His Forced Love/C15 Below All Packages!
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His Forced Love/C15 Below All Packages!
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C15 Below All Packages!

Lee Junxi couldn't help but think about his childhood when he saw her eating with such gusto.

That was the first time he and Lin Muyan had met.

At that time, Lin Muyan was only six years old, and she followed her parents to the Lee Family Old Master to attend Old Master Li's sixtieth birthday celebration.

Little Muyan ran around alone because she was naughty. She hurt her head in the garden and was brought back to the room by Lee Junxi, who was nine years old, to take care of her.

He had the servant bring out a lot of delicious pastries for Xiao Budian.

The little guy was a glutton, and he could eat an entire plate of cake in one breath.

When she was young, Lin Muyan was chubby and deeply loved by Lee Junxi.

Even though Lee Junxi was still young back then, because he jumped levels to study, he was always together with people older than him. Thus, he usually seemed to be especially mature. He was especially indifferent to people, even to his grandparents and parents.

However, even so, Xiao Junxi was still gentle and considerate towards Lin Muyan, who was meeting her for the first time.

The Old Master and the others were all excited, on the next day they went to Lin Family to get a betrothal for their children.

Since then, the two families grew closer, and Lin Muyan also frequently played at Lee Family.

And every time I go, I have to hide in Lee Junxi's room to eat a lot of snacks.

She always ate with an intoxicated look on her face, as she did now.

It was just that when she was young, Lin Muyan was plump and adorable even when she was in her teens. But now …

For more than four years, he had tortured her until she looked like a bag of bones.

Lin Muyan looked as if she had been starving for a long time. She didn't even try to hide anything when she was eating in front of her clients.

When she thought about how long it had been since she had seen anything on this table, let alone eaten anything.

Lee Junxi's heart couldn't help but tremble slightly.

It was a good thing that people were beautiful. No matter how they ate, they would always be cute.

The customer didn't feel anything was amiss. On the contrary, he felt gratified.

After the meal, Zhen Yuan said with a smile, "Thank you, Secretary Lin, for giving me such face. I've always been worried that you guys would not enjoy a pleasant meal."

Lin Muyan smiled and said, "Boss Zhen, you are too kind! "I'm a glutton and don't look too good on food. I hope Boss Zhen doesn't mind."

"Haha!" Secretary Lin was indeed beautiful. "If Boss Li doesn't mind, I would like to invite you two to the Manor tomorrow to have a taste of our authentic farm food. We can also go ride a horse and play golf along the way, would you two be interested?"

"Okay ~" Lin Muyan agreed immediately after hearing that there was something delicious and fun to eat.

But when she blurted it out, she knew it was wrong.

At this moment, she was still Lee Junxi's servant. Even before the master had agreed, her servant had humbly agreed.

Lin Muyan quickly looked at Lee Junxi.

Luckily, Lee Junxi didn't care about it.

He smiled and nodded, "Alright!"

"Then I'll come pick you two up at eight-thirty tomorrow morning." Director Zhen said enthusiastically.


After bidding farewell to the beautiful Cheng Yun who was standing beside him, Lee Junxi brought Lin Muyan back to her hotel room.

After eating her fill, Lin Muyan instantly felt spirited and full of energy.

She stood by the French windows and watched the bustling streets of Shunhe City. Suddenly, she wanted to go for a stroll.

Lee Junxi seemed to have guessed her thoughts.

"You want to go out and play?" he asked.

"Uh, uh …" She was surprised and nodded again.

"Change your clothes, I'll take you there in a while!"

"Really?" Lin Muyan was slightly shocked.

Did this man show kindness today? Or was he going to sell her?

"Well, how about taking you to a bar?"

"You're not going to sell me to a bar as a princess, are you?" Lin Muyan became vigilant.

"What are you thinking? With your weak bones and your inability to drink and speak sweetly of others, which bar would want you to be a princess? " Lee Junxi couldn't help but mock him.

"Pfft! I was just chewing on a pile of bones!" Lin Muyan immediately regretted her words.

Two blush instantly climbed onto her cheeks, her cheeks were like ripe apples, making people want to take a bite.

Lee Junxi approached her, hooked his arm under her chin and smiled sinisterly: "Then don't go out tonight, let me nibble again!"


Lin Muyan let go of his hand, shook her body exaggeratedly, smiled in embarrassment, and ran away rapidly.

"I think it's better if I go shopping at a bar. Hur Hur ~"

No matter where you go, it's better than staying in a hotel.

… ….

Lin Muyan changed into casual clothes and put on a large cotton-padded jacket, just like a big stupid bear.

Lee Junxi frowned slightly.

At the first stop, he first brought Lin Muyan to the shopping mall.

"Wow ~" Lin Muyan exclaimed.

It had been more than four years since she last visited a shopping mall. The dazzling array of goods displayed in front of her dazzled her eyes.

Lee Junxi's heart was hit again when he saw her expression.

He took her to the famous women's clothing store.

The waiter greeted them warmly.

When Lin Muyan saw him picking out the ladies' attire, she suddenly thought of Ann Linna and Jon who were in the hotel.

After a while, Lee Junxi walked up to her. Behind him, two waiters were holding several dresses and coats in their hands.

"Try these!" he said coldly.

"Oh ~" Lin Muyan was upset, pouting as she picked up a dress and entered the fitting room.

After changing into a beautiful dress and looking in the mirror, she pouted again.

This man wanted to buy it for those two women, but he actually let her try it out.

It was simply amazing!

She opened the door and walked out.

Several female attendants immediately approached him to praise him.

"Hehe, this doesn't look good at all …" Clatter, clatter, clatter. Lin Muyan described every piece of clothing she tried on as worthless.

She was going to ruin it.

The expressions of the waiters became increasingly unsightly, with an expression as if he was a country bumpkin who didn't know what was good for himself.

Lin Muyan ignored them.

In any case, she was just displeased that he had asked her to try on the clothes for those two.

In the fitting room, he peeked at the tags again.

F * ck!

Four digits, five digits …

This man really knew how to coax women. He actually bought one for such a high price to give to those two bitches.

No wonder those two women were so eager for him.

Even if you look at his stinky face, you still need to rub it against you.

It was simply amazing!

When the last test was completed and Lin Muyan finished talking, the waiters' faces turned to the color of pig liver.

"Alright, take them all!" Suddenly, a sentence came from above his head, like a flock of crows flying past.

Lin Muyan was stunned.

This man must be crazy!

She despised the dresses so much that he bought them all.

He was simply too stupid and had too much money.

He saw the group of waiters with liver-colored faces suddenly light up again.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

He heard the sound of the cashier lifting the bar code.

Lin Muyan shook her head speechlessly.

"Lin Muyan, come over here and pick it up!"

Just as she wanted to walk out of the store, she was called by Lee Junxi.

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