His Forced Love/C12 What Do You Want Me to Do for You?
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His Forced Love/C12 What Do You Want Me to Do for You?
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C12 What Do You Want Me to Do for You?

When Lee Junxi had finished his shower, he frowned as he saw Lin Muyan sleeping on the sofa.

"Lin Muyan, what's wrong with you? I brought you here to serve me, not to enjoy your life! " Lee Junxi growled.

Lin Muyan bewilderedly opened her eyes and weakly said, "I'm sorry! I saw that you were still bathing, so I decided to lie down and rest for a while. "

"What's the matter with you? They look like they're not going to die! " Lee Junxi asked coldly.

Words of concern became the deadliest, most venomous, most mean words in his mouth.

Lin Muyan's heart turned cold.

"I'm sorry, what orders do you have for me, Young Master?" Lin Muyan looked coldly at Lee Junxi.

"It's lunchtime, don't you know?" Seeing her cold face, Lee Junxi's anger was raised a little bit more.

"I know. "Is it just that Young Master wants to go to the cafeteria to eat, or do you want me to call for a room?"

"Don't call me Young Master in the future, it makes me feel disgusted!" Lee Junxi growled.

The word 'Young Master' came from Lin Muyan's mouth, full of sarcasm.

"I am your servant, of course I have to call you Young Master! Was it wrong? "Or what do you want me to call you?"

"Enough! Anyways, do not let me hear the word 'Young Master' and 'you' from now on! " Lee Junxi roared again.

He didn't know what was going on either. Today, when he saw the smile on Lin Muyan's face and heard her sarcastic remarks, he was extremely displeased.

"Oh ~ Then how do you want to eat at noon? What do you want to eat? " Lin Muyan asked.

"Call for a meal in your room, anything is fine! And a bottle of red wine. " Lee Junxi turned around and returned to his room after saying that.

He was so excited by Lin Muyan that he almost exploded. He didn't want to be with her again, not even for a second.

Lee Junxi was surprised by the change in his emotions. For four years, he had been able to be cold and emotionless. However, ever since he slept with Lin Muyan, he had been bewitched.

His mood rose and fell with it.

Especially the day when Lin Muyan wore a formal dress and put on makeup to recover her gold, it had always been lingering in his mind. It always reminded him of his childhood days with Lin Muyan.

Lin Muyan obediently called for a meal.

Half an hour later, when the food and wine were served, she went to knock on the door.

"Hey, your lunch is here!" Her voice was cold, without a trace of warmth.

This man was too despicable. Without a proper title, she could only call him 'hey'.

When she finished, she curled back into bed and closed her eyes to rest.

She was afraid to look at the food.

She used to be a little glutton, but ever since she became a maid in Lee Family, she did not have a single meal.

The table full of delicious food and the tempting fragrance made the bugs in her stomach stir.

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to hold it in.

Lee Junxi opened the door and walked out of the room. When he saw Lin Muyan lying back on the sofa, he couldn't help but frown again.

"Is that how you work as a servant?"

Lin Muyan ignored him.

"Lin Muyan, I'm talking to you!" Lee Junxi was enraged once again.

Helpless, Lin Muyan rolled over and sat up. "How do you want me to serve you? "Don't tell me you can't even take care of your own food anymore. Do you want me to feed you?"

"You!" Lee Junxi was rendered speechless by her words.

A moment later, he exhaled and spoke again: "Yes! You're my servant, so you have to feed me! "

Lin Muyan did not expect him to be such a scoundrel. She rolled her eyes, stood up and walked over to him, "OK, I'll feed you! Be careful not to choke to death! "

She glared at Lee Junxi fiercely, then picked up the chopsticks and spoon, as if she was venting it out, and put a fork in his mouth.

Lee Junxi said angrily: "What are you doing now? Are you very dissatisfied? "Don't forget the contract you signed!"

"Yes!" I haven't forgotten. There's still half a year. Half a year later! You disgusting, mean, abominable man! " Lin Muyan didn't know what was going on with her, but she suddenly raised her courage and shouted at Lee Junxi.

Lee Junxi was stunned.

He never thought that the usually meek Lin Muyan would suddenly become so thorny, as if she had been possessed by evil.

He looked at her for a long time, not knowing what to say.

Lin Muyan saw that he didn't say anything, so she picked up another forkful of food and stuffed it into his mouth.

Only then did Lee Junxi come to his senses.

Swallowing his food, he said angrily: "Yes, I am harsh and despicable, but it was also your mother who forced me! I didn't ask you to come to my house to be a maid. It was you who wanted to come and be bullied by me.

"Yes!" I cheated. I thought my patience would be forgiven by you. Unexpectedly, in these past four years, all of my effort has not moved you, nor have it piqued your sympathy. Instead, it has made your hatred even more intense. It's fine if you insult me at home. I'll endure it, but you actually gave me to another man in exchange for your benefits. " Lin Muyan poured out all the words in her heart as if she was venting something.

"Yes!" I gave you to Boss Liang, so what? That was only a temporary measure. Furthermore, you are my servant, shouldn't you do something for me? Besides, didn't I inform his wife and the reporters in time? You weren't affected by him, were you? " Lee Junxi was also very excited when he mentioned that day.

He didn't really want to give Lin Muyan to Liang Rusheng, he didn't want other men to touch her. Therefore, he had planned everything beforehand, calculated the time, and destroyed everything at the critical moment.

"Heh ~ It's a stopgap plan, and it's quite a grand one. I wasn't really hurt by him, but what about the photos that were spread around and the insults and abuse that appeared on the internet? Not only have you ruined my innocence, you've also ruined my reputation. I know you hate me, you want revenge, but I didn't expect you to be so despicable. "I'll be leaving in half a year. How am I supposed to be able to marry and be a proper person if I have to leave in the future?" Lin Muyan scoffed.

Lee Junxi's heart shuddered slightly.

It was true that he couldn't bear to let other men touch Lin Muyan, but he was the one who had informed the reporters and made them do the photos.

He had thought that doing this would make him happy, but now that he saw Lin Muyan's heartache, it felt as if someone had viciously tugged at his heart.

Especially now, when he heard Lin Muyan mention marriage for half a year. Thinking that she was going to marry another man in half a year, Lee Junxi became even more agitated.

"I won't let you marry another man!" With a cold expression, he growled his way through before suddenly grabbing Lin Muyan's head and pressing down on her lips as if he had gone mad.

"Mn, mn ~" Lin Muyan struggled.

She pushed Lee Junxi away and said angrily: "That's my problem, you don't have the right to care! The grudge between us will be completely resolved in half a year. "

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