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C15 Carnival

As the most important part of the corporate culture, the annual carnival of the Di Fan Corporation was an unprecedented event. Chu Yunfei and Taro took out two pieces of unwashed clothes from a bunch and put them on.

If he put another red carpet in front of the reception, the celebrity show would be nothing more than this. Out of the ten cars parked in the parking area, only nine of them had been seen on television and in magazines, and some of them were limited edition. Standing among the oncoming crowd, the head of the taro was even lower than that of the ostrich.

Both of Chu Yunfei's hands were in his pockets, and he was still holding onto his cigarette. He had neither the feeling nor the interest in cars, but today, he finally did not come for nothing. He was truly pleasing to the eyes!

The monsters who usually wore suits today would wear whatever they revealed today.

Chu Yunfei was standing under a street lamp opposite of the royal ball. He did not plan to go in so early. Spring light shone in the night, and all sorts of amorous feelings could be seen.

"Hey, taro, take a look, that little girl Han Xi really has some f * cking charm to her. I didn't see it! She's usually so pure and innocent, but she's actually so loose and unrestrained that it could kill a person."

Chu Yunfei turned his hand and grinned as he spoke.

Tonight, Han Xi's blue evening dress was embroidered with a flowery belt that pulled up her lower body's curves, so that the delicate lace on the hem of her skirt wouldn't be buried by the soft chiffon. She created a perfect aristocratic look, and her low-cut breasts were even more eye-catching, giving her an additional tinge of wild seduction behind her innocence.

"Tell me …" Is she cold? "

Taro asked seriously.

"F * ck your grandpa. It doesn't matter how cold they are, they only want the turnaround rate. I'll say …" She doesn't care whether you look at beauties or what you look at.

"Bro, let's go back. Look at how formal everyone's clothes are. With the two of us like this, we're going in …" "Not so good."

Taro rubbed his hands together and whispered.

"Look at how weak you are, and you still want to find a wife. You don't even dare to look, what's wrong with us? We have our own connotations, understand? Connotation is useless in any way, we're born with it."

"Then... "Then I'll go back first. You can go by yourself."

"There are abalone in there... It's free, and there's also red wine. These people are really good at acting cool, but no one drinks any more white wine now. "

Chu Yunfei said with an evil smile.

The taro is swallowing, and the Adam's apple wiggles too obviously.

"Let's go, what are we waiting for? Let's finish eating early and go home early."

Chu Yunfei finished the last puff of his cigarette, tidied up the wrinkled tie on his chest, and smiled as he put his arm around Taro's shoulders.

"Let's go, tonight, I'll take you to broaden your horizons!"

The atmosphere of the party became even more grand and lively. Chu Yunfei picked a corner and sat down. He picked a glass of red wine from the hands of the waiters and spat it out after taking a sip.

"F * ck, you only know how to act cool."

As he spoke, he pointed his glass towards the light and cursed in a low voice.

"He even said there's good wine. F * ck, it's all Zhang Yu's fault."

"Bro, hurry up and eat, that …" That what … You said abalone. Where is it? "

Taro was like a mouse, or the kind with green eyes that were filled with hunger. Ever since he came in, he had been talking nonstop, and his mouth was filled with unintelligible questions.

"You really think there's abalones here? This is a reception, not a buffet. You can eat whatever you want."

Chu Yunfei put down his wine cup in disappointment.

"No meat, what's so delicious about that?"

"Damn, if you don't know what's expensive, then just eat it?"

"..." What... What's the most expensive thing here? "

Chu Yunfei cast a glance in that direction, then casually said as he raised his finger to point at a plate.

"Goose liver, that plate on your left. Next to it is caviar. Dip the goose liver in the caviar …"

Before Chu Yunfei could finish his words, the other people used their knives and forks, and the taro directly with their hands. Before Chu Yunfei could finish his words, the other people used their knives and forks, and the taro directly with their hands.

"Big brother, other than this, what else is expensive …"

Taro's mouth was full of caviar, and the plate of foie gras had yet to be eaten. When he turned around, he discovered Chu Yunfei rubbing his forehead, he turned to the side and said in a low voice.

"Don't say that you know me!"

Suddenly, waves of praises broke out from the crowd and everyone's gaze was attracted towards the entrance of the ball. Chu Yunfei stood up out of curiosity and his expression was frozen in amazement and shock.

A peerless beauty in a white evening dress walked in with graceful steps while holding her skirt. Although her face had a bit of unease and nervousness on it, it only added to her gentleness and beauty.

Everyone's gaze fell on Chu Ruoqing, the originally noisy reception instantly became much quieter. Other than praise and astonishment, which could not be described with words, there was nothing else they could do.

Chu Yunfei frowned. He spent most of his time on the fight against the encirclement and counter-encirclement with Chu Ruoqing, but he had never really seen her before. Of course, the last time he was in the bathroom he had watched her with a serious expression.

Chu Yunfei didn't know what Xiao Long Nü looked like, but this version of Chu Ruoqing was enough to make any normal man admire her. Of course, this didn't include the taro that he couldn't see in his eyes, other than the ones that he ate.

Chu Ruoqing's beauty was like a dream like a poem, she even had the freshness and elegance of a water lotus, and on her beautiful face that was as elegant as an empty mountain, her bright eyes shined with a captivating brilliance. Under her straight and meticulous nose, her slightly pursed cherry lips revealed a faint smile, and her snow-white evening dress accentuated her graceful and elegant curves, adding to her pure and clean temperament.

Chu Yunfei's gaze swept across the crowd, he was waiting for someone else to appear. In this kind of situation, he couldn't be the only one to get the limelight from Chu Ruoqing, women were naturally jealous creatures, they would be the same no matter where they go.

He saw Zhao Qianning, the one who robbed the territory had finally arrived, he didn't seem to be inferior to the little dragon girl at all.

In front of the reception, Zhao Qianning stood there like a lily in the night.

Chu Yunfei didn't notice when Zhao Qianning appeared, but out of all the gazes that were focused on Chu Ruoqing a moment ago, at least half of them had already landed on her.

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