His Forced Love/C6 It's Because I Don't like Women
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His Forced Love/C6 It's Because I Don't like Women
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C6 It's Because I Don't like Women

Even though Lin Muyan had trained a little bit of her strength, for Liang Rusheng, who was tall and strong, that bit of strength was far too weak. Swoosh, the force of her hit on Liang Rusheng was like scratching the back of Liang Rusheng's head.

Liang Rusheng was even more agitated. He started moving.

He tore it apart with force. Pulling on Lin Muyan's dress.

'Rip! ' A sound.

Liang Rusheng's eyes immediately lit up.

He could not wait to bully her.

As Liang Rusheng was very strong and heavy, coupled with his rough movements, Lin Muyan struggled in pain, almost dying from the pain.

Just as she was about to fall into despair again, the door was kicked open with a bang.

Lin Muyan was overjoyed that Lee Junxi had come to save her.

But when she saw that it was a woman rushing in, she was both surprised and delighted.

"Su, Su Rong ~" Seeing the newcomer, Liang Rusheng also became nervous, he quickly jumped off Lin Muyan's body and left.

Lin Muyan was relieved when the weight on her body disappeared. She quickly pulled up the blanket to cover her body as she shrunk to the corner of the bed.

She lowered her head like a frightened rabbit.

After a while, a group of reporters rushed into the room, making 'kacha kacha' sounds without stop.

Liang Rusheng immediately wrapped up his clothes and rushed into the bath. In the room.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged woman called Su Rong was glaring angrily at Lin Muyan. Even though she didn't say anything, her scorching gaze seemed to want to burn Lin Muyan to ashes.

Lin Muyan lowered her head even deeper.

A moment later, Lee Junxi entered.

"Alright, stop clapping. Disperse!" Hurry up and disperse! " He drove the reporters away with a dark face.

The reporters were probably intimidated and did not dare to stay any longer. They all left the suite and waited outside.

When Lin Muyan heard Lee Junxi's voice, she felt even more ashamed.

She wrapped her head in a quilt.

When Liang Rusheng heard that the reporters had left, he quickly put on his clothes.

However, he was afraid of Su Rong, so he didn't dare to open the door.

"Lin Muyan, raise your head!" Lee Junxi walked over to the bed and said coldly.

Lin Muyan didn't dare to raise her head. She was afraid of facing Liang Rusheng's wife, Su Rong.

She pulled the quilt tighter around her.

Su Rong glared fiercely at Lin Muyan who was wrapped in the blanket and walked towards the bath area. Within the room.

"Liang Rusheng, get out here!" She banged on the bathroom door.

Hearing Su Rong's tiger-like voice, Lin Muyan became even more terrified and curled up even more, not daring to move an inch.

When Liang Rusheng heard the lion's roar, he trembled for a moment before opening the door helplessly.

Su Rong glared at Liang Rusheng and said, "As expected, dogs can't stop themselves from eating sh * t! How long had it been since he had come out to steal again? The smell! Since you like girls so much, let me help you. I'll get the lawyer to redraft the divorce agreement for you later. Ten percent of the shares, calculate how much you have left now! "

"Su Rong, I'm sorry!" Listen to me, it was all an accident this time. I drank too much, so I don't know anything. " Liang Rusheng became nervous when he heard that Su Rong wanted to divorce him.

He wasn't afraid of Su Rong, it was just that Su Rong had a lot of information about him.

He looked at Lee Junxi, using his eyes to signal for him to help.

"Sorry, Liang Tai! I was not optimistic about the woman, she used the excuse of drinking too much alcohol to leave first. I thought she was going home, but I didn't expect her to secretly hook into Director Liang's suite. Leading the way. I am truly sorry! " Lee Junxi lied calmly.

Liang Rusheng thanked Lee Junxi for speaking up for him.

When Lin Muyan heard Lee Junxi's words, her heart instantly cooled down.

So it turned out that this man was still as cold and ruthless as ever.

So this was all part of his plan.

Four and a half years of service had not erased the resentment in his heart.

Tears filled Lin Muyan's eyes.

The body under the blanket started to continuously twitch. It twitched.

Looking at the blankets, Lee Junxi knew Lin Muyan was crying.

However, his heart was as still as water, and even though it was rippling slightly, his revenge was still carried out quickly. The feeling was drowned.

"Take care of your woman!" "Don't let me see her again!" Su Rong fiercely threw down those words, then continued to glare at Liang Rusheng and said: "Even if it was her who hooked him up first. That was because you couldn't control it, so this time, the 5% stake was a warning! I'll have the lawyer draw up a transfer agreement for you to sign when you get back! "

After saying that, Su Rong glared at Liang Rusheng again, then left in large strides.

At this moment, Liang Rusheng really had the urge to kill Su Rong. Not only did he ruin Su Rong's good plan, he even peeled off a layer of Liang Rusheng's skin.

However, he was helpless, he didn't know where Su Rong had hidden the evidence. He had sent people to search for it for a few years but they still couldn't find it, so he didn't dare to do anything to Su Rong.

"Boss Liang, what do we do now? There's a group of media reporters outside the door. " Lee Junxi said.

Liang Rusheng looked at Lee Junxi and then looked at Lin Muyan. He couldn't bear to see her like this.

"Miss Lin, I will compensate you. "As for those reporters, if you can settle it, I will get my secretary to send you the contract for the Western City land tomorrow."

"Humans are easy to get rid of, but the photos just now, I'm afraid …" Lee Junxi felt troubled.

"That old demoness Su Rong must have sent someone to follow me, and intentionally found so many reporters!" Liang Rusheng showed a face of anger.

At that moment, Liang Rusheng's phone rang.

It was his secretary.

After hanging up, Liang Rusheng immediately opened up the phone network.

His expression turned increasingly gloomy.

"What is it?" Lee Junxi pretended to be concerned.

"It's too late. The photos have already appeared on the internet." Liang Rusheng let out a long sigh with a face full of anger. Then, he walked into the living room and sat down heavily on the sofa.

He played. Women are actually nothing, just play with rich lords. Women were very normal.

However, Su Rong would always stop those people from publishing the photos in order to obtain a share in the stock market. However, this time, she actually made the photos leak out.

Furthermore, it was him. Naked image.

This will certainly have an impact on the company's image.

Recalling how that old demoness Su Rong was actually so heartless this time, he was even more determined to destroy her desires. "Yes."

He picked up his phone and made a call, then said coldly: "Continue checking! Even if you want to flip the entire Binhai City, you have to find it for me! "

After hanging up, he pinched the space between his eyebrows and then called his secretary to tell her about the public relations.

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