His Forced Love/C8 You Are Just Pretending to be Dead Right?
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His Forced Love/C8 You Are Just Pretending to be Dead Right?
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C8 You Are Just Pretending to be Dead Right?

The talented Lin Muyan was quick to learn, and now, her fingers were flying.

Her fingers were typing furiously on the computer, and a stack of information was finished in just a few minutes. That thick stack of information also only took two hours to enter.

Looking at the time, it was already eleven-thirty.

Lin Muyan stretched her waist and was about to get up when she suddenly dropped another stack of documents from the top of her head.

"Record this stack too!" His voice was ice-cold.

"Oh ~" Lin Muyan opened the folder and immediately entered it.

The cold moonlight shone through the window and into the dim light of the study.

Lin Muyan worked hard by herself in front of the computer.

Extremely lonely and lonely.

At two in the morning, it was finally all over.

Lin Muyan looked at the empty study room and her heart suddenly became empty.

Suddenly a cold wind blew in, and she shivered.

He quickly packed the documents, placed the USB drive on Lee Junxi's desk and left.

She quickly took a hot bath to keep out the cold, then immediately hid in bed.

Tonight, the cold wind whistled, causing people to feel extremely cold.

Lin Muyan tightly wrapped the bed that was as thin as it could be and shivered all over.

She was curled up tight.

Waves of chilliness swept over.

'Achoo! ' She was shaking and sneezing.

Sleep came.

In a daze, she saw her mother, her grandmother …

The next day.

"Lin Muyan, why are you still sleeping!" Ann Lan's easterly lion roar came down from above his head.

Lin Muyan's eyelids moved a little. She snorted and quickly closed her eyes again.

"Lin Muyan, you're just pretending to be dead, right?" Ann Lan continued to roar with her hands on her hips. Then, she ordered a servant beside her to lift up her blanket.

The thin blanket was pushed away.

Lin Muyan curled up even tighter.

"Lin Mumu!" Ann Lan was flustered and exasperated as she yelled in a loud voice.

Lin Muyan frowned slightly, but her eyes seemed to be filled with a heavy amount of gold, making her unable to open them.

Lee Junxi came over after hearing that.

"Mom, what happened to you this morning?"

"Damned lass, pretend to be dead! I won't wake you up no matter how you scream!" Ann Lan said bitterly.

Lee Junxi glanced at the bed.

Lin Muyan curled up her body, her face bright red, her shivering body faintly discernible.

He strode forward, then leaned over and touched her forehead.

Whoa! So hot.

He immediately retracted his hand and frowned.

"You, go get the thermometer, then call Dr. An over." Lee Junxi pointed at a maid, Tangerine, and said.

"Yes sir!" The little orange immediately withdrew.

Lee Junxi picked up the blanket and frowned.

"Get a thick blanket!" As he tucked Lin Muyan in, he turned to another maid and ordered her.

"Yes, Young Master!" The little man left quickly.

After a while, Tangerine came back with the thermometer and said, "Doctor An said he'll be there in ten minutes."

"Measure for her!"

"Yes sir!" Tangerine immediately shook the mercury thermometer and placed it under Lin Muyan's armpit.

He took it out five minutes later and handed it to Lee Junxi.

39 degrees!

Damn woman! He doesn't know how to take care of himself! Was he trying to avoid doing anything by getting sick?

Lee Junxi's eyebrows were tightly knitted together, forming a black line.

"Go and get the fever patch and put it on her first." he said coldly again.

Ann Lan said with disdain, "Junxi, why are you being so serious? Just let her burn it. Just make some medicine for her to eat later. What's with the fever and the quilt? Why are you calling your cousin over for? He's so busy. "

"Mom, you still need to raise someone after burning him to a fool. You want to go into the dark room after dying of illness at home? " Lee Junxi said coldly.

"Oh, that's true!" Ann Lan turned to the tangerine beside her and yelled, "Hurry up and get the fever pasting!"

"Yes, Madam!" Tangerine immediately withdrew to get the fever note, then put it on for Lin Muyan.

A wave of cool air came from her forehead. Lin Muyan instantly felt that her mind had cleared up quite a bit, and her slightly furrowed brows gradually relaxed. However, his eyelids were heavy and quivering. He could not open his eyes even if he wanted to.

A few minutes later, Ann Qiu arrived at the mansion.

The servant led him to Lin Muyan's room.

Ann Qiu sat on the edge of the bed. Looking at the thin blanket on her body, he couldn't help but frown: "You don't have a blanket at home? That's it, no wonder they get cold and have a fever! "

At this moment, Lil 'Man came over with a blanket, causing Ann Qiu to open his eyebrows and cover Lin Muyan gently.

He gently stroked Lin Muyan's forehead, turned it over, and then put on his stethoscope to listen carefully.

"I'll give her an injection first, then prescribe some medicine. When she wakes up, I'll give her more water to drink, so that she can eat more lightly." Ann Qiu stared at Lee Junxi and continued, "Don't arrange heavy work for her in the next few days. Try to make her rest as much as possible. Otherwise, her illness will worsen. Once her lungs are infected, she will have to be hospitalized."

Lee Junxi didn't say anything.

Nanny Hong stood at the door and looked gratefully at Ann Qiu.

At least there was someone who was still good, someone who knew how to cherish the fairer sex.

However, he did not need to remind Lin Muyan to eat. Lin Muyan usually ate in low spirits. There might not even be enough people to eat white rice every day, so there was no need to be greasy.

If she hadn't hidden a steamed bun for him every day, Lin Muyan would have starved to death by now.

The steamed buns were filled with plain boiled water or rice soup. It was light enough.

"Alright, all of you can leave. I need to give her an injection." Ann Qiu said as he looked at the tears at the corner of Nanny Hong's eyes. He immediately called out, "Nanny Hong, you stay here and help. Everyone else can leave!"

Ann Lan left the room gloomily, followed by a few servants.

Lee Junxi stood still on the spot.

"Aren't you going out yet?" Ann Qiu couldn't help but say.

"I'll watch from here!" Lee Junxi replied coldly.

"But the place I called, are you in a good mood?" Ann Qiu frowned.

"I'll just turn my back and look!" Lee Junxi was just unhappy.

He was extremely annoyed when he saw Ann Qiu touch Lin Muyan's forehead and place the stethoscope in front of her. A trace of jealousy and anger had inexplicably flashed through his heart.

Now that he heard about the injection, the jealousy in his heart grew even stronger.

"Up to you!" Ann Qiu ignored her and let Nanny Hong take Lin Muyan's pants. deg. A little.

Lee Junxi couldn't help but turn his head to peek.

He saw Ann Qiu wiping Lin Muyan with a cotton swab. Then, he held a needle in one hand and pressed the piece of whiteness under her waist with the other.

Damn it! Ann Qiu actually touched her!

Although this was a very normal procedure for a doctor to insert a needle into a patient, in his opinion, it was abominable.

The space between his eyebrows tightened.

The moment Ann Qiu pierced the needle, Lin Muyan frowned slightly.

Ann Qiu pulled out the needle and held it down with the cotton swab.

"Nanny Hong, hold on for a moment!" He handed the cotton swabs to Nanny Hong and took the needles.

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