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My Beautiful Female Director/C19 Everyone Is Drunk
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C19 Everyone Is Drunk

Chu Yunfei looked at his hands and actually gave a perverted sniff.

"Fragrant, this is so f * cking fragrant."

"Little Chu, that's great, I really didn't see it. You're still so capable, next year it's your turn. Continue going up there and let the other companies see it, I can casually send someone from the ninth century to do it myself."

Qi Yuan nodded happily and said with a smile.

"Sure, Chairman Qi, as long as you give me your orders. Next year, I will …"

Chu Yunfei turned to look at Chu Ruoqing and raised his voice as he spoke. I'll dance with Director Chu next year... "Let's do a noodle dance next year."

Chu Ruoqing couldn't sit still any longer, she went to the washroom with a blush on her face.

"Bro, you were circling around the stage just now. I felt dizzy watching it. When did you learn this?"

Half a bottle of red wine had already been drunk by the taro.

"Spin..." "F * ck, if you can learn how to spin circles, it won't be hard to find many wives."

Chu Yunfei was a little tired, after listening to Yutang's words, after going around in circles with Chu Ruoqing for so long, he had indeed taken advantage of her and was quite angry. But after all, it was physical work, so he took out some cigarettes and found out that smoking was not allowed here.

After dropping the taro, Chu Yunfei went to the rooftop to take a breath of fresh air. He put the cigarette by the corner of his mouth and searched for a lighter. After a while, he remembered that his clothes were still on the piano rack.

Chu Yunfei smelt the familiar scent of burning tobacco. Luckily, both of them fell in the end of the world. Chu Yunfei smiled in his heart and walked over, the moonlight was like a silver veil gently covering the balcony. As he got closer, he discovered that the person hiding in the darkness was a woman.

From Chu Yunfei's point of view, the woman had her hair tied up high. She wore a low-cut black evening dress and held a cigarette in front of her chest. The woman's face looked beautiful and lonely in the smoke.

This back view was very familiar, and the air was filled with the smell of tobacco, and … There was also a smell of perfume that had been smelled elsewhere.

The woman turned around, causing the cigarette in the corner of Chu Yunfei's mouth to slightly tremble.

The cigarette in her hand gave her a mature charm. Chu Yunfei liked the perfume on her body, but even in the dark night, the allure from Zhao Qianning's body was a temptation that he found hard to resist.

"I thought I was the only one who liked peace and quiet."

"I came up for a smoke and forgot to bring a lighter."

Zhao Qianning opened her hand and handed a small and exquisite lighter to Chu Yunfei.

Chu Yunfei looked at the lighter and smiled meaningfully. Holding the cigarette in Zhao Qianning's hand, his slim wrist felt a little cold in the night wind, Chu Yunfei slowly pulled it to his mouth, and jokingly said as he lowered his head to light the cigarette at the end of Zhao Qianning's cigarette.

"Has anyone ever told you that you smoke in a charming way?"

"You're drunk!"

Zhao Qianning calmly replied with a smile.

"A little! "It's just that everyone is drunk …"

The night wind blew past and lifted Zhao Qianning's long hair. It was too close, like a lover's hand lightly sweeping over Chu Yunfei's face, and accompanied by waves of intoxicating fragrance, Chu Yunfei slowly let go of her hand and took a deep breath of smoke.

Zhao Qianning raised her head and exhaled the smoke ring with a practiced and confident manner. Her charming smile was like a flower blooming in the night, giving off an indescribable feeling.

Chu Yunfei's exposed skin was fair and fair. Whether intentionally or not, his gaze was fixed on Zhao Qianning, her body was trembling slightly in the night wind, Chu Yunfei smiled, took off his coat and gently draped it over her without any warning, this action was so ambiguous to the bones, Zhao Qianning's eyes were a bit blurry.

"You seem to be in a good mood tonight."

Zhao Qianning raised her hand and took a sip of smoke gracefully.

"Anyone who meets a beauty on the roof will be in a good mood."

Chu Yunfei replied fluently.

"Hehe, I didn't realize that your ability to hook up with girls is not simple, but it's a pity that I'm not talking about that."

"Then... "Director Zhao, what are you talking about?"

"The grudge between you and Chu Ruoqing, you got what you wanted tonight. You made a name for yourself on stage and didn't forget to drag Chu Ruoqing down with you. I'm afraid your mood is better tonight, some people …" I'm afraid it's not very pleasant. "

Zhao Qianning blinked, her bright eyes were clear and bright.

"Chu, Chu Ruoqing, hahaha, so you saw it."

Chu Yunfei spread his hands casually. In fact, she was the one who schemed against me first. It is understandable for me to do so.

"What is the issue between you and her? I've always noticed that Chu Ruoqing doesn't seem to like you?"

Zhao Qianning asked curiously.

"..." It's nothing, I said it was a misunderstanding, but she insisted on going online. I've already explained it to her, she wouldn't listen, and I don't expect her to understand.

Chu Yunfei replied nonchalantly.

"Just what is going on? Why …" I feel her... She seems to hate you. "

"It would be weird if she doesn't hate me. If, when you were bathing, you suddenly found a stranger standing in front of you … It would be strange if you could still be amiable and nonchalant. "

"You … You secretly spied on Chu Ruoqing taking a bath? "

I was indeed mistaken. I didn't know that she was taking a bath, so I suddenly rushed out just like that. At that time, my young and weak state of mind was severely damaged, and I didn't pursue the matter any further.

Chu Yunfei rubbed his forehead as he helplessly explained.

"Then... And then you go to the ladies' room and peep... "

Zhao Qianning forced a smile and said.

"..." "There's no other way. I know I can't explain this matter, first impression."

"But I don't believe you are such a person!"

"Oh, why?"

Chu Yunfei was stunned and asked seriously.

"I can't say it, but you are a very interesting person. It feels like you are deliberately hiding a lot of things, but no matter how you look at it, you are still normal. Just treat it as a woman's sixth sense."

Zhao Qianning smiled and said calmly.

Chu Yunfei didn't know what to say for a moment, he faintly smiled with the cigarette in his mouth, then returned to the reception hall with Zhao Qianning, just in time for the talent contest's evaluation. Chu Yunfei was well-deserved to be first, this year's prize was unique and he thought it was a reward of cash.

Bali Double Fly 7.

Chu Yunfei went up onto the stage to hold the plane ticket, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. At least it would cost tens of thousands yuan, he couldn't eat or use it right now, and the most troublesome part was that the person to receive the award was Chu Ruoqing.

Due to the fact that the tangos had shocked everyone, Chu Yunfei and Chu Ruoqing managed to win the hearts of everyone present. There were two types of tickets, one for each of them.

On the stage, Chu Yunfei clearly saw that Chu Ruoqing's hands were trembling, and her eyes were filled with anger. Chu Yunfei was afraid that she wouldn't be able to control herself, so he threw the ticket into the ashes.

After getting held onto the hand of a man she hated so much for the third time, Chu Ruo Qing really wanted to slap him on the face.

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