My Beautiful Female Director/C16 I Am Indebted to the Chairman for His Praise
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My Beautiful Female Director/C16 I Am Indebted to the Chairman for His Praise
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C16 I Am Indebted to the Chairman for His Praise

Zhao Qianning was wearing a black silk evening dress with an exquisite curling hem. She wore a unique and exquisite brooch on her chest, and had a noble and proud expression on her beautiful face.

In addition to the brooch, she wore a pair of plain platinum earrings, which almost instantly focused all eyes on her beautiful ears and delicate cheeks. On her neck was a thin diamond necklace that looked extremely delicate, and the necklace was a double heart abstract shape that glimmered faintly on her snow-white neck and in her pure black silk blouse, adding a touch of charm to her already beautiful appearance.

On her finger was a very special looking ring with the shape of a spiral. Because it was some distance away, Chu Yunfei couldn't see the patterns on it, but it felt very dazzling on her hand. At the same time, it also made her fingers even more slender and beautiful.

Below her feet, there was a pair of pointy high heels. Those shoes were pitch black, and under their contrast, Zhao Qianning's thin ankles were almost transparent white.

No one could challenge him if he relied on the heavens!

Chu Ruoqing was a dragon-slaying beauty, Zhao Qianning just so happened to be relying on the heavens, two women for one, not to mention there were two absolute beauties, in Di Fan Corporation's carnival today, all of the company's employees were gathered there, there were many beauties competing with each other, Chu Yunfei's eyes were almost going to bloom from seeing them, but Chu Ruoqing and Zhao Qianning had a feeling of standing out of a flock of chickens, the other beauties unknowingly turned green.

As long as there was even the slightest bit of oil on the dish, he wouldn't miss anything. The plate in front of him was already empty, and when Chu Yunfei looked back, he saw that Taro's stomach had been there for at least three months.

"Bro, I'm done eating. Can we go now?"

Chu Yunfei was at a loss for words. He wanted to stay as far away from Taro as possible, so he drilled his way into the crowd, and behind him, Taro's voice was no softer than a loudspeaker.

"Bro, hurry up and have a bite!"

He was immediately separated by a few expressionless black suits. Chu Yunfei raised his head and saw an old man with a calm and peaceful face standing in front of him. He had a wise and farsighted look in his eyes, and by his side was Qi Yuan, who was still panting heavily like a penguin. But now, he was much quieter, at least with an extremely respectful attitude.

The old man waved to the black suit in front of him and smiled calmly, making him feel relaxed and satisfied.

"Chairman Wu, I'm sorry."

Chu Yunfei did not hesitate to extend his hand and speak in a neither humble nor haughty manner.

"Chu..." "Chu Yunfei."

Qi Yuan thought about it and smiled apologetically at the old man. a new employee who just started working in the ninth century. "

The old man was the chairman of Di Fan Group, Wu Haotian. Chu Yunfei had guessed correctly, because other than Wu Haotian, the person who could make Qi Yuan be so respectful, at today's ball, Chu Yunfei could not think of a second person. The young man next to him should be the prince of Di Fan Group, Wu Yuanqiao.

Wu Haotian looked at Chu Yunfei strangely. After a long time, he finally reacted and politely held his hand.

"Welcome, new employees. The reason why the Di Fan Group has come about today is all because of you constantly inputting new blood. I hope that you can do something in the Di Fan Group!" This young man is not bad, not bad at all.

"I'm sorry for the chairman's praise."

Chu Yunfei calmly replied with a polite smile.

"You … Your surname is Chu? "

Wu Haotian had already brushed past Chu Yunfei, but he stopped and turned to ask curiously.

"Yes, chairman, my surname is Chu, Chu Yunfei!"

"Oh …" Surname Chu … "It's not …"

Wu Haotian said in a low voice, as if he was deep in thought, and looked a little hesitant.

"Chairman, is there something wrong?"

Chu Yunfei asked calmly.

"It's nothing, it's nothing. I was just casually asking. Since you came today, don't be restrained. Have fun."

The speech at the carnival was presided over by Wu Yuanqiao, so Chu Yunfei had already sat down in an inconspicuous corner. It took him a lot of effort to find Chu Yunfei, and he had several plates in his hands and a bottle of wine in his arm.

"Brother, you should eat some too. I've seen you come for so long and you haven't eaten anything. What I've given you is all good. If it's not enough, I'll go get more for you."

There were people laughing on the side, but the sound was very soft, but Chu Yunfei could hear it, and with a helpless wry smile, he casually picked up a piece of Tiramisu and stuffed it into his mouth. On the stage, Wu Yuanqiao said something, but he did not take it in, and it was just that when other people clapped, he did the same. Chu Yunfei secretly glanced at him while he was still studying how to open the cork on the red wine.

This was a rule set by Wu Haotian to share the joy with the people. This monarch of the Di Fan Group clearly knew how to win over the hearts of the people and consolidate it. The seats for the party were divided according to the division of the branch of the Di Fan Group.

Chu Yunfei turned around to find that Chu Ruoqing was sitting right next to him, but when they looked at each other, there was still a cold and disdainful look in her eyes. However, Chu Ruoqing's smile today was clearly different from her usual one, Chu Yunfei felt that there was something else in there, but he couldn't see through it.


Zhao Qianning was sitting in front of him, and from this angle, he could see her back. Under the illumination of the lamp, her smooth skin was filled with all sorts of temptations.

The host announced from the stage that the next segment would be a competition of talents. Every branch all had a program that gave out their first place. Each branch and individual would be rewarded. Chu Yunfei laughed in his heart.

It was obvious that he was here to condense his fighting strength, and he didn't forget to muster his fighting spirit, so he shouldn't underestimate this segment. Although it was just a competition of talent, to put it nicely, it was to cheer the party up, but Chu Yunfei knew how Wu Haotian planned it.

Using a branch company as a show, who would be willing to lose face in front of the chairman of the corporation? In name, it would help them to have fun until the end, but in reality, Wu Haotian's silence had already turned this party into a battlefield, and competition was everywhere, not to mention there were still many people who wanted to shock everyone.

Fortunately, this side of the Ninth Century should have nothing to fear. Dragon-slaying and sky-scraping were both here, so how could other people be so arrogant? Chu Yunfei thought as he went to grab the cake. In fact, the Tiramisu in the hotel was not bad, he had already seen the bottom of the plate.

"Taro, go and get some more."

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