His Forced Love/C4 Accompany Me to a Party in the Evening
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His Forced Love/C4 Accompany Me to a Party in the Evening
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C4 Accompany Me to a Party in the Evening

The next day.

"Lin Muyan, are you blind? Didn't you see a puddle of water here? " Ann Lan purposefully poured a glass of water and yelled at Lin Muyan, who was mopping the floor.

Lin Muyan, who was 20 years old, appeared slim and graceful like a fairy.

Long rise. wood, concave. "Ding Ling." Long. Her jet-black hair was simply tied into a ponytail, but it was still very eye-catching. A pair of watery eyes that looked like they could hook. It was like a soul, delicate and touching, causing one to feel pity for it.

High, straight nose, cherry. Peachy mouth, water. water. It was so smooth that it made people want to kiss it.

Ann Lan saw that the current Lin Muyan looked exactly the same as Luo Xin in the past; she was even more beautiful. Coupled with the warning from her son Lee Junxi yesterday, the hatred in her heart deepened.

She was always screaming and yelling at her.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll rub it right away!" Lin Muyan bowed and immediately took a cloth to dry her body on her knees.

'Luo Xin, you stole my husband, causing my family to be ruined. Now, I'm going to torture your daughter and make her suffer for her entire life. Hmph! ' Ann Lan thought.

Seeing Lin Muyan's humble appearance, the corner of her mouth couldn't help but curl up in a complacent smile.

When Lee Junxi returned from work, he saw the scene when he entered the house. However, he did not say anything, but maintained a cold expression.

"Junxi, why did you come back so early?" Ann Lan immediately stood up and walked over to her son with a smile.

"Yes, I have a response tonight. Come back and change your clothes. " Lee Junxi smiled back at Ann Lan. Then, he turned to Lin Muyan, who was kneeling on the floor, wiping the floor. He ordered, "Lin Muyan, go help me put in a bath!"

"Oh!" Lin Muyan quickly wiped off the water stains on the floor and then got up to quickly walk to Lee Junxi's room on the second floor to help him put in a bath.

Lee Junxi said goodbye to Ann Lan and went upstairs to his room.

He threw one of his bags onto the bed, tore off his tie belt, and stripped off his shirt. Take off your clothes. Pants, step into the bath. Within the room.

Lin Muyan was washing the bathtub with her back to him.

Although it was wrapped by an ugly servant, it was still a temptation. Person.

He walked up to her and coldly said behind her, "Don't go easy on me. Help me wash it and bathe it." "Bathing!"

"Ohhh!" Lin Muyan turned around and cried out in surprise.

Looking at his body … Damn, thinking of the scene when she helped him bathe yesterday, Lin Muyan's pretty face couldn't help but shiver. Her face was instantly embarrassed. Red.

Lee Junxi was speechless.

He ignored Lin Muyan's cry of surprise, rolled his eyes at her, and then took the shower to hand to her.

Lin Muyan was embarrassed.

Although she had been with him twice, she was still not used to being in such close contact with Lee Junxi.

"Hurry up!" Lee Junxi saw that she was not moving at all with her head lowered, so he reminded her with an angry roar.

"Oh ~" Lin Muyan came back to her senses. She pursed her lips and pretended to be calm as she picked up the shower to help him wash the flowers.

She originally wanted to treat Lee Junxi like a child, but apparently, she couldn't.

Ye Zichen saw that she had a straight face. Red.

Lee Junxi looked at her blushing face. halo

Damn it!

Ever since yesterday, whenever he saw her now, he was inexplicably agitated. Moving, his consciousness was completely out of control.

He grabbed the flower droplets from Lin Muyan's hands and hung them on the wall before pulling Lin Muyan over to him.

Lin Muyan was shocked.

She immediately put her hand between them.

This man had been too scary these past two days. She started to get nervous and scared.

"Mr Xi, don't be like this!" Her voice trembled.

However, Lee Junxi completely ignored her.

He couldn't control himself at all. With a single furious pull, he pushed Lin Muyan against the wall.

He dried her. Body … The sudden gentleness had Lin Muyan in a trance.

However, just when she thought that he had recovered the gentleness of the past, Lee Junxi's cold words once again came down from above her head: "Hurry up and dry your hair! Put the bed down in a little while. He put on the dress and accompanied me to the office in the evening. "Pay!" His tone was cold and adamant.

"Huh?" Lin Muyan was scared and shocked.

Let her accompany him to answer. Pay?

What the hell is Lee Junxi doing?

"Ah what!" "Hurry up!" Lee Junxi glared at her fiercely and then wrapped himself around her. Bath. The towel strode out of the bath. Within the room.

"Oh ~" Lin Muyan nodded obediently before she wrapped herself in a ball of white light. A good bath. Wipes, dry your hair quickly.

When she came out of the bath. Lee Junxi had already left the room when Ye Zichen arrived.

She carefully removed the gown and coat from the bag on the bed.

At this moment, knocking sounds came from the door.

"Yan ~" Nanny Hong called out softly.

Lin Muyan ran to open the door.

"Here, this is the note the young master asked me to give you." Body … Clothes and heels and cosmetics. " Nanny Hong glanced at Lin Muyan and the corner of her lips curled up slightly.

Lin Muyan took the bag and shoe box from Nanny Hong and smiled awkwardly, "Thank you, Nanny Hong!"

"Don't stand on ceremony with me! Young Master wants you to change it as soon as possible. Put on some makeup and go downstairs to find him later! "

"Oh ~ Alright!"

After Nanny Hong left, Lin Muyan quickly closed the door and put on the dress that Lee Junxi had prepared for her.

This man was quite powerful. Just like that, after touching her twice, he had already understood her size. The things that he bought actually fit him so well.

Lin Muyan's heart ached inexplicably when she thought of how many women he had.

Withdrawing her emotions, she quickly put on a light makeup before looking at herself in the mirror. She actually didn't recognize him.

It had been four and a half years, and she was once so beautiful. But now, wearing ugly servant clothes every day, she couldn't even remember how beautiful she was.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror, the tip of her nose twitched and tears welled up in her eyes.

Lee Junxi obviously became impatient from waiting, so he came upstairs to urge them.

When he opened the door and saw Lin Muyan standing in front of the mirror, he was completely shocked …

The long-awaited beauty once again entered his eyes.

For more than four years, Lin Muyan had been wearing a servant's uniform. Coupled with her resentment, he hadn't paid much attention to her beauty.

Unexpectedly, the current her was even more beautiful than she was four years ago when she was sixteen.

She was like a fairy.

Lee Junxi swallowed. Swallowing. Saliva.

When Lin Muyan saw the way he was looking at her, she felt a burst of awkwardness.

She lowered her head quickly.

Lee Junxi came back to his senses and said coldly, "Put on your coat and leave quickly!"

With that, he turned and left in large strides.

Lin Muyan quickly grabbed her coat and put it on before jogging to keep up with him.

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