Multi Gene/C4 The institute
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Multi Gene/C4 The institute
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C4 The institute

Mu Chen smiled slyly as he saw the girl happily jumping up in joy. Although 50 Geno points is nothing to him, it's half of what would be given to them by the institute.

If her talent is not good enough and her myalgia lasts for more than two days, the Geno points would be sent back to him after two days making her unable to retrieve it any longer. He was just practically getting her hopes up for nothing.

Mu Chen was happy as he thought through his sinister plan while smiling.

Recollecting he had some things to say to the students. Mu Chen continued.

"This week could be considered the most dangerous for you all. No, I take that back. It would be an extremely dangerous week for some of you just like I was about to say before I was interrupted, do be careful throughout this week.

The pain from a simple paper cut might not be any different to being hacked by a machete."

Mu Chen gazed at the students, wondering if they would repeat their mistake one more time but they were quite sensible this time.

Shaking his head.

"I'd advice you all out of consideration for you guys, Stay indoors till your myalgia heals and also Watch your steps and be careful of who you offend throughout this week.

The only positive side to it, is the pleasure..."

Mu chen's eye lit up, the corner of his mouth lifted up into a sly smirk as he appeared to be thinking of something, making the crowd quite stunned.

"He he."

A light laugh escaped his lips.

"That's all for now.

Exit the building then follow the magnetic pull from your tags located on your left wrist. It will lead you towards your respective rooms... You're all dismissed."

Murmurs broke out admist the group of teens. People saying things in low voices like what does he mean by pleasure though. finally, thank Goodness, wasted our time for something so trival etc. Though, Not daring to say it out loud.

David was frozen in place, still day dreaming.

Things Mu Chen talked about like xenogeneic transplantation, talent phases, myalgia genome, etc left him in a panic. It was the fear of the unknown. But his expression which was that of shock soon steadily change into that of excitement.

'Seems like this world isn't as simple as I thought it would be... interesting David thought in his heart.'

He started smiling to himself.

Once he thought about the amount of action he would experience, his smile widened.


Thinking about evolving just to get stronger.


Thinking about the low probable rate of survival, his smile turned into something else entirely.


When the person standing beside him saw the smile, the person couldn't help the goosebumps from rising all over his body, distancing himself from him.

If one were to ask Nihyuh to describe the smile in one word, he would say perverse, dirty, vulgar, nasty many words would pop out from head.

" I've been trying to get the attention of this guy since a long time ago, but he wasn't actually ignoring me, the dude is just really crazy. Sigh, what a pity." He murmured to himself.

Before he had the chance to think any further, he heard a voice ahead of him.

"Hey genius, snap out of it. We are almost the only one left in the building. Let's vamoose out of here."

David said to Nihyuh while walking past him.

Nihyuh gazed at David's back with a perplexed look.

"He isn't crazy?, What the hell was his perverted smile for then?"

"My intuition might be wrong. But if what father and grandfather said was right, i have no choice then."

The words he spoke was a bit wierd, but what was more chilling was his facial muscles that kept twitching rapidly as if trying to suppress his original emotion.

After a while of pondering, Nihyuh noticed that they were really almost the only ones left since the other students have exited the building

"Hey, wait for me!."

He hurried towards the exit of the building with David using the stairways.


"So, what's your name?"

Nihyuh asked.


Hearing David's reply, Nihyuh immediately got fired up

"Oh David, good name, good name. You know, my parents wanted to name me Neil but then, my grandmother didn't quite agree with that, likewise my grandfather. Although my grandfather is a bit old, he still thinks he is quite young. The things dementia could do. There was one time he..."

David immediately stopped paying any attention towards Nihyuh.

Immediately Dav and Nihyuh came out the building's exit,

He was overwhelmed by what he saw.

Gigantic buildings of different styles and architectures filled his vision.

Observing his surroundings, he noticed the street was a bit filled with crowds, people moving in and out of different buildings and that was the ground, the sky was an entirely different matter.

Looking up at the sky, vehicles of different shapes, sizes and forms littered the sky. Zooming past each other in a speedy manner. They flew through the sky like they owned it.

The one thing those vehicles have in common is the turbo engine like thingy connected to both sides of the cars, some cars connected four thrusters to theirs while a few other has only two connected that could be seen from the outside. Empowering the cars to move through the air like a soaring eagle at every angle possible, making maneuver seemingly impossible for them to perform.

The holographic image at the top of every building amazed Dav the most.

'Tsk tsk tsk... holographic images? What next, laser guns? I would literally have killed my self years ago if I knew I was gonna be transported over. Sigh such a waste!' he thought

David really felt pity for himself, he had wasted some years on earth. He would have tried suicide if he knew coming here was what came next.

In a good mood, David and Nihyuh began weaving through the crowds of people following the directions the gravitational pull was coming from.

The thing called tag is a small dot on his left arm, it is a microchip inserted into his forearm by the institute during the xenotransplantation for security purposes.

It also serves as an identity tag for students of the institutes. Further more, it gives information, serve as a kind of map for the students, etc. Performing various functions

Dav glance casually at Nihyuh who was still busy running his mouth off.

Raising his eyebrows upwards, 'This guy doesn't get tired of talking does he'.

Interrupting him.

"What do you know about the institute?"

David interrupted him in a casual tone.

"...ther sang me lullaby to sleep sometimes, what did you say?"

Nihyuh's eyes opened widely as he blinked his eyes rapidily

"I said, tell me what you know about the institute Mu Chen keeps talking about during his speech."

David repeated himself while showing the whiteness of his eyes.

"Wh.. what?"

Nihyuh's mouth went agape.

He was not to be blamed.

How could one be ignorant about the institute?

Before going through the process of xenogeneic transplantation.

One would be informed of the dangers concerning the process of the xenogeneic transplantation, things to take note or be careful about.

Although, they weren't forced by the government to undergo the process.

They were given two options.

First - Follow through with the process and become a student of the institute gaining both knowledge and power.

Lastly - Become a worker of the institute since the institute is in a dire need of workers for odd jobs for a period of time until you retire.

The choices made by the reckless teenagers who were filled with passion and ambition about becoming a powerful figure.

David was starting to get annoyed. He snorted.

"Quit stammering and tell me what I wish to know, genius."

Nihyuh took in a deep breath, recovering his conduct.

"Um, The institute was built by the government with the assistance of the Generic Association to nurture young people like us. Transforming our lives into becoming more powerful."

David listened attentively to Nihyuh's words.

"The xenogeneic transplantation we underwent was just the first stage to getting stronger. It prepares our body for the second stage, which involves the engineering of stably fusing other foreign genes into our body.

Sounds cool right?"

Nihyuh asked while grinning.

"Yea, but don't err away from the main topic"

David spoke sternly while still try to locate his living space but since extracting informations about the institute is his top priority, he took it slow."Oh, yes. Um, They only let us undergo the second stage once the myalgia in our body disappears. Once gone, the institution allows us to select a genetic modification serum which gives us different types of ability. Well, I'm not well informed about the process though but it sounds really really cool. Oh and the training is only for a year before been sent to defend the borders."

Nihyuh spoke enthusiastically, looking forward to selecting his very own Genetic modification serum.

David frantically absorb the knowledge spewing out from Nihyuh's mouth.

He analysed the words from Nihyuh. Breaking them down into simple phrases.

Droll began spilling out from David's mouth as he swallowed down the saliva building in it. His breathing started turning heavy as he began day dreaming.

"Um, Dav?" Nihyuh called him softly.

But David wasn't listening, he is already in his own world.

"Dav!" He called out to him urgently as his gaze shifted between the pole protruding horizontally out from the building which is almost two metres high in length and David is currently walking into it. Most importantly, his head is certainly ramming into the pole if he continued in his current path.

Shifting his gaze from the pole to David who is still daydreaming. He desperately called out.

"Hey, David!" He called out desperately. But he couldn't help but close his eyes at the incoming disaster he was about to witness. Their sensitivity had been enhanced by at least 20 times, what would happen if one were to hit his head in something during that moment.

Nihyuh's eyes glinted

New chapter is coming soon
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