My Alpha Roommate/C2 Pizza, Peaches and Sexy Dood
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My Alpha Roommate/C2 Pizza, Peaches and Sexy Dood
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C2 Pizza, Peaches and Sexy Dood

I never thought seeing her this close would make her even beautiful. If I thought she was beautifully perfect before then now my emotions were thousandfold.

Having found her four years ago, I knew I would make her mine when the time is right. Since then, I have been keeping an eye on her, not too extreme because I respect her really very much, just from a fair distance that would keep me and my wolf satisfied and her safe from all the troubles.

Keeping watch over her for a little while, it's safe to say my mate is a little crazy in the head but I wouldn't trade it for anyone. If anything it makes me love her even more. Every day I just love her more and more. I have never loved anyone in centuries. Her spitfire of a personality and a sharp mouth, her desires, and all the crazy things she does, I deeply love and admire all of them.

She'd be a hell of a Luna.

When I saw her, she was 17, too young, too free and wild, but now was a perfect time. I knew she planned to move here and was looking for a roommate, so I took this as a sign and became her roommate.

I didn't want her to love me just because of the mate bond and we're mates, I wanted her to love just as I was but except for the wolf part, I will tell her when she falls in love with me, it could wait till then. And for some reason, I think she won't mind that very much.

Since I am an Alpha exiting and entering the realm was a piece of cake for me. There is the realm at the outskirts of the town at the beginning of a forest, to every other human it is just a wild jungle but to every wolf, it is the entrance to my pack and the werewolf world.

And I'm no ordinary Alpha either, I'm the blessed and chosen one, a reward to my parents' bravery and my dad's sacrifice of himself to the Moon Goddess, she awarded my mother with the strongest and bravest wolf to ever exist. And with that came powers, merits, and strength that helped me make my pack the strongest and the most feared pack ever. My mother died 2 centuries ago, that was the last I ever loved someone and turned into a whole different person, the only thing on my mind was my pack.

But now that I have found my mate, my other half, I felt complete again, I started loving again, just the simple thought of her calmed my soul and my wolf. I slept peacefully at night because she was in my dreams.

My only reason for happiness, calmness, and serenity was her, only her.

She was here, I could feel it, she was just outside the door as her heavenly scent of lavender, rose and oranges blessed my senses, I could tell she was shuffling around probably paranoid or something, I impatiently waited for her to come here soon and breached myself for what was to come.

She was just outside the door as her scent enveloped me whole, I don't know why was tiptoeing or walking cautiously like I am a thief or-

Holy shit, I ducked my head as the clock smashed the wall in front of me, I laughed to myself in surprise because I somewhat expected this sort of reaction from her.

Turning to look at her, my breathe got stuck in my throat at how much of a Goddess she looked. She looked disheveled and was panting but to me, she is the most beautiful woman ever.

Her enticing hazel eyes with specks of green in them were wide and frantic probably wondering who the hell I was, her rosy cheeks and lips that were just so inviting, and the way her jaw dropped hopefully admiring me. I wonder what she was thinking about me.

"Hi", she smiled sheepishly as my heart fucking burst out of my chest as her strong yet soft alluring voice. I didn't think it was possible for me to love her even more but I did.

Riley's P.O.V

Holy Fuck! My jaw dropped as I took in the appearance of the ravishing man standing in front of me. This dude was the epitome of hotness and sexiness. I know I was shamelessly staring at the man whom I threw a clock at like 3 seconds ago but I can't help it.

He was extremely handsome, his dreamy dark grey eyes as they stared in my soul, his beautiful long eyelashes that would make every girl jealous, his enticing lips as they curved into a smile nearly killing me, his luscious wavy raven locks that I wanted to touch to see if they were even real, his broad shoulders and muscular figure that sent shivers in my core, holy shit he was so tall like a skyscraper, maybe I could borrow some of his height, and the way he had rolled up his sleeves made me want to burst out of butterflies that erupted in my stomach, his sharp cheekbones and jawline so sharp, that could cut vegetables, had a light stubble, reminding of my nostril hair that I didn't pluck out yet. And I would be lying if I said his fucking hand veins didn't turn me on. Fuck! Why was I feeling like this?

And Holy Avocados did he smell great! He smelled FUCKING HEAVENLY! What cologne does he use? I spend bottles of perfume and still smell like sweat. Cinnamon and sandalwood reached my nose and I nearly fainted by the richness of it. From, the looks of it, and the way he was dressed and all, I would say he was frickin loooaaded! He just looked so rich and like 'my-shoe-dirt-is-worth-more-than-your-entire-life' type or something.

It was like his stormy grey eyes held me in some sort of......spell that I couldn't avoid, not that I wanted to. I pinched myself to make sure this extremely sexy and beautiful Greek God in front of me wasn't a figment of my imagination and in fact real. My mind tends to play cruel tricks on me.

Am I dreaming right now? Or God decided that I finally deserve a boyfriend for being so awesome and amazing? Is this the reward of my right doings? Fuck, I should really keep giving people 20 dollars from now on if it meant seeing men like this. I gulped down an inhumane noise that threatened to escape my throat, saving me from humiliation. This sexy dood send my heart fucking jumping and thumping violently in my chest and I could feel a whole mf zoo in my stomach.

Is this what love feels like? I smiled in happiness when I didn't feel any sort of guilt or discomfort that I normally do whenever I think of sex and burst in happiness when I didn't.

"Hi", I said smiling sheepishly cuz I did nearly smashed his head but he had cat-like reflexes.

I wanted to portray myself as a strong hard-to-get type woman but all this was ruined when my mouth decided to betray me and started spewing shit on its own.

" about that clock I just thought....well you know what? It's technically your fault too for making yourself seem like an intruder! Who just leaves the door open? That was very irresponsible of you dude. What if there was actually a thief and stole something? My precious stuff and-OH MY GOD IS THAT PIZZA?" My attention diverted when I spotted my favorite pepperoni pizza innocently lying there practically begging me to devour it and who was I deny that honor?

Attacking the pizza, I moaned to myself as the cheese burst in my mouth and closed my eyes in content. I so deserved this. Especially after climbing 10 fucking floors and my using my ninja techniques tired me out a little bit.

"You know it is rude to eat something of others without permission?" He said in his manly deep voice, almost giving me an orgasm, with a smirk as he sat on the bed in front of me.

awh, man, this isn't fair, he's so fucking attractive and hot.

"Oh, sorry but I can never control myself whenever there is pizza around, I'll pay you back ok?" I probably won't but he doesn't need to know that.

"It's alright I don't mind", He shrugged his shoulders, picking up the last slice, and took a bite leaving not so innocent images in my dirty mind as he licked the corner of his lips. Fucking hell, Riley get a grip on yourself.

I seriously need to get laid, all this sexual frustration is taking a toll on me. Huff.

"So, do you have a name or something?" He asked with a teasing smile finishing the pizza and I watched his Adam's apple bob up and down. Gosh, everything he did was so graceful and hot.

"Riley, Riley Miller, what is your's roomie?" I asked him with a grin, I hope we could be great friends, we would have so much fun.

"Hunter Knight" Dang it even his name was hot.

"Is there something about you that isn't hot" I blurted out before I could stop myself, and fucking hell. THE FUCK DID I HAVE TO SAY THAT ALOUD???

I wish I could jump out of the window rn. But I'm not the one to regret so instead of blushing or looking down, I looked straight in his stormy grey eyes and raised my eyebrow, and curved my lips slightly upwards.

He smirked and stood up from where he was sitting and walk towards where I was sitting aka the couch, and my breath got stuck in my throat when he put his arm on the armrest and the other on the couch, caging me and leaning towards my ear. I felt a shiver running down my spine as I felt his hot breath hitting my naked shoulder.

"Glad you think so, Peaches" He whispered slowly and huskily in my ear and sexily walked out of the room.

And oh my fucko- would you look at that?

I'm frickin wet.

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