His Forced Love/C7 Disappointment and Indifference
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His Forced Love/C7 Disappointment and Indifference
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C7 Disappointment and Indifference

Lee Junxi sent a message to Shang Wenzhe and Xu Mingrui.

After a while, he heard the sound of chaos outside.

It was as if the media reporters had discovered a new continent, and all of them fled like a swarm of bees.

Lee Junxi moved away the blanket wrapped around Lin Muyan. Seeing her curled up with a pitiful look, Lee Junxi's heart trembled again.

He took off Lin Muyan's coat from the clothes rack beside her and draped it over her shoulders. Then, he said coldly, "That's enough. Let's go!"

When she passed by the living room and saw Liang Rusheng, Lin Muyan shuddered and tightened her coat, afraid that she would be violated again.

… ….

When they returned home, Lin Muyan was completely muddle-headed.

She went straight back to her room.

After showering and changing his clothes, he curled up in the corner of the bed.

Thinking back on all this, she became more and more afraid.

Although she was innocent, in a tattered hotel room with a man, she seemed to be naked. Body … naked. Exposure to the public.

In addition, Liang Rusheng had said that she was the victim, but now, she had taken the initiative. That one.

Even if she did not look at the internet, she could imagine the mockery and curses that would fill the sky.

She could ignore the eyes of others, but she could not ignore the grandmother who loved her dearly.

Since the death of her mother, Luo Xin, her grandmother had to endure a lot of infamy, so she had no choice but to hide in the countryside.

At this time, she followed Luo Xin's footsteps. This time, her grandmother would probably have to hide deep in the mountains.

Thinking of this, Lin Muyan couldn't help but feel sad.

She picked up the picture of her grandmother and sobbed.

The next day.

The servants in the house were usually not allowed to play with their phones, so it was still quite quiet when Lin Muyan hid in the Lee Family villa.

However, Ann Linna didn't want her to be quiet, so she rushed to the villa early in the morning.

When she saw Ann Lan, she reminded her to watch the internet and purposely laughed out loud in front of a few maids.

When the news spread, all the servants found out about Lin Muyan's disgrace.

In addition to Ann Linna's exaggeration, she was willing to take the bait. Leading Ah Xin and the other male servants.

The servants looked down on Lin Muyan even more.

Privately, it was filled with disdain and ridicule.

Immediately, Lin Muyan had nowhere to run.

… ….

In the evening, when Lee Junxi came back from work, Lin Muyan's eyes were full of disappointment, indifference and even some resentment when she saw him.

For the sake of his company's project, this man could actually give her to someone else.

triplicate. At one point, Lee Junxi thought that the compensation she had received from the servants for the past four years had gradually made Lee Junxi forget his hatred. Unexpectedly, this man became even stronger.

Not only did he ruin her innocence, he even gave her to another man as a gift.

Once, she had imagined that one day, she could make them forgive her mother. She and Lee Junxi could still be the same as before.

Now that all her fantasies had been shattered, her heart had sunk to the bottom.

Lee Junxi looked at her eyes and his heart trembled.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes, then let out a heavy sigh. After saying goodbye to Ann Lan, he returned to his room with heavy steps.

Today, he didn't ask Lin Muyan to help him bathe.

He was afraid that he would be unable to control his heart more and more.

After he finished bathing, he returned to the living room on the first floor.

He didn't see Lin Muyan.

"Mom, where's Lin Muyan?" he asked, turning to Ann Lan.

"Washing clothes in the backyard."

"Ok ~" Lee Junxi walked to the backyard and saw Lin Muyan sitting on a small stool, washing clothes.

The December wind made her shiver, and her pretty little face turned red. Her slender white hands were red from the cold water.

A trace of pity flashed across Lee Junxi's heart.

However, when he thought of what happened more than four years ago and remembered the cold and resentful eyes of Lin Muyan in the evening, he was afraid that he was too emotional to remember hatred.

Soon, his heart was locked again, becoming stone-cold.

"Go and wash all the dirty clothes in my room!" His voice was colder than the cold weather.

"Ok ~" Lin Muyan immediately got up and dried her hands. She missed Lee Junxi and ran to the second floor.

After cleaning up Lee Junxi's dirty clothes, she returned to the backyard and continued fighting against the cold wind and cold water.

Lee Junxi glanced coldly at Lin Muyan and left.

The sky gradually darkened.

Lin Muyan's figure could be seen in the dim light outside the house.

After eating dinner, Lee Junxi and his mother went back to their respective rooms to rest.

But Lin Muyan was still washing.

Over the years, Ann Lan would find a pile of clothes for her to wash, wear, and leave unworn. She would pack up a basket and change the bedclothes every day.

If she wasn't afraid that the servants' clothes would pollute her and Lee Junxi, she would probably be washed along with the servants' clothes.

In addition, Ann Lan was very good at making things difficult for her. In winter, she would always let her wash some in the morning and some in the evening. Always pick the coldest time, let her wash outside, and not allowed to use the washing machine.

And Lee Junxi never objected. Every time he saw her frozen purple all over his body, a trace of pity would appear in his heart. But in just a few seconds, it would be replaced by indifference.

By the time Lin Muyan had finished washing all her clothes, even the servants had finished their dinner.

She could only eat leftovers.

"Yan, here, this steamed bun is for you." Nanny Hong took a steamed bun and handed it to Lin Muyan.

She cared for her as gently as Lin Muyan's mother, and she left something for her every time they had dinner.

"Thank you, Nanny Hong!" Lin Muyan was moved, sparkling tears glistening in her eyes.

"Idiot, don't be polite with Nanny Hong. Hurry up and eat." Nanny Hong gently caressed Lin Muyan's shoulder.

Looking at her being tormented by Lee Junxi and his mother for the past four and a half years and being rolled up in the eyes of those servants, she felt her heart ache.

The ex-Miss Jin had suddenly become a maid, the kind that even the lowest class of servants could bully as they pleased.

Especially today, Ann Linna came to advertise Lin Muyan Gou. Lin Muyan had suffered the scorn and disdain of the servants when it came to attracting others.

"Lin Muyan, come to my study room and record my information after eating your fill!" Lee Junxi's demon note sounded again.

Lin Muyan glanced at Lee Junxi coldly. No matter how resentful she was, she did not reject him. When she thought about it, she decided to endure for another half a year and the contract would expire soon. She quickly stuffed the steamed bun into her mouth and drank a few mouthfuls of rice soup.

After swallowing, she quickly ran upstairs to the study to help.

Lee Junxi would often bring the work that the secretary wanted to do back to Lin Muyan to do.

Looking at the stack of documents in front of her, Lin Muyan didn't dare to hesitate. After sitting down, she immediately started working on it.

She had to record all the information into her computer before Lee Junxi left for work the next day.

Thinking back to the past, because she wasn't familiar with them, she would often misrecord a few professional terms. She would often record a few sets of information overnight.

Lee Junxi was also merciless. Of course, there was no lack of cursing and ridiculing. Even more severe was the fact that he was not allowed to eat breakfast.

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