His Forced Love/C17 Don't Forget That You Are My Servant!
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His Forced Love/C17 Don't Forget That You Are My Servant!
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C17 Don't Forget That You Are My Servant!

Whoa, he really changed his face just because he said so!

Lin Muyan's eyes widened in disbelief.

Lee Junxi hugged her. As the two women walked towards the elevator, talking and laughing, Lin Muyan's heart suddenly stopped.

Damn it, I clearly hate him for being merciless, but I'm always affected by his every move.

Especially when she saw him being intimate with Jon and Ann Linna. She was so sore from the heat that her teeth were about to fall out.

Annoyed, she followed them into the elevator and stood with her back to them so they wouldn't see her.

When the elevator arrived, she immediately dashed out, as if the three people behind her were demons and devils.

Her every action was caught in Lee Junxi's eyes.

Lee Junxi was both amused and angry.

Ever since he took advantage of Lin Muyan to take down the cooperation case with Liang Rusheng, Lin Muyan's temper had gradually grown, and it was no longer as gentle as it used to be.

The little sheep that was bullied by others turned into a tigress. This really stirred Lee Junxi's heart up and he almost got eaten by her.

Fortunately, every time he was about to forget that the enmity was about to fall, Ann Linna and Jon would always appear and remind him.

In front of the suite.

The two women continued sticking to Lee Junxi. The two of them hung on his body like two pieces of clothing. Lin Muyan was speechless and wanted to vomit blood.

Looking at the backs of the two women, Lin Muyanjian's expression changed drastically. While holding her lips with her little finger, she cursed wildly without a sound.

The three of them didn't see it. Otherwise, based on the appearance of those two tigress, it would be weird if they didn't rip Lin Muyan's hand off.

"Lin Muyan!" Why aren't you opening the door! " Suddenly, Lee Junxi turned around and roared.

"Oh ~" Lin Muyan was so frightened that she immediately withdrew her finger, took out her room card and ran to open the door.

As soon as the door was opened, Ann Linna pushed against Lin Muyan. Jon was even more vicious and directly tripped on Lin Muyan's leg, almost causing her to fall flat on her face.

Lee Junxi saw everything, but he did not say anything. He looked at Lin Muyan with an evil smile.

Lin Muyan glared angrily at the three dogs. After a glance, the man and woman returned to the sofa and sat down.

In order not to be controlled by Lin Muyan, Lee Junxi didn't linger. The two women entered the room.

… ….

Damn it! Jon and Ann Linna could be considered level 1 beauties, but the two of them were unable to arouse his interest.

Was it really going to be ruined by Lin Muyan in this lifetime?

Lee Junxi's face was sullen and cold, but he couldn't muster up any enthusiasm.

"Alright, go back to your room!" he said coldly.

What the hell!

What was going on?

He had tried his best to think that the woman in front of him was Lin Muyan, but it was still useless.

This feeling of not being able to control his heart and body was very bad.

Jon and Ann Linna were obviously disappointed as they reluctantly left.

When they left the room and saw Lin Muyan lying on the sofa, they glared at each other.

However, because Lee Junxi was not interested, they were a lot more at ease.

This way, at least Lin Muyan would be able to take the bait. It couldn't attract him.

The two hurriedly returned to their rooms and once again called for room service.

… ….

Lee Junxi had washed up and wanted to bully Lin Muyan. However, he didn't want to get deeper and deeper into trouble, so he tried his best to suppress the desire in his heart. "Yes."

Lying in bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep for a long time.

"Lin Muyan!" he shouted.

"What is it?" Lin Muyan stood up and opened the door, standing by the door with a pouting expression and a displeased expression on her face.

Thinking of the two women in his room, doing what they had done, made her heart ache.

"Wait." "Wait for me to sleep!" Lee Junxi said coldly.

"Brother, are you really unable to take care of yourself? He can't eat, and now he even has to sleep with people around him. Wait? " Lin Muyan said in disdain.

Her feet stayed by the door.

"Don't forget that you're my servant!" Lee Junxi said angrily.

"I am only responsible for the menial chores! What's more, why didn't those two just now leave a guard behind? "Wait!" Lin Muyan couldn't be bothered with him anymore.

With that, she turned around and returned to the sofa to lie down.

When Lee Junxi saw her leave, he got even angrier.

He got off the bed and rushed over.

It was a miracle that the passion that he had been unable to muster up for half a day suddenly came to life as soon as it came in contact with Lin Muyan.

… ….

"Hurry up and sleep, get up early tomorrow and wait." "Wait!" Lee Junxi sat up and said coldly. Then, he went back to his room and closed the door.

"Ahh ~ Lee Junxi, how about you?" Eggs! Greater. Colour. "Wolf!" Lin Muyan roared as she looked at the closed door.

She hated her warmth. The role of the bed.

Especially in the face of Lee Junxi's sometimes gentle and sometimes fiendish change. She actually enjoyed it a lot.

There was no saving him!

Lee Junxi smiled in satisfaction as he heard the shouts outside the room.

Lying on the bed, listening to Lin Muyan's voice, he suddenly felt at ease. Finally, he could sleep in peace.

This Lin Muyan was like his An Xi. Sleep. The medicine was the same.

It seemed that he really had gotten sick, and it seemed that he had gotten quite a bit of illness.

Sick, he had to be cured!

Accompanied by Lin Muyan's ghastly roar, Lee Junxi fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Lin Muyan woke up early on purpose and knocked on the door loudly. "Hey, wake up!"

The knocking on the door annoyed Lee Junxi. He frowned, then heard Lin Muyan's cold voice. He sat up and angrily said, "The door isn't locked. Don't you think you'll open the door yourself?"

'Bang! ' Lin Muyan pushed the door open without a trace of politeness.

"If you want to die, can't you be a little more gentle?" Lee Junxi cursed with his eyes wide open.

"I'm sorry! I'm a rough man, I can't be gentle! " Lin Muyan replied furiously.

Lee Junxi was stabbed by her expression and words. Excited. Ye Zichen grit his teeth and clenched his fist.

Lin Muyan's heart trembled, but she quickly recovered from the defeat. She forced herself to remain composed and said, "Didn't you tell me to wake up early and wait for you? Wait? Get up quickly! "

"What time is it?" Lee Junxi relaxed his fist and softened his tone.

"Five thirty!"

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