My Alpha Roommate/C12 Fish, Kinks and Lirisca Pisspiss
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My Alpha Roommate/C12 Fish, Kinks and Lirisca Pisspiss
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C12 Fish, Kinks and Lirisca Pisspiss

"I know I look good, but do I look goood though?" I asked Scarlet, nervous all of a sudden, I wiped the sweat from my hands on my jeans, and paced back and forth. Scarlet sat on the couch laughing at my nervousness. This bitch.

"Riles, trust me, you look smoooookin, or should I say peaches" She said in a teasing tone, a naughty expression etched on her face as she wiggled her brows. My cheeks heat up a little and I used my hand to fan my face, I covered my face with my hair in order to hide all the redness but Scar noticed anyways she laughed and made fun of me.

Picking up the pillow from the couch, I slammed it onto her face and my eyes widen as she toppled over and fall onto the fucking floor from where she was jumping on the bed. Ooooooh, my super strength is getting even more super.

"Omg i m so sorry, Scar" I apologized with a concerned face as she picked herself up laughing shrugging me off.

"Gooooo you're gonna get late" She picked up my purse handing it over to me, and kissed my head. Pushing me out of the room, she picked up her own coat and purse.

"Kay, I m gonna go now, and thanks for the free taco" She winked to me and ran out, not even giving me the time to run after her and snatch my precious taco back from her hand. UGH, RILEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!

I need to get more tacos now! Twisting my lips, I huffed and turned around and jumped when I saw Hunter leaning on the wall crossing his arms, watching me with a smile on his bootiful face. He was wearing some jeans and a loose sleeveless shirt flexing his muscle and biceps, and a nice silver chain dangling from his neck. I gulped and gazed at his dark grey eyes that stared into my soul.

"Let's go?" I asked 'shyly' peering up to him from under my lashes, gosh he was tall and I was fucking acting so out of character today.

He kept on staring at me with a fucking creepy face inside my soul as if he was trying to find something.

Omg, does he know I ate his leftover pizza?

His lips twitched upwards in a smile and he picked up his car keys and everything and motioned me to come with him. Wait, I forgot my to wear my shoes! Quickly running in my room, I picked up my comfortable wedges, and ran out the room, Hunter prolly already left by now, so I slammed the door behind me and ran towards the elevator where he stood waiting for me. Awh.

I wheezed a little and went inside the elevator, trying to catch my breath. Peeping at Hunter, he pushed a button and then put his hands in his pocket posing like a model straight out of a vogue cover. It was crazy how consistent his scent was. It was always heavenly, of cinnamon and sandalwood and also all the time. Like literally, even at night he smells like this, does he like emit scents or something?

"What perfume do you use?" I asked him randomly trying not to sound like a fucking creep, as he stared me confused then shrugged.

"I don't" That shocked me, like if he doesn't use any perfume how else does he smell so heavenly? Upon seeing my confusion and reading my mind because he is a fucking mind reader he replied, "Its probably my shampoo" And shrugged it off. I narrowed my eyes, he was fishy. Extremely fishy. Fishy, I want to eat fish and chips right now.


"So this is my restaurant" I stared in awe at the big lavish understatement of a 'restaurant'. This is fucking awesome! My jaw dropped at the whole royally and magnificent theme going on, it looked so beautiful just from the outside. I felt jitters just looking at it, how it'd feel to work at this huge royal place.

Locus Persica.

The resto's name was in huge beautiful gold font as delicate flowers decorated the side of it.

"This is so freaking beautiful" I gushed at Hunter who looked at it and then at me with a soft smile. He must be so proud of it.

"Like seriously everything looks so royal and- and- this whole golden theme looks super awesome by the way what does Lirisca Pisspiss means and aaah-" I stumbled over at the large gold floor vase and before I knew the vase dis balanced and it fucking fell. And crushed. Into a tiny million pieces. All around me. My jaw dropped and I covered my face with my hands looking at Hunter with guilty eyes. Who placed this vase here?

"Omg I m so fucking sorry, it fell over itself", Hunter looked a little surprised but to my utter surprise he just start to laugh and then shook his head, this dude ok?

"Don't worry about it, you're not hurt anywhere Peaches, are you?" My heart thudded and I measly shooked my head while he came up to, avoiding stepping on the glass pieces, and he effortlessly lifted me up by my armpits and placed me on the clean floor. His large hands now on my shoulders.

My heart beat loudly and my body filled with electric shocks and tingles at his touch. I shivered a little and peered up at him with a shy gaze.

"I'm sorry for that vase" I apologized in a low voice and he caressed my cheek in response.

"Like i said, don't worry about it, it's not worth worrying your pretty head about" He said in a soft low voice that made me literally melt. Skskskssksksk. "And about the name, it's Locus Persica, it means flower" He continued.

Who in their right minds name their royal looking restaurant flower? My train of thoughts were interrupted by a low chuckle as my eyes widen a bit. Did I said that out loud?

"Yes" Hunter replied, his eyes filled with amusement and I clenched my eyes shut, fucking hell this was so embarrassing.

"I mean, beautiful name, whoever named it is a genius, my brain's just stupid, it doesn't know what its think-" He interrupted me with his finger on my lips and I looked at him with wide eyes. Not gonna lie, I was tempted to lick his fingers? Of course I didn't, pfft, do you take me as a fool?

I bit it instead.

Hunter snatched his fingers off my lips and looked at his finger as if admiring it. Ooohkay?

He then looked at me with a sec-c smirk, ha get it? "I didn't know you had kinks like this Peaches" I immediately felt hot all over and avoided his gaze, trying to conjure up a perfect response but cursed my brain when it came up with nothing, too affected by what he said, fucking idiotic brain.

I scoffed and scowled up at, "Shut up" He let out a low sexy laugh and pinched my nose softly.

"Let's go inside, shall we?"

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