My Alpha Roommate/C8 Exes, Smol Peepee Guy, and Guns
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My Alpha Roommate/C8 Exes, Smol Peepee Guy, and Guns
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C8 Exes, Smol Peepee Guy, and Guns

"Bring each of everything on the menu" Hunter muttered in a low voice to the waiter, who looked at him like he had lost his brain, which made him glare at the waiter and then the waiter nodded nervously and left. Hunter was being a grumpy moody bitch, he seemed to be pissed at something and from the way he was clenching his fists and jaw, it was like he was trying to control something. Whenever he clenched his fist, the veins on his strong bulky muscle would appear that would lead to me making inhumane noises in my brain.

My eyes widen happily and I grinned widely. This dude is loaded and I am going to take full advantage of it, and its not like I told him that, he was doing it with his own free will, no one forced him to do so. And who am I to avoid free food? Looking towards Scar, I saw her drooling at the pictures on the menu. Ugh, same. Gazing at Hunter from the corner of my eye, I saw him already looking towards me.

Loving the way he was staring at me with such a soft gaze, my confidence and ego went up a few notches, and I slyly tucked my strand of hair behind my hair and bit my lip 'obliviously'. He tensed at the action making me smirk, he clenched his fist again and closed his eyes. I was envious of his long beautiful lashes that fluttered in the air. His already sharp jawline became even more prominent when he clenched his jaw. Huuuff. It just got a lot hotter in here.

Rubbing his neck with his hand, he looked at Scar making her immediately scowl and she looked down. Ex-fucking-cuse me? I frowned and nudged her arm.

"What happened?" I asked with concern, she was behaving strange this morning, like I know she was drunk the night before but still I felt something off. Now that I think about it, she went quiet only in the presence of Hunter. Are they fucking ex gf/bf? I gasped to myself, yeah, that would explain their strange behavior. They were in a relationship but then broke up because thing didn't work out and it ended up like 'fuck yo beautiful ass' and he was like 'gladly you bitchy brocolli', ok so things are nasty and now after years they come up face to face with each other and now are all awkward and cumbersome cuz they don't know how to confront each other. Fuck! All that effort was for nothing?

Scar shrugged me off then she hissed at Hunter and stood up packing up her purse. "I'm sorry Riles, but I have gotta go. My mom is angry at me for last night anyways"

Standing up, I hugged her and caressed her hair. "Call me when you reach your home, alright?" She nodded and sending one last look to Hunter, she left while Hunter let out a barely audible sigh of relief, but I heard it anyways. Yup, they are definitely exes.

"What is up with you two?" I asked curiously, placing my chin in my palm, studying his facial features intensely. He frowned a little, and placed his strong arms on the table and played with his knuckles. His beautiful stormy grey eyes looked at me confusedly.

"What are you talking about Peaches?" He asked in his deep raspy voice sending shivers down my core. Fuuckk! Damn that name. He ran his hand through his black brown hair, messing it up a little, and I wondered what his hair felt like. It looked so smooth, silky yet rough.

"I know what is up with you and Scar" He relaxed a little and took a large sip of his water. My eyes went to his Adam's apple as it bopped up and down making me gulp. He grabbed his chin with his fingers and looked at me with a calm smile on his face.

"We used to live in the same neighborhood a couple years back, and weren't the best of friends" He shrugged and carried on drinking his water. Oooooooh. It would have been so exciting though if they were exes.

"What'd you think?" He asked me with a smirk as I hid my embarrassment and tucked my hair behind my ear.

"From the way you looked at each other, any one would have mistook you as exes" I said nonchalantly as if I didn't care at all but from inside I was dying out of embarrassment. I really needed to stop making scenarios that didn't exist in my head, actually believed it and acted upon it ffs. He let out a small chuckle, his eyes sparkled in amusement while I put on a blank face.

"Did it bothered you Riley?" Fuck, my name never sounded this hot before. He studied me with his intense gaze and crossed his arms in front of each other, his shirt strained around his tight biceps and I gulped. And before I blabbered incoherently and embarrassed myself further, waiters came piling in placing all kinds of breakfast on the table. My eyes widen happily as I took out my phone and clicked some pictures, sending them to Scar. Wooshh, saved by the waiter.

He started his sentence again but before he could, I picked up the bun from the plate and stuffed it in his mouth, smiling cheekily. He choked a little but finished eating it and gave me a blank face. I tilted my head and winked at him, smiling innocently and tapped his arm as to shrug it off. I need to maintain peace with this dude, if I want this type of treats in the future.

"I could have died" He complained with a blank face making me laugh. I felt a stare on the side of my head so I turned around to see the smol crusty peepee guy from the night before glaring at me. Scoffing, I blessed him with the beautiful sight of my middle finger making him slam his fist on the table. Lol, nothing on the table shook let alone fall. Pathetic. Hunter followed my gaze and growled at the lame ass thing fiercely. Woah, this dude a wolf or something? The P.O.S immediately cowered and shifted his gaze.

"Calm down, wolf boy" I patted his arm while he looked at me with wide eyes then shook his head. The hell is wrong with him? Shrugging it off, I start to load myself with food. Eating like I have never been able to since years. I moaned in pleasure at the heavenly chocolate pancakes and smiled. Looking at Hunter, I saw him eating like a true gentleman. He ate slowly with a knife and fork, occasionally bringing up the handkerchief to pat his lips. I paused and looked at my shirt that had like 3 dots of syrup and my chin that was all sticky. So much for being a bad bitch. Cursing in my head, I picked up the tissue and aggressively wiped my face. I took a glance at Hunter to see him smiling looking at me. I ran my tongue over my bottom lip and bit it and smirked at his clenched face.

Ha, tit for tat.

"So what are your plans?" He asked with his deep raspy voice making me halt. I literally had no idea tf I was gonna do. Sell feet pics? I looked down to my feet, and hmmm, we'll think about that, or I could become an assassin! Yes! I am surely gonna kill that one bitch from my middle school first. She is gonna be my first kill.

"Am I supposed to be creeped out by the crazy killer look present on your face or?" Hunter smirked at me and crossed his arm while I smiled even more creepily, I surely looked like a lunatic right now.

"I'm going to be a ninja" I said with determination and nodded. I'm a t-rex and I'm INVINCIBLE. I must be feared, really. He chuckled and I continued to look at him with blank face.

"Wait- you're serious?" His eye widen as he let out a chuckle and shook his head.

"What? I'm extra serious, I'm going to be a ninja, and then go on missions and kill people, like bammmm" I made a finger gun and shot at random people. I pointed my finger gun towards an old lady that resembled queen elizabeth the great, and she looked at me with a horrified face. I snickered, and grabbed the butter knife from the table, and put it on my neck looking at her again, and ran it over my neck, and laughed as her eyes widen and her jaw dropped and she hurriedly start to pick up her things. Awh man. The big guy up in the sky, please forgive me.

I heard Hunter laughing as well and grinned in contentment. "Very mature of you" He teased and I stick my tongue out at him.

"On a serious note, I don't have a single clue" I pouted and sighed. Taking a bite out of the brownie, I leaned on the table and held my jaw on my hand.

"What'd you majored in college?" He asked me with a serious look on his face. Was he about to offer me a job offer as his secretary? And then we'll go through the typical cliche scene, he will ask for me to be his fake girlfriend for a gala, then fall in love with me for real cuz i m bootiful and different af, and then I'll fall in love with him, and then a bitch will try to break us apart, and we will, cuz we're stupid and don't trust each other, then meet each other again after a couple of years, clear our misunderstandings only to realize they weren't even major in the first place and all those years went to waste, and then we'll fuck and live happily ever after.

Sounds great!

"Public Relations and Marketing." I shrugged, doodling aimlessly on the table. It's not like I am begging him to give me a job, he's doing it with his own freewill and that is if he offers me a job. Which I hope he does. Like come on, it will be so cliche, dramatic and exciting, and that is all I want in life. Ya Gurl want some action in her life, and she is gonna get it. I took a glance with the corner of my eyes, to see him looking up to the ceiling with his jaw pinched between his fingers, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his arm showcasing all his veins. Damn them veins.

"I have a job for you, if you like", I immediately perked up at that and upon seeing my hopeful expression he smiled and continued, "I own a restaurant and have a vacancy for a pr if you'd like. You'll have to organize events and do everything you can that will make our restaurant known and popular" He finished with a pleased smile, and looked at me hopefully. Does he want me to take up on job too? Fuck, this sounds so nice!

Even though, I already accepted his job offer long before he even made it, I had my dignity and respect and I'm not gonna act like a desperate bitch and jup on him, "That sounds really nice, but there are some things I wanna discuss" I crossed my arms and looked at him professionally. Yeah right. Those 3 syrup dots did a great job in my 'professional' image.

"Of course" He flashed me his beautiful smile again and leaned on the chair relaxed, he put his arms behind his head, using them as a pillow. Might as well convert the chair into a bed.

"Where is your restaurant? How many people do you have? What will I specifically do? Oh, and will I have my own office? And how much do I get paid?" I asked curiously and he chuckled to himself and placed his hand on top of mine. I instantly felt tingles shooting up my arm, as I relaxed and felt oddly calm. The fuck? This dude a magician.

"How about I take you there? The restaurant I mean and introduce you to everyone. We can arrange your own office and about the salary part, you'll get $7500 transferred to your account each month" My eyes jumped out of their sockets and I gasped.

Holy Fuck! This is going to be fucking awesome! I danced a little on my chair and smiled happily.

Is this what happiness and calmness feels like?

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