My Beautiful Female Director/C12 Secret History
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My Beautiful Female Director/C12 Secret History
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C12 Secret History

It wasn't easy for Chu Yunfei to get off work, so he rushed home with his head lowered. Wei Xiaowu had said that this place was not a place for men to stay.

Dinner was still the same thing, but Chu Yunfei suddenly realized that there was actually no difference between cleaning an office and wiping the outer walls. The only difference was that he was previously on tenterhooks, but now he was panicking inside the house.

The atmosphere of the dinner was very depressing. After the taro finished licking the last rice wire in the bowl, it pushed away the plate and looked at Chu Yunfei with a serious expression.

"Chu Yunfei! I want to talk to you about something! "

"Yo, he hasn't even officially become a supervisor yet. Didn't he just go to the headquarters to train for the entire day? He sure knows how to talk."

"" Chu Yunfei rolled his eyes at Taro. "Tell me, what have you learned today?"

"Taro pulled his chair forward and said sternly to Chu Yunfei." "Bro, I'm serious. Let's get out of work tomorrow."

"Ah …"

"What?" Chu Yunfei gasped in shock as he stared blankly at Taro. "You wanted to be a white-collar worker a few days ago, but now that you're sitting in the office and I've gotten it with my life on the line, you don't want to do it anymore. You, what are you doing now?"

"You can look for more work now that you're out of it. You don't have a good reputation in the ninth century anyway …"

"Stop!" Stop right there, you should make it clear to me right now, is my reputation in the ninth century not good? "

Chu Yunfei asked excitedly with the cigarette in his mouth.

"Today you went to the ladies' room to peep. I even heard the news during my training at headquarters. It really described you …" "It's simply unbearable to hear."

"What happened?" Taro took the lighter from Chu Yunfei's hand and asked carefully after a moment of hesitation. Brother, you … You really don't like that, do you? "

"Scram! Others might not understand me, but you don't know what's wrong with me. When I was watching the A film, I lost you that time. Tell me, what's wrong with me?"

"That's right, you were the one who taught me to watch yellow movies, but I always watch serious things, but …" You see too many types, too many patterns and types... "It's too heavy, bro. You have to establish normal sexual values. This won't do!"

Taro's face was full of seriousness. He was so stupid that Chu Yunfei really wanted to throw him out the window.

"This is called art! To understand what art is, the art of human behavior, I am studying the contradiction between human nature and the original desire. Through these films, I am learning how to communicate and how to communicate between people. That is to say, sex is as simple and common as eating. It is something that everyone has to learn about and deeply understand... Get to know... Do you understand what I'm saying? "

"I don't understand!"

The head of the taro was shaking like a rattle.

"Your head's going to turn to mush if you talk too much. You said earlier that I was going to the ladies' room to peep … "Who the fuck peeped, I accidentally went into the wrong bathroom."

Chu Yunfei patted his forehead and let out a helpless sigh. Even the news from the headquarters is spreading? "

Taro nodded cautiously.

The news spread so fast that even though it was only the first day of work, he still died before taking his first job. It seemed like it wouldn't be easy to survive in the ninth century in the future.

"Not only that, I will be training at headquarters today. According to your instructions, I will only smile and not speak, but all the others will tell me. When the training is over, I will immediately come back to tell you about the secret history of the ninth century!"

Taro's voice was very low, Chu Yunfei felt that she was not talking to him about serious matters, but more like she was talking about the legends of Jianghu.

"Secret history? "F * ck, are you going to train or loot the darts?"

The taro turned around and poured a glass for Chu Yunfei. The white liquid in the bottle, under the dim light, reflected off the taro's strange gaze and gave off a layer of cold paleness.

"I didn't know it until today when I went to work. So the one you peeped at in her bathroom was Xiao Long."

"When the fuck did I sneak a peek... That's called being in the wrong, being in the wrong and knowing what it means not to be in the right … Little dragon girl? And who is Little Dragon Girl? "

Chu Yunfei firmly refuted Yu Tou's words.

Taro lifted his glass and replied calmly.

"The result is more important than the process. Moreover, you clearly saw through his entire body. Just based on what you said and mistook …" Who would believe it … Xiao Long is Chu Ruoqing, that's what all the people in the Ninth Heaven call her behind her back. "

Chu Yunfei was momentarily at a loss for words. He could not find any other reason to continue rebutting. He did not even have the confidence to do so.

"The Ninth Century is a branch owned by the Di Fan Group. As one of the branch companies with the best development and scale, the position of the Ninth Heaven in the Di Fan Group is very important. The two people you saw, one was Zhao Qianning, the other was Chu Ruoqing, they are both people that could get popular during the Ninth Century."

Chu Yunfei thought of Zhao Qianning, he hadn't seen her for a long time, but the impression he left on Chu Yunfei was very deep, and it wasn't just because they were close friends, this woman always gave off an unquestionable aura, her aura was too strong, when Chu Ruoqing stood in front of her, she already felt that a kindergarten child saw her teacher.

"There's nothing to be said about this, say something that I don't know about."

"Let me tell you first, Little Dragon Girl. She used to be the marketing manager of another real estate company, then she jumped from position to position for nine days. Rumor has it that she was dug up by a search company because of her iron-blooded management style, and her philosophy of always being ahead of others. She has an irreplaceable position in the Nine Heavens. "I don't need to say anything. You can see it better than me."

"Taro smiled meaningfully and said to Chu Yunfei." In the company, she had always been pure and clean. Except for the social occasions where she was needed, the way she smiled was almost impossible to be seen. Iceberg … "It's like an iceberg, it's said that there are countless men who send her flowers every day, out of all the expensive cars parked at the bottom of the company, five of them are for her, but Chu Ruo Qing has always been disdainful of them, but the more it is like this, the more fatal her attraction towards men is, the more they all want to laugh at her, their methods can be said to be extreme, but in the end they all return in vain due to her indifference."

"Eating no living beings …" "Yes, she really does have the grace of a little dragon girl."

Chu Yunfei did not even finish a cup of wine and said while smiling thoughtfully. So Yang hasn't appeared yet... "So we still have a chance."

"Save it, just based on your record, I don't think you can count on Yang Guan. I think Yin Zhiping is more suitable, but Yin Zhiping is also better than you. At least he has practical experience, you …" "You can't steal a chicken, but you still got into trouble. I bet that even if all the men in the world die, you still won't be able to get a good look at you."

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