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His Forced Love/C10 Left and Right
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C10 Left and Right

Lee Junxi glanced at Lin Muyan, who was doing some cleaning in the living room. Then he turned to Jon and hugged her tightly. He changed his serious expression and said gently, "I'll be waiting for a document later."

"Oh ~"

He carried Jon back to the living room and stood in front of Lin Muyan. After that, she gave Jon a light peck on her lips and said, "Baby, please sit with my mother in the living room for a while. I'll go upstairs first."


He actually called Jon a 'baby'!

Boom ~

Lin Muyan's mind went blank, and her heart felt empty.

Suddenly, Lee Junxi's cold voice sounded above Lin Muyan's head, "Lin Muyan, follow me upstairs and help me pack!"

"Ok ~" Lin Muyan came back to her senses and immediately put down the cloth in her hand and followed behind Lee Junxi.

How could Jon let the two of them be alone? She quickly ran to Lee Junxi's side and held his hand, saying tenderly, "Little Brother Xi, let me accompany you."

"Alright!" He put his arm around Jon's waist again.

Lin Muyan's heart once again flashed with pain as she looked at the two's intimate expressions.

When they reached the room, Lin Muyan helped Lee Junxi pack his luggage in the locker room, while Lee Junxi held Jon in his arms and stayed in the room.

The two of them did not shy away from each other at all.

Especially Lee Junxi, he seemed to be purposely provoking Lin Muyan.

Lin Muyan endured the jealousy and hatred in the bottom of her heart as she focused on cleaning up.

When she was done, she sat on the floor of the cloakroom in a daze, not daring to go out.

After a long time, the sounds in the room stopped, but she seemed to not have come back to her senses.

"Lin Muyan, what are you doing? Collecting things so slowly! " Suddenly, a cold voice came from the top of his head.

Lin Muyan was jolted awake.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" She quickly stood up and apologized.

Lin Muyan accidentally caught a glimpse of Lee Junxi's abs, which were exposed from the buttons on his shirt, and swallowed her saliva.

A bashful blush appeared on Lee Junxi's face.

Although he was holding Jon in his arms, all he could think about was Lin Muyan.

As a result, there was no way to continue acting and he couldn't stop shouting.

Jon was also chased out of the room.

At the sight of Lin Muyan, the dying flame ignited again.

With a flick of his long arm, Lin Muyan landed solidly in his embrace.

He couldn't wait to kiss her.

No matter how Lin Muyan struggled, he remained indifferent.

… ….

Lee Junxi held Jon and gave all the luggage to Lin Muyan.

Bits and pieces of it hung all over her body.

Lin Muyan glared at Lee Junxi.

After the man finished her off, he forgot everything else. Don't even mention being protective of the fairer sex, he didn't even help a gentleman.

Seeing Lin Muyan carrying a big and small bag, a proud smile appeared on Jon's face.

When she thought about how her father Lin Feng had brought her to the Lin Family when she was young, she still had to hug Lin Muyan and not call Lin Feng "father" in front of everyone. That hidden relationship of hers lasted all the way until Luo Xin's incident. After Luo Xin died, he added the word 'Lin' in front of her surname Qiao.

He originally thought that he could torture Lin Muyan from now on, but who would have thought that after Luo Xin died, Lin Muyan would move into Lee Family and become a maid.

She fell in love with Lee Junxi at first sight.

However, Lee Junxi only had Lin Muyan in his eyes when he was young, and she was at most a follower of Lin Muyan. To put it bluntly, she was more like Lin Muyan's personal servant.

Even after the conflict between Lee Junxi and Lin Muyan, with Ann Linna at the front, she still didn't get the chance to win the male god's favor.

He didn't know why, but Lee Junxi suddenly contacted her and even asked her to accompany him on a business trip.

Although she did not manage to sleep well in Lee Junxi's room in the morning, she was still satisfied with the gentle caress.

Now that she thought about the fact that she could not only be with the male god but also be used to provoke and insult Lin Muyan, Jon was filled with excitement.

She looked back and sneered, then continued to turn her head and leaned on Lee Junxi like a obedient little sheep.

… ….

At a quarter past eleven, they arrived at the Shunhe Hotel in Shunhe City.

"Mr Xi ~" When Ann Linna saw Lee Junxi, her eyes lit up and she immediately rushed at him. Then she forcefully pulled Jon away and hooked her arm around Lee Junxi's.

"Mr Xi, why aren't you letting me accompany you when you're on a business trip? Why are you bringing the two of them?" Ann Linna glared at Jon and Lin Muyan, then turned back to Lee Junxi and scolded coquettishly.

If Ann Lan hadn't informed her, she would still be in the dark.

In the past, she would always feel like she was a level lower when she was in front of Ann Linna, but the present was different from the past. At least she had acknowledged her ancestors, and was a daughter of the Lin Family. And this time, it was Lee Junxi himself who invited her. How could she lose face in front of a male god?

She glared angrily back at Ann Linna, then unwillingly fell to the ground and took Lee Junxi's other arm.

"Hey, what are you doing? Let go of your stinky hands! "Lowly girl!" Ann Linna said angrily.

"You're the one who's cheating!" Jon turned back to look at him.

"What did you say?" Ann Linna released Lee Junxi and put her hands on her hips. She glared at Jon as if she was ready to fight at any moment.

"Humph!" If a foster daughter is not lowly, then so be it! " Jon spoke without hiding anything.

"So what if I raise her? She's still better than a lowly illegitimate daughter like you!"


Nah, nah, nah. Ann Linna and Jon went on and on about this.

The two women fought with each other. This annual drama was quite enjoyable for a third party like Lin Muyan.

In a short while, a lot of audience members had gathered around.

Lin Muyan silently watched. After a while, she looked at Lee Junxi. Seeing Lee Junxi's gloomy face, she couldn't help but smile.

Lee Junxi noticed her out of the corner of his eye. Seeing her smile, he became even more angry.

"Lin Muyan, go check in, then take your luggage to your room!" Lee Junxi said coldly.

"Oh ~ Young Master, may I ask how many rooms you would like to open?" A double presidential suite or a single room? " Lin Muyan teased him as if she had found an extremely rare opportunity to take revenge.

"So what if it's a single room? So what if it was a pair? Don't forget that you're a maid, and you don't have a bed! "Ha ~" Lee Junxi got close to her and snorted coldly.

"I know. I'm a servant, and I'm content enough to make a pallet, let alone a bed." But there are two here. The words in this single room are the three of you squeezed into a large bed. I think you would like this feeling of being left and right. If it is a pair of rooms, one will accompany you while the other will stay in an empty room. Facing the ice-cold wall, you can bear with the lonely and cold night that sound that came from the next door.

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