Multi Gene/C3 Phantom Beast Master
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C3 Phantom Beast Master

Mu Chen gazed swept intently at the teenagers in front of him. Even though they were almost a thousand in number, he wasn't at all intimidated by the numbers.

"Let me talk about the phases of talent and since I am only here to orientate you all, I won't really dive in too deeply on the topic.

A five star individual, well they are top secret members of the institute, and it's literally impossible for any of you to achieve that kind of state, so let's forget about that.

Now, a four star and a three star talented individual would receive special treatment from the institute which is written in the book of guidelines sent to your personal tags and that's all about the talents.

You would have to read other information about it for yourself."

Smiling, secretly happy about the fact that he dodged explaining a very troublesome long topic to the students, Mu chen resumed his speech, his tone grew stern as he stopped his previous pacing.

"Don't even think about faking the talent results, and do not think about lying about the fact that the soreness in your body is gone as I'm sure some of you are already thinking that way

The soreness you all are currently feeling right now, at least, most of you is called myalgia.

it's very easy for us to identify those without myalgia. well, It's basically very easy for anyone to identify those with myalgia.

The reason is due to the fact that most of the body's nervous system would amplify any message sent to it by approximately 50 times or even more. Sensations felt through out the body would be sent to the nervous system amplifying the information by almost a hundred times and then, the signal would be sent to the brain directly..."

Mu Chen's voice paused once he noticed the blank look on most of the teenagers faces.

"You do not understand any of the things I said do you?"

The corner of his eyes spammed rapidly as he saw the youths he was currently orientating shake their heads slightly while some just looked down, directly avoiding his gaze.

"Sigh, i was under the impression that since most of you survived the transplant, you'd be slightly knowledgeable about such things but looking at your dumb faces, hmm such disappointment."

Shaking his head in disappointment, he continued.

"Basically, it means that the pain in your body has been increased by almost a hundred times. That is one of the side reaction to be expected from the xenograft performed and judging from past experiences, it's totally worth that much of pain for the power gained."

Mu Chen paused, his face turned deadly serious, he said.

"Now, listen and listen carefully, None of you are out of of danger yet and as a matter of fact, some of you might really just randomly fall to your death."


Someone shouted as soon as those Mu Chen's words landed in their ears.

The crowd of teenagers immediately burst into an uproar. They had just barely walked out of a deadly situation only to jump into another one. No matter how calm one is, there is no way they would remain calm in these situation.

Even though they had been informed to be respectful when in the institute, the thought of dying still made the teenagers really flustered.

The word dying is still a foreign aspect to them.

Dav's heart clenched tightly when he heard those words.

Mu Chen's furrowed his eyebrows since he disliked the ruckus made my the students. He raised his left hand to air slightly.

The assortment of teenagers immediately piped down. But some people still kept blabbing.

Noticing some of them dared to ignore his hand signal, angry Mu Chen stared intently at them.

An unknown wave of pressure gradually began emanating from Mu Chen's body causing the air behind him to distort around his body, his clothes flapped rapidly. As the sound a drum sounded out, sounding similar to a heart beat.

Badump! Badump!!

Wu! Wu!! Wu!!!

The air in the surroundings immediately churned out making his clothes flap rapidly, the wind blew fiercely forming the faint outline of a certain type of beast though not clearly visible but one could make out from the outline of the beast's head which is that of an eagle, beak equivalent to a sharp sword, the body of a lion and the faint outline of wings behind it.

Appearing very intimidating, the expression on his face shifted menacingly making him look like a predator looking down at its prey with both disdain and hunger.

The group of teenagers who were causing the commotion and those who weren't at all involved in it froze immediately. As they felt their hearts forcibly beat in sync to the loud from beat.

They gasped in both amazement and fear. Staring towards Mu Chen with both fear and reverence. They all thought to themselves.

So this is the reason they advised us to be respectful to anyone from the institute.

Meanwhile, David's eyes popped wide open in astonishment.

At first, he thought he was mistaken when he saw the outline, thinking it was an illusion but upon hearing the shocked gasp from other students, it was real.

"Damn, an expert...uh, is that not a Griffin? I thought it was a myth?"

David whispered as his eyes showed deep envy in his eyes which showed how jealous he is.

If he was that powerful, he would be able to do whatever he wants. And maybe he could even walk this world unhindered as from the vibe he kept feeling from this world was a dangerous one.

David swallowed his saliva and he kept day dreaming.

Although David whispered quietly but Mu Chen who is currently utilizing his genetic beastly powers and having his ability skyrocketed by multiple folds and also increasing his ability for sound by many folds. His ears twitched rapidly as if they were made of paper.

Mu Chen's countenance changed as his brain rapidly processed what he heard. His thoughts process turned blank in surprise, disrupting his concentration which disturbed his focus, similarly dispersing the beast phantom behind him which also allowed the pressure he was currently emitting fade out like smoke in the air, the wind also stop stirring around the stage he was on, making the teenagers wonder whether or not the things that happened in the last few seconds was just a dream.

David was still day dreaming when he abruptly thought of something.

"If a Griffin which was a myth in the western continent on earth is used by just a regular instructor, then that means

There would be werewolves, vampires, hydras, manticores all kinds of legendary beast in this world. Why didn't you kill me much earlier. I should have killed myself the moment I was born if I knew I'd come into this world, sigh."

"Be..beas... Beast phantom master!"

Someone in the crowd suddenly cried out loud involuntarily.

"Oh?" Mu Chen was once again stunned. Thinking to himself.

This group of students are quite knowledgeable.

It is quite acceptable if the students are about beast phantom master since the nobles in each sector of the strong hold has some information about phasers, so it is quite acceptable but for someone to be aware of the name of the beast he had implanted and constructed into himself is almost impossible since he himself wasn't really aware of the name before he joined the institute as an instructor because it was a LEVEL 4 secret file.

Only available to those with the same type of authority which took him years to achieve.

Only after he had a LEVEL 4 authority tag did he become aware of the name and the genetic map and codes did he generically edit and engineer a serum for himself.

It was practically impossible for a student to be aware of the name Griffen.

He stared seriously at David but David was currently busy daydreaming not aware of the fact that he had caught the eyes of an instructor with a single sentence he whispered to himself, even if he was aware, he wouldn't care in the least.

Mu Chen's mouth twitched, as a powerful person, if he stared intently at someone, not bothering to hide his presence, even a baby would be aware and turn his direction to inspect the person staring.

Mu Chen was quite aware that David knew he was being stared at but he was directly ignored.

Sweeping his gaze away from David to the girl who spoke about the phantom beast master.

"I'm impressed, someone actually knows about the phantom beast master. What's your name, girl?" He asked.

The girl was stunned, once she realised Mu Chen was facing her. Then having thought of something, she looked behind her assuming Mu Chen was talking to someone behind her.

Breathing out a sigh of relief once she saw that a girl was really behind her.

Mu Chen almost rolled his eyes from irritation. "Stop turning back, I'm talking to you and not the person behind you."

As she realised that Mu Chen was really talking to her and not the person behind her the petite girl blushed as the 800 plus other students took a glance at her.

But as a noble Child, she quickly regained her composure. Keeping calm she replied to Mu Chen.

"I'm Celine Valentine of the Valentine's family from sector BC-02."

She raised her head up proudly while speaking in a loud tone. Her arrogant demeanor returned like it had been there previously.

Mu Chen nodded his head slightly since he had already deduced that only the nobles could have a slight information about the institute.

Mu Chen didn't talk about the fact that David knew about something he should not because it wasn't the right place and time for that yet. But when the time comes, he would investigate the matter thoroughly.

"Okay Celine, good job... Make sure you receive 50 Geno points worth of resources from the Duty space in the institute but it's nonexistent in 2 days."

Celine jumped up in joy while smiling happily, although she didn't know if 50 Geno points is an expensive amount in the institute, but at least, it is still something.

Mu Chen smiled slyly as he saw the girl happily jumping up in joy. Although 50 Geno points was nothing to him, it's half of what would be given to them by the institute.

If her talent is not good enough and her myalgia lasts for more than two days, the Geno points would be sent back to him after two days making her unable to retrieve it any longer. He was just practically getting her hopes up for nothing.

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