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C18 First Contact

Once again, endless applause replaced the answer. Chu Ruoqing was a household name in the Di Fan Group, regardless of whether she wore clothes or not, she was a man's focus no matter where she went. To be able to see the Goddess on stage dancing in the hearts of many people was the dream of many men.

Originally, she was already used to being the center of attention for many men, but the current situation was completely out of her expectations. She obviously wanted to make Chu Yunfei lose face, and planned to kill two birds with one stone.

The only way up was to lift a rock and shoot himself in the foot.

Don't go up...

In this situation, how could he not go up?

She saw that Zhao Qianning was smiling, it was the same smile she had before, she was proud and satisfied, harming others will hurt herself, it was just that she was tricked by Chu Yunfei, Chu Ruo Qing felt upset in her heart.

The lamplight untimely hit Chu Ruoqing's body, her white evening dress was even more eye-catching, her face had a bashful flush, for a moment she didn't notice it.

On stage, Chu Yunfei did not hold back and lightly stirred up the atmosphere. The entire scene was like a night shop and all the men's emotions were stirred to the highest point.

"Go ahead, it's not like you don't know how to dance."

Qi Yuan anxiously urged Chu Ruoqing as she stood there in a daze.

Chu Ruoqing walked up amidst the cheers, Chu Yunfei's smile turned into a sinister one, the tie that was pulled down was hanging diagonally in front of his chest, the corner of his mouth curled up elegantly and proudly, as if he was also proclaiming his arrogance and arrogance.

The light shone on the two people standing on the stage. Chu Yunfei really liked the look on Chu Ruoqing's face. It was rare for her to not know what to do even if she was so arrogant. The passionate tango music slowly rang out in the hall.

His target was Chu Ruoqing's soft waist. Since she was already a bad person, it would be better if she was more thorough. Even if she wanted to take advantage of him, she would eat tofu fair and square.

"What do you want?"

Chu Ruoqing's body was visibly stiff. Her gaze was fixated on Chu Yunfei's hand, filled with fear and nervousness.

"Director Chu is knowledgeable, you should know that the tango... It's said to be a dance between lovers. Actually, I don't understand it either. Since it's a love affair, then it's a love affair, why do you still need to dance? Hehe, sorry Director Chu, if you don't know, I'll teach you … Just follow my steps. "

Chu Yunfei had a mischievous smile on his face. Suddenly, he hugged her waist. It was so soft that it would cause one to think about it.

"Chu Yunfei, you don't need to … "You …"

Just like that, Chu Ruoqing was held tightly in the arms of the hundreds of people below her. She couldn't even resist as she spoke softly with a bashful expression.

"Director Chu, you have two choices now. One, give me another slap on the face."

Chu Yunfei slid over the familiar dancing steps and whispered into Chu Ruoqing's ear. However, there were so many people below the stage. It was fine for you to hit me, but you don't know what will happen in the future … "What do these people think of you? Haha, of course there's still a second option. Just like this, we'll finish this dance and guarantee that Director Chu's popularity in Di Fan will greatly increase."

"Chu Yunfei, you … "You are a scoundrel."

Chu Yunfei no longer cared about Chu Ruoqing's protest. He hugged her forcefully, and her entire body was stuck onto him. At such a close distance, he could clearly see the barely discernible cleavage in Chu Ruoqing's breasts.

"Yes, Director Chu, your current expression is very good, tango is a secret dance between lovers. Rumor has it that in the past, men had to carry sabers with them when they were dancing, afraid that they would come back to fight for their lives, so they must always look around to prevent being discovered. Right, it's like this, don't laugh, and keep a serious expression on your face."

Chu Ruoqing was angry and anxious, but she could not do anything about Chu Yunfei in front of so many people, she clenched her teeth and almost cried out. When the dance music ended, she elegantly spun, and under the lead of Chu Yunfei's skilled dance steps, Chu Yunfei hugged Chu Ruoqing's waist tightly against her body.

Chu Yunfei bent his waist and Chu Ruoqing, whose body was slanted at an angle of thirty degrees, froze in the middle of the dance floor as the music stopped.

Chu Yunfei didn't even have the slightest intention of getting up as he stood still and quietly looked at her. At that moment, Chu Yunfei suddenly felt a little sluggish, such an enchanting face was right in front of his eyes, this was the first time he had seen Chu Ruoqing up close, of course he had looked at her seriously in the bathroom last time, but he stayed on her chest for far more time than he did on his face.

Only now did he realize that Chu Ruoqing was actually very enchanting. He really hoped that time would stop just like that, and the beautiful scene of how even the Angels would be envious of her would stay forever at this moment.

Chu Ruoqing noticed the change in Chu Yunfei's gaze, it was a kind of heat that could be felt at any moment, it was very deep and intoxicated. Chu Ruoqing's breathing was heavy, the distance between the two of them was too close, to the point that Chu Ruoqing's long eyelashes gently swayed along with Chu Yunfei's breathing, her face was filled with embarrassment, modesty, and fear.

Chu Yunfei was captivated by what he saw. He lightly touched the tip of her nose to Chu Ruoqing's cheek, and suddenly revealed a naughty smile that she was familiar with. Her hot lips carried a stubbornness and tyranny that could easily take over her provocative red lips at any time …

Her breathing clearly stopped, she fiercely glared at Chu Yunfei, then quickly left his body. The people below the stage did not see the minute changes, and amidst the applause, Chu Yunfei politely smiled, but Chu Ruoqing still stood on the spot with a lingering fear, her heart was pounding like a deer that had been struck, and her face was as red as a peach.

"You're so beautiful!"

Chu Yunfei held onto Chu Ruo Qing's hand with a smile and whispered into her ear in front of everyone. Laughter, you can laugh now, there are so many people watching below, you don't want Qi Yuan to be in the office tomorrow, right? "

Tension and shyness filled her palms with sweat, firmly sticking together with Chu Yunfei, unable to get rid of him no matter what. Chu Yunfei swaggered over and led Chu Ruoqing back to their seats under the envious and jealous gaze.

The taro finally opened the bottle of red wine. Chu Yunfei contentedly poured himself a cup and secretly glanced at Chu Ruoqing. She was now as quiet as a docile rabbit.

He felt so good that he had to hold back for so long. Finally, he was able to recover everything that he had earned.

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