My Beautiful Female Director/C2 You Are Not a Good Bird at First Glance
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My Beautiful Female Director/C2 You Are Not a Good Bird at First Glance
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C2 You Are Not a Good Bird at First Glance

Chu Yunfei's happiness only lasted for less than 30 seconds. As the police gave a cold smile, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Hehe, you've finally admitted it. You still dare to say that you didn't have any ulterior motives in entering the room belonging to the female head of household? Since it was unintentional, why can you see it so clearly and remember how real it is …" I can tell from one look that you are not a good bird. "

Chu Yunfei's head was filled with black lines, he was actually waiting for him here, now whatever he said would be of no use, there was evidence and evidence, moreover he was unintentionally admitting to it, what would happen, Chu Yunfei did not dare to think anymore.

Chu Yunfei was released after a day in the police station's detention room. When he walked to the door, he met the police officer who interrogated him.

His current appearance was clearly unconvinced. His face was filled with justice and an impartial declaration, as if he was regretting not being able to bring Chu Yunfei to justice. His finger tapped his nose a few times.

"You'd better behave, and don't fall into my hands next time!"

Chu Yunfei could only silently smile bitterly. Wasn't it just cleaning glass? How did he become the enemy of the class?

Taro squatted in front of the police station with a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. The cold wind blew from the street and his whole body was trembling. He didn't forget to look at the beauties that passed by.

In Taro's words, there weren't many beauties these days. There were dinosaurs everywhere, so he was more willing to choose the aesthetic.

So when he squatted at this angle, he could see all sorts of legs...

"Can you change to a more wretched place?"

Chu Yunfei walked over and rolled his eyes at him in disdain.

"Am I vulgar? Am I vulgar? "

"Taro finished the last puff of smoke and stood up with a meaningful smile." No matter how wretched I am, I wouldn't peep. "

"I really didn't peep. I swear to god, I'll go to the wall with you to clean the glass. The 29th floor, big brother!"

This …" Chu Yunfei took the cigarette that was given to him and explained weakly. 29th floor... "At a height of 200 meters, my life was hanging by a rope. If the wind was any stronger, I would have turned into a kite. How would I have the heart to watch a woman bathe?

"You really don't need to explain yourself to me about this. Hehe, normally you look so decent, but I didn't think that you would actually have such a good mouth."

"Taro, who was grinning from the side, suddenly asked in a serious manner." You said I remembered, your wall on the 29th floor... How to... Why did he run over to a woman's house and … In the bathroom? "

"Urine!" I was really pissed. After holding it in for so long, I really couldn't take it anymore. Coincidentally, the window of this house is open, so I wanted to go in and use the toilet before coming out. Who knows … Who would have thought that she would take a bath in the bathroom! "


Taro asked with a smile.

"I didn't want to watch it. She took the initiative to let me!"

Chu Yunfei answered stubbornly.

"Kid, your luck with women is pretty good. Even by polishing a glass wall wall, you can meet a beauty who came out of the bathroom, and it's a real one at that."

"Do you think I want to? Come and try."

Chu Yunfei pointed at his swollen and red face and said snappily. A slap on the face and a night in the detention cell.

"Then you got cheated and acted good. If it was me, don't even mention slapping me, even if I had to be locked up for three more days, I would still be willing."

Taro touched his chin in a vulgar manner that made Chu Yunfei want to beat him up.

"What did the company say?"

Chu Yunfei asked seriously as he took a drag from his cigarette.

I had to grind for half a day in the Administration Department before I could get you a job certificate. Otherwise, you might not even know how long you'll be locked up for.

"As Taro spoke, he took out a few coins and handed them over to Chu Yunfei." Since you violated the company's rules, you have been fired. Here is your salary for this month. 300 yuan in total. Oh... "Only 295, I bought a pack of cigarettes!"

Chu Yunfei ruefully smiled as he shook the few bills in his hand. Climbing a few hundred meters high from day to night, toiling away for half a month just for this bit of silver, it really was not worth it.

"Forget it, I can't blame them for that. It was my fault if I entered the room without permission. If I don't get fired, the company might not be able to get any work for me in the future."

Chu Yunfei put the money into his pocket and smiled indifferently. I also want to change jobs and climb this high every day. "

"How about... How about we find a job in the office! "

Taro said carelessly from the side.

"You? You don't want to do it either? "

"F * ck, it's just a shitty job of polishing the glass on the outside of a wall. Whoever wants to do it will have to do it, and I'm happy about the money." F * ck, it's just a shitty job of wiping the glass on the outside of a wall, and whoever wants to do it will have to do it.

Taro smiled foolishly. His face was clean.

Chu Yunfei patted Taro's shoulder gratefully, not knowing what to say.

He had worked in the home management company for more than half a year, but he had yet to get anything else, and only got to know this brother, Taro. Actually, Taro's name was Le Maru, and he was just like his name.

He couldn't hide any words from his mouth, so he jumped out as soon as he thought of something. Usually, Chu Yunfei would take advantage of him by smoking, eating, and drinking, but none of them were lost to Chu Yunfei. Even though he was extremely unsatisfied, he didn't complain at all when he paid.

Chu Yunfei was especially happy when he was with this kind of person. Sometimes, taro gave him a very relaxed feeling. After staying with taro for so long, he also found that it became very simple and easy.

"Alright!" Let's go change jobs, and do as you say, go to the office, and serve as a white-collar worker. "

Chu Yunfei smiled at Taro with confidence, and his expression quickly dimmed. I said... This shirt of yours should be washed too right? With your white collar, it's almost black collar! "

Taro suddenly asked seriously while looking at his collar.

"But if we want a diploma, we don't have a diploma. If we want technology, we don't have technology. Who would want us? "

"Diploma? What's the use of a diploma these days! Nine of them are university students, and the other one is either a graduate student or a sea turtle.

Chu Yunfei replied in disdain.

"Then... "Then what do you think is important now?"

Taro raised his head, his honest gaze made Chu Yunfei speechless.


Chu Yunfei pointed at the mouth of the taro and said meaningfully. There are good jobs everywhere, and finding one is as easy as flipping his hand, it all depends on whether or not you know how to say it, these days you are not afraid of madmen, you are afraid of mutes, you can say black things white, and there are no other things good, but of course, you can say black things white, and the dead people's ability to talk about life does not count on you, as long as you fully display your spirit, you can always produce ten thousand kilograms of spirit, and your monthly salary will be more than ten thousand! "

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