His Forced Love/C9 No One Can Marry Her in This Life!
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His Forced Love/C9 No One Can Marry Her in This Life!
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C9 No One Can Marry Her in This Life!

Seeing Ann Qiu put away the needle, Lee Junxi quickly turned his head and pretended that nothing had happened.

Ann Qiu turned to Lee Junxi and said, "Let Nanny Hong stay here and take care of Yan. I don't trust the others."

He knew that Nanny Hong was the only one who treated Lin Muyan sincerely in this family. He wasn't at ease leaving it for others to take care of.

"Young Master Ann Qiu!" Nanny Hong looked gratefully at Ann Qiu.

"Alright, Nanny Hong, you can stay and take care of her." Lee Junxi turned around and looked at Ann Qiu. "The hospital must be very busy. Nanny Hong will take good care of it. You should go back quickly!"

He gave the order to leave.

The way Ann Qiu looked at Lin Muyan made him feel uncomfortable.

Ann Qiu turned to Nanny Hong and said a few words, then glanced at Lin Muyan, then turned to Lee Junxi and said, "I have something to tell you!"

"Alright, go to my study!"

The two of them left.

As soon as they entered the study, Ann Qiu immediately said, "I know that Yan's mother was a huge blow to you all, but that was her mother's fault. You can't put all of this on a poor girl."

"That's none of your business! Back then, she was the one to sign the contract. " Lee Junxi said coldly.

"Yes, I have no right to care. Back then, Yan was also kind, so she signed some kind of five-year contract with you." It's been four and a half years now, and after all this time, what you should have vented should have been vented out already. Can't you forgive me for not letting her go? "

"I said you don't have to care about that!" Lee Junxi roared.

"I want to marry her so that I can manage it?"

Ann Qiu's words shocked Lee Junxi.

"Marry? Heh, aren't you afraid of angering your uncle and aunt? " Lee Junxi sneered.

"They will." Although Ann Qiu said this, he didn't have any confidence.

Because of Ann Lan and Ann Linna, his parents were extremely disgusted with Lin Muyan.

"Is that so? Let's talk about marriage when they agree to it! Moreover, there's still half a year before the contract expires. Lee Junxi said in disdain.

"I will try my best to wait, but please hold back. She will be your future cousin. If you want to save as much work as possible, just consider it giving me face. "

"Cousin, ah! "OK, I will respect this future cousin!" Lee Junxi said coldly, "If there's nothing else, you can go back and busy yourself!"

"Alright, I'll go!" But one last reminder: She's just a maid, not your personal belongings, and you're not qualified to give her to other men for your purposes! Also, if those photos were spread out, her reputation would be ruined. It wouldn't do you any good! Don't be blinded by your hatred and do those dirty things! " Ann Qiu warned and left the study room in big strides without waiting for Lee Junxi's rebuttal.

Lee Junxi stared angrily at Ann Qiu's back before sinking deep into the sofa.

Thinking back to what Ann Qiu said just now, he suddenly felt sour.

Cousin! Marry her!


Nobody can marry her in this life!

What she owed him, let alone five years, she would be enslaved by him for the rest of her life.

Lee Junxi snorted coldly in his heart as his eyes emitted a sharp light.

Lin Muyan gradually regained consciousness.

"Yan, you're awake?" Nanny Hong's worried heart finally stopped beating.

"Nanny Hong, what time is it now?" Lin Muyan asked weakly.

"It's almost noon. Do you want something to eat? I'll get it for you. "

"No need, thank you Nanny Hong!" Lin Muyan prepared to stand up. She still had a bunch of work to do. If she delayed it any longer, she would be busy until very late at night.

Suddenly, she saw the thick blanket that covered her and asked curiously, "This?"

"The young master got someone to bring it."

"Oh!" Lin Muyan did not expect Lee Junxi to ask someone to give her the blanket. It was unbelievable.

"Young Master Ann Qiu just came." Nanny Hong said.

"Really? "Where is he now?" Lin Muyan's eyes lit up.

"He's here to treat you. He's gone."

"Oh, a doctor?" Only then did Lin Muyan realize that she had a fever sticker on her forehead.

Hearing that Ann Qiu left, her eyes suddenly dimmed with disappointment.

She got out of bed, changed into her maid's clothes, and prepared to go out.

"Yan, where are you going?" Nanny Hong asked.

"I have to go do something. There must be another pile of unwashed clothes in the morning, right?"

"But you've just gotten rid of your fever, and you're still out in the cold. I'm afraid your illness will worsen."

"I'm fine." Lin Muyan smiled and opened the door, preparing to leave.

"Where are you going?" Suddenly, a cold voice was heard. Lin Muyan stopped in her tracks.

"Young Master, I'll go wash the clothes." Lin Muyan respectfully lowered her head and replied.

Young Master!?

Lee Junxi frowned slightly.

Lin Muyan had once called him Mr Xi, but since she became a servant, she no longer called him Mr Xi.

The title 'Young Master' made people sound extremely cold.

Suddenly, his heart tightened. It was as if his heart was stuffed with cotton, suffocating him to the point where he was unable to breathe.

Only after a long while did he regain his senses.

"You don't need to do today's work. You will be given one day off. Come on a business trip with me tomorrow! "

"Eh? Going on a business trip? " Lin Muyan's body trembled.

This man had given her to another man just because he wanted her to go with him. Didn't he want to sell her out on a business trip?

"My personal maid, take care of Jon and me!" Lee Junxi saw that she was obviously nervous and had no choice but to explain.


He wanted to take Jon?

Why did his heart hurt a little?

It shouldn't be like this. If it was before, it might have hurt, but after what happened the day before yesterday, she should have hated it.

No matter who he was with.

Ann Linna, Zhang Sanli, four kings, five.

However, why did he have to bring Jon?

That half-sister who was three months younger than her!

Thinking of this, her chest felt stuffy.

Lee Junxi didn't pay attention to her expression and just left after saying that.

Lin Muyan returned to her room in a daze. She lay curled up on her bed, her mind in a state of chaos.

Nanny Hong felt her heart ache as she looked at him.

She had watched Lin Muyan and Lee Junxi grow up, and she knew their feelings.

When they were young, their relationship was very deep. Lee Junxi had once swore to love Lin Muyan for his entire life, but now …

Lin Muyan rested in her room for a day and her fever gradually subsided.

The next day.

Jon arrived early in the morning with her luggage.

She rolled her eyes at Lin Muyan, then walked towards Ann Lan and charmingly said, "Good morning, Aunty!"

"Morning! Little Mmm. "Take care of Junxi when you go on a business trip with him." Ann Lan said with a smile.

"Don't worry, Aunty! "I …" Before Jon finished her sentence, Lee Junxi came downstairs.

She immediately ran towards him like a bee seeing pollen: "Little Xi ge, are you done packing? When are we leaving?"

Her voice was even more coquettish than before, giving people goosebumps.

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