My Beautiful Female Director/C13 Monthly Salary 800
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My Beautiful Female Director/C13 Monthly Salary 800
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C13 Monthly Salary 800

Taro was obviously a bit excited now. He laughed as he spoke.

"Go on, what else do I not know?"

There's no need to mention Zhao Qianning, everyone in the company avoids her. Don't just look at how easy it is for her to get along with others, she's also very good at the company, it's said that she has an extraordinary relationship with Crown Prince Wu Yuanqiao, so even the current CEO of the company, Qi Yuan, has to be wary of her. Although Zhao Qianning is the executive director of the company, everyone knows that her words are more useful than Qi Yuan.

"Stop bullshitting. After saying so much, what does the two of them have to do with me?"

Chu Yunfei furrowed his brows as he drank the wine in his cup before asking in confusion.

Taro sighed and poured wine for Chu Yunfei as he spoke anxiously.

"I say, brother, you still aren't aware of your dangerous situation. Think about it, when you stole a glance at Chu Ruoqing, she should have hated you to the bones, and now that Zhao Qianning hired you, I heard that Zhao Qianning strongly recommended and rejected her opinion in front of Chu Ruoqing. You had a personal grudge with Chu Ruoqing, but now, you've unknowingly gotten involved in a power struggle between the two women …" The only person that could threaten Zhao Qianning's position in the company was Chu Ruoqing. Think about it, Zhao Qianning recommended you, and Chu Ruoqing hated you so much, now that you've fallen into her hands, what kind of good ending do you think Chu Ruoqing will give you? It would be good enough if she could leave you an intact corpse. "

Chu Yunfei heavily slapped the table, suddenly feeling extremely heroic, he said this righteously while patting his chest.

"If you don't say that, perhaps I will consider it. Now, you want me to resign..." No talking! As a man, how could I be afraid of two women? It would be too embarrassing if word of this got out, but this older brother's glorious name can't be ruined by the two of them no matter what. "

"Bro, we can still earn without money. You're risking your life right now."

"Did you forget what I told you?" Who was this brother? The life of an emperor! Even if I was born in the wrong era, with my talent, I would still be a lurking flood dragon. There is a saying that goes, how could Jin Lin be an object in the pond? He would turn into a dragon the moment he meets Brother Feng Yun.

"Are you joking … Or is it true? Are you really going to work tomorrow? "

Taro was not yet completely fooled by Chu Yunfei, so he asked very carefully.

Chu Yunfei leaned his body against the chair, crossed his legs in disapproval, and took a deep breath as he spoke with confidence.

"Of course it's for the truth, since I often walk by the river, how can I not wet my shoes? Since I'm destined to be fated with this group of evildoers, I can't avoid them no matter how hard I try.

Chu Yunfei finally began to believe in Taro's prophecy.

Right now, Chu Yunfei was beginning to accept that he was only a cockroach, a cockroach that would rather throw him to the ground than die.

Moreover, it was a cockroach with a perverted perverted pervert pasted on his back.

There is a famous saying in the Workplace Survival Manual.

Do not offend the people who direct you and the people who give you an assessment of your salary.

It was a pity that Chu Yunfei had offended both of them.

Thus, Chu Yunfei could no longer see her gentle smile at Han Xi's place. After all, a person who could talk and fantasize in the office could easily explain that he had no intention of entering the ladies' restroom, so the credibility of his words could be imagined.

Internship period three months, monthly salary 800!

As for Chu Ruoqing …

Chu Yunfei only wanted to say that Chu Yunfei was indeed a strong person at the Director level. Even his methods to deal with Chu Yunfei were impressive.

She displayed her expertise to the extreme on Chu Yunfei.

There was no limit to her creativity. Only Chu Yunfei could not do it, there was nothing she could not do.

Overnight overtime, changing the side to deprive Chu Yunfei of only two days a month of vacation, overloaded workload...

To Chu Yunfei, this was already a common occurrence.

What was even more outrageous was that Chu Yunfei took all the chores in the marketing department into consideration. From photocopying to shouldering everything, even the cleaning auntie in the company said that she would do the same when she saw Chu Yunfei.

This unlucky child … Pitiful!

Less than a month after taking on the job, Chu Yunfei, under the tutelage of Chu Ruoqing, was even more amazing than Macy. The number of times Chu Yunfei had broken his own record far surpassed his own.

Maximum time not to sleep.

Longest time not to eat.

Maximum time to work without rest …

Too many! Chu Yunfei could not remember, but Chu Yunfei believed that the future was bleak. To Chu Ruoqing, the only thing she did not lack was time, as long as Chu Yunfei did not take the initiative to resign, these records could be refreshed at any time.

Chu Yunfei was like a stick of sugar cane that was being tightly squeezed by Chu Ruoqing. She would not let Chu Yunfei off until the last drop of juice was tormented.

Chu Yunfei's only way of venting was to secretly call her Cang Jing Kong, which had something to do with her figure. However, Chu Yunfei preferred to cut off her profile picture from the company's bulletin board and post it on the home computer.

At the same time, she was learning elementary Japanese pronunciation with the voice of an old teacher, causing her to fall in love! Ether Das Caci...! On the one hand, he was trying to masturbate by silently accusing Su Kuangruo of his atrocities.

Chu Yunfei clenched his teeth and persevered. Chu Yunfei was not a gentleman, he would take revenge no matter what.

One day, Chu Yunfei would become the pinnacle of the world, looking down on all the small mountains! Chu Yunfei was talking about the mountain on their chests …

At the time of the earthquake in Japan, Chu Yunfei had finally survived three months of internship.

Chu Yunfei had already passed through the darkest period of his life. Chu Ruoqing had never stopped her revenge on Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei was already used to living from the light and shadows of her blade.

Facing a strong opponent like Chu Yunfei who was not afraid of fighting, Chu Ruoqing went a step further. All sorts of torture methods were being updated and upgraded, but Chu Yunfei was like a panda who was burning incense, completely living in Chu Ruoqing's world.

Zhao Qianning had called Chu Yunfei four times, she didn't appear very often in the company.

But every time he saw her, Chu Yunfei would remember it very clearly. She was only casually asking Chu Yunfei about some work matters and had a lot of idle chatter, but Chu Yunfei definitely did not speak ill of anyone in front of her, not even Chu Ruoqing, who had been tormenting him.

Zhao Qianning seemed to treat Chu Yunfei better than anyone else, as could be seen from Wei Xiaowu's meaningful gaze.

He gave Chu Yunfei many possibilities, but in the end, Chu Yunfei still used the taro version.

Chapter 14 Zhao Qianning has taken a fancy to me?

Chu Yunfei must have taken a fancy to Zhao Qianning because he was looking for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have called her out alone again and again.

In the afternoon, he saw a piece of news on Weibo that made Chu Yunfei wish he were dead. He felt an indescribable sense of grief for a long time.

Miss Cang Zi, the agent of Noguchi's sister, updated her blog and claimed that Bo Duo-Na-Chi-yi had died in yesterday's 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

Remembering the excellent appearance of Baudolo-Wild-Knot clothing, a body so good it burst, a perfectly round natural chest, a cold face, smooth skin as white as porcelain, a slender waist, and long, beautiful legs.

In particular, the Narcissus has always been a voodoo classic, even after Valentine's Day in 2010, when she became a wife, she continued to perform her mythology.

His voice was still there, but he was already dead. He was definitely a superstar, because the heavens were jealous of his talent.

After hearing the news of his death, after a period of silence, Chu Yunfei actually had the urge to cry, but no matter how many lonely nights passed by, it was all with Bo Duoduo who accompanied him. His good friend who had been together with him for so many years left, it was really an unbearable sadness.

Chu Yunfei sent the grievous news to Wei Xiaowu and Yutang, they were both children of the martial world, so it was only right to remember each other. Wei Xiaowu was not a good guy, he kept more personal collections on his computer than Chu Yunfei's family, and to this unfortunate news, Wei Xiaowu showed a calmness beyond Chu Yunfei's imagination.

In a systematic and rational way, he raised the regret that the Narcissus had left for them to a theoretical level.

"This is all the fault of God. Looks like the birthday of God is coming soon …"

"F * ck you, the sun …" What does that have to do with God? "

Chu Yunfei threw a pile of paper over.

"God wants to see a painting, he took Van Gogh, God wants to walk in space, he took Michael Jackson, God wants to watch the news broadcast, he took Luo Jing, God wants to see anti-virus software, he took Wang Jiangmin, God wants to watch AV, he took Wutu Orchids, God wants to fly in pairs, he took Can-love, but recently his birthday is coming up, and he suddenly wants to play 3-P …"

Wei Xiaowu's words made Taro laugh. He rolled over and almost spat out the water in his mouth.

"A bunch of evil creatures!"

Chu Yunfei scolded Wei Xiaowu with a smile. " Fast... Give me a few copies of the treasures of your wild chick, I intend to mourn the memory of the Great AV Revolutionist, the Great Anti-Mosaic, 3-P Revolutionist, and the People's Artist of the Excellent Harmony Performer right now … "

The first person to bury his head in the ground was Taro. Then, Wei Xiaowu's smile froze on his face. After a few months of tacit understanding, Chu Yunfei clearly knew what this expression meant.

Even without turning his head, Chu Yunfei could feel an ice mountain behind him that would last for thousands of years. The coldness was slowly seeping into Chu Yunfei's clothes.

There was no need to look to know who was standing behind Chu Yunfei.

Chu Yunfei numbly turned his head around. His programmed smile was so innocent and gentle.

Cang Jing Kong was currently angrily standing behind Chu Yunfei. It was unknown whether the blush on his face was from his cheeks or from the anger he felt from Chu Yunfei.

Chu Yunfei knew that she really hated the way he looked at her. Chu Yunfei was always more proud than her, which made her feel extremely superior. Chu Yunfei held his head high as he examined a little hen.

"Chu Yunfei, do you not want to do it? I asked you to sort out the progress of the second phase of the Northern European Elegance Restaurant's project, but you just went to the internet to post some things and gave it to me. You can find anyone on the streets and do whatever you want with them."

From the very start, Chu Ruoqing was cursing at Chu Yunfei.

It was a common occurrence, and he had already gotten used to it. However, his expression still remained unchanged as he smiled and said.

"Cang Jing... Director Chu! The project for the second phase of Northwest Europe has yet to begin. I've gone to check the site, but I can't find a single soul in the 200 mu of land, neither the budget nor the schedule for the engineering department have come out. How do you think I should organize the progress information, or … "Why don't you tell the engineering department to start work tomorrow, and I'll follow up immediately."

"Haha …"

Chu Ruoqing smiled coldly, crossed her arms in front of her chest and said arrogantly. I really don't know how you managed to get into this job. Even now, you still haven't given me the information and you have already seriously affected the operation and arrangement of the company, which is considered as a dereliction of duty, and you understand the consequences. "

Chu Yunfei knew that Chu Ruoqing was trying to torture him again, so he could only bitterly smile.

"It's the second phase of the Northern European Elegance Project. It's a 200-mu project after all. I'm the only one there …" Do you think I have the ability to get the progress data out on my own? "

"I don't care what method you use, I want to see the complete analysis report on my desk before going to work tomorrow …"

Chu Yunfei nonchalantly waved the invitation card in his hand, replying with a mischievous smile.

"Sigh …" It seems that I can only work overtime tonight. Oh right, Director Chu, I'll have to trouble you to explain it to the HR Department, and you also know that I'm being quiet, so when the time comes, no one will believe me. After all, this is a request that the Chairman has personally sent out. "

Chu Ruoqing was stunned, she didn't expect Chu Yunfei to move out of the carnival. She remembered that tonight was Di Fan Group's traditional corporate culture, the chairman of the Di Fan Group, Wu Haotian, still cared about this matter, all the company's employees who didn't have any conditions had to attend.

"Good!" "I'll give you one more week. If you still can't hand it over, then pack your things and leave. You don't even need to write your resignation letter!"

From a battle perspective, Chu Yunfei had won. However, from a strategic point of view, Chu Yunfei thought that he had played it big this time.

Where would he go to in a week to help Chu Ruoqing sort out the progress of the second phase project? Only now did Chu Yunfei realize that Chu Ruoqing had dug a huge hole for him, but he actually didn't find anything.

Night had already begun to fall, and the hotel's extravagant decorations lit up, overflowing with light and color. The sky was overshadowed by the stars.

The hotel's exclusive outdoor venue was brightly lit. As the band played, the elegant dance music drifted to every corner. In the spacious dance floor, several couples danced gracefully.

With an extraordinary temperament, she spoke in a soft and elegant voice, occasionally letting out the sounds of clinking wine cups.

Almost all of them brought their female partners to attend today. The ratio of males to females was close to 1: 1. Fragrant clothing, delicious food, good food, and singing and dancing improved greatly.

All of a sudden, the party became a fashion show and a great competition.

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