My Beautiful Female Director/C11 A Woman Is a Demon
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My Beautiful Female Director/C11 A Woman Is a Demon
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C11 A Woman Is a Demon

Chu Yunfei finally knew why this brother hated women so much. With a girlfriend like this, it was no wonder that he turned a blind eye to this company's vernal glow. He even had a bit of enmity towards evil.

"Then don't you know how to buy something hot to eat?"

"I still need to repay the mortgage. My wife will give me 10 yuan of pocket money every day. I still have to buy cigarettes and take a ride. Do you think I don't want to!?"

Chu Yunfei was stunned for a moment, then grinned with the half of the cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth, and jokingly said.

"Your family has been blessed with talents before. Wei Xiaobao, what a hero this Master Wei is. He has been through a thousand flowers and never touched a single leaf. His seven wives can be taught to perfection. Ai …" There's only one word between your name and that of Lord Wei's. Say … Why is the difference between people so huge? "

"Forget it, that's just a lie. I only have a girlfriend, I want to die everyday. If you really give me seven wives, I don't know how I'll die."

Wei Xiaowu dragged a chair over to Chu Yunfei as he said this seriously. You too, don't say that I didn't warn you, don't look at how many beauties there are in this company, don't be fooled by these monsters. The yin aura in the nine days is too dense, if it wasn't for me, I would have already lost my job.

"Why do you sound like a chatterbox …"

Chu Yunfei felt goosebumps all over his body when he heard Wei Xiaowu's words.

"What's the worth of a chat? At the very least, if a female ghost were to kill you, there would be an opportunity to touch or kiss you before that." At the very least, when a female ghost was killed, there would be an opportunity to touch or kiss you before that.

Wei Xiaowu said confidently to Chu Yunfei as he took a bite of the pancake.

"It can't be! I feel pretty good. At least right now, I've met three female colleagues. Two of them were kind to me.

"Sigh …" "You're a newbie, so you'll understand soon enough. It's rare to meet someone like you in this company, so I'll teach you a lesson. Do you know what it means to be a beautiful woman?"

Chu Yunfei shook his head at a loss. Wei Xiaowu took a tissue to wipe the corners of his mouth and said meaningfully to Chu Yunfei.

"If you want a beautiful woman, you have to pay money and time, right?"

Chu Yunfei nodded in agreement.

"This means that women = time + money, but we have always said that time is money, and that is time = money. If that is the case, then we can calculate that woman = money X money = (money) square."

Chu Yunfei wasn't very sensitive to math, and he couldn't keep up with Wei Xiaowu's words at all. He frowned as he looked at Tang Wulin in confusion.

Wei Xiaowu didn't think so, so he continued her analysis even more brazenly.

"At the same time, we also clearly know that money is the source of all evil. In other words, money = fiendish demons. All in all … "Woman = Demon squared. This is even worse than Demon!"

"You're too talented!"

Chu Yunfei gaped at Wei Xiaowu. Even now, Chu Yunfei didn't fully understand the process of his conversion. However, he was still deeply moved by the conclusion he reached.

Woman = Demon!

No matter how beautiful a woman was, she was still a demon …

Chu Yunfei had benefited greatly from Wei Xiaowu's miraculous conclusion. It seemed that there were many hidden talents in that area, but Chu Yunfei had always felt that Wei Xiaowu's prejudice towards women was too great, and his hatred had blinded him. Even though there were many flowers in the room, he could not see it clearly.

At the same time, Chu Yunfei decided to find a chance to properly enlighten Wei Xiaowu.

Child! Don't be afraid, if there really is a demon in this world, then there is also an Almighty God.

This brother's existence is destined to subdue this group of monsters. If I don't enter the Infernal Realm, then whoever enters it will be done in a more violent fashion!

Chu Yunfei was squatting on the toilet bowl of the toilet when he thought about these words. He was thinking about how he would explain Wei Xiaowu's classic and peerless deduction to Yutang after returning in the evening. Perhaps it was because Wei Xiaowu spoke too quickly or because the theory was too profound, but he forgot about it in the middle of his memory and was thinking about letting Chu Yunfei explain it to him again after they got out of here.

There were sounds of people talking outside, and the laughter was very lecherous, making it hard to hear. Chu Yunfei was puzzled as to why a grown man would have such laughter.

Chu Yunfei basically didn't understand what they were talking about, he only absentmindedly remembered that there was Botox … Deity - Celestial - Water... S-P-A and Yoga.

Chu Yunfei put on his pants and walked out in confusion. He originally wanted to go out and investigate, but when he opened the door, he froze on the spot.

Han Xi and Chu Ruoqing stood in front of Chu Yunfei.

Chu Yunfei's hand stopped on the zipper of his pants. His mind was blank and his mouth was still holding the fashion magazine he had brought with him when he came in.

Screech! An ear-piercing scream!

It sounded again like an air-raid siren. In just a few days, this was the second air raid siren Chu Yunfei had experienced.

The sun!

There was no toilet in the bathroom, so Chu Yunfei must have been too focused on the magazine's colorful illustrations when he entered that he forgot to look at the logo on the door.

There was someone more unlucky than him, standing in the ladies' room innocently. Outside, there was a huge commotion.

Chu Yunfei came to a profound understanding of this logic.

That is, people who are awesome are all alike, and people who suffer have their own hardships.

Just like him, all sorts of difficult situations had been solved. It could be said that he was a fighter in the middle of a difficult situation … Actually, it should be called an aircraft carrier.

The first time was when he mistakenly entered the room and was accused of sneaking a peek.

The second time was to brazenly talk to the beautiful director about 3-P.

The third time was to go straight to the ladies' room...

Was there anything more unlucky than this? Chu Yunfei racked his brains but he could not come up with anything.

When Chu Yunfei walked out, it was already surrounded by gnashing teeth in anger.

Right! The devil.

Wei Xiaowu was right, Chu Yunfei agreed with his brother's judgement. For now, Chu Yunfei had not seen God come to save him.

A group of fierce looking demons wanted to burn Chu Yunfei to ashes.

The aunt on the stage had a repulsive look on her face. Although she was wearing a tailored suit and looked quite expensive, it was hard to conceal her drooping fat, and her two elephant legs were supported by her high heels. With every step she took, the heels of her high heels would fall all over the place, and Chu Yunfei was really curious as to how such a slim heel could support such a huge weight.

Sitting in the meeting room were seven or eight new employees who had just joined him. All of them had their heads held high and their chests were full of energy, and they were even taking notes with a pen in their hands. Chu Yunfei lethargically leaned on a chair and drew on a small notebook.

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