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Chu Yunfei actually wanted to ask why she would talk about this sensitive topic with him. Right now, it was very difficult for him to relate her to a girl.

People like Chu Yunfei who had experienced a lot of battles and witnessed countless different scenes from first-rate female excellent teachers' classic 3-P. If he really had to discuss it with a girl he had not known for half a day, Chu Yunfei would feel very embarrassed.

Han Xi did not seem to care, she changed her position, her toes brushed Chu Yunfei, this was a naked tease, Chu Yunfei firmly confirmed his own thoughts, this was the 9th century in Chu Yunfei's memory, Chu Yunfei felt that what he was doing now was an AV company.

Chu Yunfei then became the hero that he had always been envious of …

"Not just with you, I believe everyone likes him. If they don't even like this, it only shows that this person doesn't have any ambition, basic ambition, or desires."

Chu Yunfei admired Han Xi too much. Even though the topic was obscure, from her mouth, it could be said to be theoretical and even promoted to a higher level. If he had known that the 9th century was like this, Chu Yunfei would have come to work with money instead of work.

"I do! "I'm very ambitious. As for ambition and desire …"

Chu Yunfei's mind was filled with thoughts of spring. To be able to discuss 3-P with a beautiful director on her first day at work, this kind of exciting and bizarre experience did not make Alice as lucky as Chu Yunfei in her dream.

"That's good. I like and appreciate colleagues like him."

Han Xi nodded in satisfaction at Chu Yunfei.

"Director Han …" Also like 3-p... "

Chu Yunfei's voice subconsciously quieted down, but his heart was beating abnormally fast.

"I like it, how could I not? I have talked about this with many of my colleagues, and this is my job."

Han Xi smiled happily, her expression was still as adorable as before.

"Ah!" You... Talking with a lot of colleagues?

The more Chu Yunfei listened, the more surprised he became. He was especially impressed by her calm reaction. In other words, Director Han often works with his colleagues in the company, 3-P? "

"Not often. Usually, new colleagues come to talk to me, so you know about 3-P? "Let's talk about your request first. I will try my best to fulfill it in accordance to your request. Of course, this will depend on your ability and performance."

Chu Yunfei was at a loss as he avoided Han Xi's bright gaze. Today, he finally saw an expert, but Chu Yunfei could only admit that he was at a disadvantage. He thought of how she had casually told him that she would try her best to fulfill the requirements, and the scene in Chu Yunfei's mind was too horrible to look at.

"I... "I don't have any requests, and I haven't really tried it out either. But if I really have to mention it, I prefer a man and two women …"

"One man and two women … What did you say? "


Chu Yunfei raised his head to look at Han Xi with a serious expression. "Actually, if it were two men and a woman, I wouldn't mind …"

The smile on Han Xi's face turned strange. She covered her lips with her hand and did not say a word as she stared at Chu Yunfei with her deep gaze.

Chu Yunfei guessed that she wanted to laugh, but she couldn't find a reason for herself to laugh out loud. Perhaps she was feeling sympathy and helplessness towards him.

"I'm talking about 3-p as an acronym in the human resources management model. The whole thing is, PositionEvaluationSystem, Performance Appraisal System, PayAdministrationSystem... I think... I don't think what you and I are talking about is the same thing, but I'm very curious about what you're thinking. "Am I the one in your heart who will talk to you about these things?"

After Han Xi finished speaking, she left Chu Yunfei alone in the meeting room, then left with a very polite smile. When Chu Yunfei admired her calmness, he was extremely embarrassed by her smile, and Chu Yunfei guessed that he would soon become the laughing stock of the company.

Black lines appeared on his head …

Today, Chu Yunfei found out that this was actually the intention of the 3-PvP. Many ignorant and ill-informed people had come across him. Those that lost face like him were probably the very few that had ever been thrown to the back of their minds.

Chu Yunfei paced back and forth in the huge company, and found that no one was looking at him. He was either engrossed in his own work or wolfing down his food, and if he had the slightest bit of spare time, he would go out to eat lunch.

Chu Yunfei didn't even know where to sit. He ordered a serving of takeout and spent 10 yuan on it, saying it was two meat and one vegetable, but Chu Yunfei had to rummage for a long time to find a piece of meat. It looked like a piece of meat, and he thought it was too small to put it in his mouth.

"Is that all you eat?"

The man with a crew cut who spoke to Chu Yunfei was the first person of the same gender to speak to him in the ninth century, so he felt extremely amiable.

"What else can you eat if not this? Oh, my name is Chu Yunfei, I've just come to the treasured land, little brother wishes to pay his respects to the mountain. "

As Chu Yunfei spoke, he took out a cigarette and passed it over.

"My name is Wei Xiaowu, I won't go to the mountains. We'll take care of each other from now on, this place …"

Wei Xiaofan looked around cautiously and said to Chu Yunfei in a low voice. This is not a place for us men to stay, it's too dangerous, I can see through it, don't say I didn't warn you, but you have to learn to be human with our tails between our legs, in this ninth century, we men are the lowest level animals in the biological chain, anyone can eat us, sigh, after saying so much you won't be able to remember, just remember, once you meet a woman, you have to hide as far away as you can, and the prettier you are in the company, the more you have to be careful, you can't spit out anything. "

Wei Xiaowu seemed to have a lot of experience, but Chu Yunfei sympathized with him when he saw his frightened eyes. It was as if he was hiding in the jungle and avoiding a predator's gaze.

In this company, Chu Yunfei gave a preliminary estimate, there were at least 3 or 4 beauties, and there were many people like Zhao Qianning and Chu Ruoqing. As for those that fit Chu Yunfei's standards, there were even more.

If these beauties were in ancient times, Chu Yunfei would have been able to guarantee that they were at least at the level of a talented person. Wei Xiaowu's presence among the flowers was enough to disappoint Chu Yunfei.

Wei Xiaowu was eating omelet and pancakes, not much better than Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei was very curious about his earlier question.

"You eat omelet at noon? Brother, your life doesn't seem to be any better than mine. "

"Not just at noon, I'll have this in the morning as well!"

Wei Xiaowu said nonchalantly as he enjoyed his meal.

"You like omelet?"

"No, my girlfriend can only cook this, so there's no way to make do with it."

"You know how to make omelettes... Then, don't you eat the same thing every day? "

"It's not the same!"

"What's different?"

"It's hot in the morning but cold in the afternoon …"

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