Love/C1 1 Kneel by the Side to Serve!
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C1 1 Kneel by the Side to Serve!

Lin Muyan was woken up by the noise coming from the side.

She opened her eyes in a daze. A scrawny face.

"Ahhh ~ A Xin, what are you guys doing?" Lin Muyan screamed and immediately tightly wrapped herself up in a blanket and sat up nervously.

"My good little sister Lin, don't be afraid. Madam has already rewarded you to us, so let us properly accompany you today." A few of them evilly smiled, and then all of them approached her in a black mass.

"Don't, don't come over! "Please!" Looking at the men's obscene looks in front of him. Lin Muyan backed off nervously.

When she reached the head of the bed, there was no way out. The coldness of the bed struck her back, causing her to tremble.

A Xin and the others' eyes lit up. The more Lin Muyan was scared, the more excited they got, almost drooling.

"Good sister, your brother knows that you've suffered all these years, it's okay. In the future, if you have any pain from your brothers, you can leave any hard work to your brothers to do. I promise I won't make you suffer again."

The Demon Claw reached out to Lin Muyan again, pulling her back.

"No!" "Help!" Lin Muyan kept waving her hands and screaming.

However, her strength was weak, and her shouts were gradually drowned out by the laughter of the few men.

Just as Lin Muyan was about to despair, the door was kicked open with a bang.

Lee Junxi was standing outside the door with a gloomy face. A strong light shone in from outside, and under the backlight, his figure appeared even more terrifying and cold.

Apparently, the sound of the door breaking had stopped the group.

"Young, young, young master!" The few of them turned to look at Lee Junxi. Suddenly, their entire bodies began to tremble as if they had seen the Cold Demon Ghost King. They were so scared that they quickly stood up and bowed.

Lin Muyan was relieved of the heavy burden that had been weighing down her body. Once again, she tightened her blanket and shrank backwards, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

"All of you, scram!" Lee Junxi roared in rage, and the few of them trembled in fear as they quickly left the room.

"Hurry, clean up and put on your clothes, come to my room!" After all the male servants left, Lee Junxi glared fiercely at Lin Muyanming, whose eyes were full of fear, and said.

With that, he shook his head angrily and turned to leave.

"Yan, are you alright?" Nanny Hong immediately ran into the room to Lin Muyan's side, gently caressing her.

"Nanny Hong ~" Suddenly, Lin Muyan threw herself into Nanny Hong's arms and cried bitterly.

"Alright, good girl, hurry up and wash up. Don't let the young master wait too long, he should be punished soon again." Nanny Hong lightly caressed Lin Muyan's back.

Luckily, Nanny Hong overheard the conversation between Lee Junxi's mother, Ann Lan, and her cousin, Ann Linna, and ran over to Lee Junxi's rescue.

Originally, she was worried that Lee Junxi would ignore her. Unexpectedly, Lee Junxi's reaction was even more agitated than hers. He rushed over in time, and that was why it didn't end up in a tragedy.

After calming her down, Nanny Hong took some clothes for Lin Muyan and let her wash up. After that, she tidied up Lin Muyan's clothes for her.

"Yan, Nanny Hong won't accompany you to the main building." Nanny Hong's eyes flickered.

Now that she saved Lin Muyan, if she and Lin Muyan were to appear in front of Ann Lan and Ann Linna again, they would definitely be exposed by her. She would definitely be tortured to death.

Nanny Hong shuddered at the thought.

Lin Muyan also knew that she was afraid.

"Nanny Hong, thank you!" She thanked him gratefully.

In this family, only Nanny Hong treated her sincerely.

"Good girl, don't be polite with Nanny Hong. Go serve the young master in his room."

"Okay." Lin Muyan nodded and left.

When they arrived at the main building, they passed by the living room. Ann Lan and Ann Linna were leisurely sipping tea with their legs crossed.

When the two of them saw Lin Muyan, their mouths couldn't help but curl into an evil smile.

Lin Muyan glanced at the two of them. She remembered what A Xin had said, remembered the drink Ann Linna had given her, and remembered that she had gone back to her room to drink.

Thinking that all of this was caused by those two vicious women, her entire body shuddered.

He clenched his hands so tightly that the tips of his fingers almost dug into his flesh.

However, he was currently a servant of the Lee Family, and his status was so low that anyone could degrade him as they please. Tap.

Thinking of this, she released her fist, suppressed the hatred in her heart, and slightly nodded towards Ann Lan and Ann Linna before leaving to head upstairs.

Lin Muyan knocked on the door and entered Lee Junxi's room.

At this moment, Lee Junxi was lazily sitting on the sofa, reading a newspaper. He glanced at Lin Muyan when she entered and said, "Help me put in a bath!"

He continued to read the newspaper.

"Oh!" Lin Muyan quickly went into the bathroom to wash the bathtub and let the water flow.

After a while, the water was filled to the brim. She then walked out of the bathroom, bowed and said, "It's done ~"

"Take the nightgown and wait for me at the side!" Lee Junxi put down the newspaper, glanced at her again, then went straight to the bathroom.

"Yes sir!" Lin Muyan quickly went to the cloakroom to get his robe, then stood respectfully by the bathroom door to wait.

"Come inside!" Lee Junxi shouted coldly.

"Huh?" Lin Muyan was shocked.

In the past, she had been waiting outside. But today, this man actually allowed her to go inside.

Watch him take a bath?

She blushed as she thought about it.

"Are you deaf?" I said kneel down and wait on the side! " Lee Junxi roared.

"Oh, yes!" Lin Muyan came back to her senses and immediately walked into the bathroom.

Lee Junxi took off his clothes. She blushed even more.

She immediately lowered her head.

Lee Junxi ignored her and just lied in the bathtub.

When he saw Lin Muyan, who had her head lowered as if she were a statue, standing motionlessly off to the side, he immediately became displeased and growled, "Hurry up and help me wipe this place down!"

"Ah!" "Oh!" Lin Muyan exclaimed, but when her gaze met his cold eyes, she immediately became terrified and obediently knelt beside the bathtub with her head lowered.

She took the ball and closed her eyes, then carefully dipped her hand into the water and began to scrub.

But she scrubbed and scrubbed for a long time and only touched the edge of the tub.

Lee Junxi's expression turned dark.

"Lin Muyan, I'm not asking you to wash the bathtub! Open your eyes! " he growled again.

"Uh, sorry, sorry!" Lin Muyan opened her eyes and saw her hand wiping the bathtub with the ball. Immediately, she blushed with embarrassment.

She picked up the bath ball again and wiped it on his body.

Her beautiful figure made her blush and feel her heartbeat.

Her hand froze, unmoving.

"Have you seen enough?" Lee Junxi said coldly.

"Uh …" Lin Muyan immediately shifted her gaze away in embarrassment.

However, she accidentally bumped into his pair of dark and cold eyes. She was so frightened that she quickly retracted her gaze.

She looked away again and ran a hand through the water.

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