My Beautiful Female Director/C20 Send Beauty Home
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My Beautiful Female Director/C20 Send Beauty Home
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C20 Send Beauty Home

"Smile. I know you won't be able to laugh. Pretend, imitate me, imitate me."

Chu Yunfei had a brilliant smile on his face as he raised Chu Ruoqing's hand to express his thanks to the people below. At the same time, he whispered into her ear. Not for anything else, the chairman of the corporation and Qi Yuan are both sitting below. You can take whatever revenge you want, but just treat it as acting with me now.

The happiest person in the audience was Qi Yuan, a man in his sixties. He still shook his fat body proudly and laughed like a young man.

"He got first place in nine days every year and his hands are getting softer. It's really boring, the other branches aren't improving either, it's always like this every year and there's not the slightest difficulty factor. Hur Hur, how boring."

When she walked down, Chu Ruoqing was beaming with happiness. She turned her head and slowly raised her hand. Chu Yunfei tactfully smiled and let go.

"Chu Yunfei, you've done very well with what happened tonight. Don't worry, if you want to play, I'll accompany you. I'd like to see how long your smile will last."

Chu Yunfei still wanted to say something, but Chu Ruoqing had already left. Tonight, he had been angered and satisfied, but Chu Ruoqing was also not a good person. Even with her words, Chu Yunfei could feel it in his heart. After... The witch in the back would most likely return the favor back to him even more harshly.

"Take me home!"


Chu Yunfei turned around and saw Zhao Qianning standing behind him with her hands crossed in front of her waist. The gold-plated buttons on her exquisite bag were shining with a dazzling light, causing Chu Yunfei to open his mouth wide.

"Send …" To send you home? "

Zhao Qianning walked out without looking back. Like her people, there was no room for doubt when she said it.

Chu Yunfei had been planning to say something in the car, but he couldn't find a suitable topic to talk about.

Too much to drive, that's all!

Chu Yunfei explained to himself again and again, he actually wanted to find a reason for Zhao Qianning, but no matter how he thought about it, after eating his fill, he would send home a woman with more naked bodies than the area around her. Chu Yunfei clearly knew what the subtext was.

Zhao Qianning had not looked at Chu Yunfei since she got on the car. The car was filled with the strong smell of perfume, and with every breath she took, Chu Yunfei could feel her breath spreading to every part of her body.

It was as if there was a raging fire in her heart, Zhao Qianning seemed to really be drunk. When she left, Chu Yunfei saw her drink three cups in a row.

Now, Zhao Qianning's head lightly leaned on the car window, her slightly closed eyes and flushed cheeks made Chu Yunfei's breathing worsen, his eyes had already drifted from Zhao Qianning's face to her chest.

His thoughts were dominated by the barely visible chest and the deep cleavage of his low-cut evening gown.

Chu Yunfei could clearly feel a reaction from the thing beneath him.

Something should happen...

This kind of atmosphere, this kind of character, this kind of lame plot, it was unreasonable for it to not happen. Chu Yunfei began to wander, it was said that men were animals that thought in the lower half of the body, this saying was completely true in the vast majority of cases, he was not a saint, Chu Yunfei constantly hinted at himself, seemingly wanting to find a reasonable excuse for himself, as for what he was going to do, or what would happen, in his heart, he did not know.

Zhao Qianning staggered out of the car with the support of Chu Yunfei. Chu Yunfei followed behind, with a sense of urgency and anticipation, the word alcohol and sex appearing in his mind again and again.

Chu Yunfei admitted that he was now in a dark and he did not like such dirty thoughts. However, the degree of his brain congestion was no less than the blindness between his legs.

Walking into the elevator, Zhao Qianning actually smiled at Chu Yunfei, both coquettish and provocative, and Chu Yunfei started to surge with emotions. "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu …"

"Thank you! "Good night!"

The passionate march came to an abrupt end. Chu Yunfei felt as if he was floating in the air. His throbbing from a moment ago had ended, and his entire body was sinking. The corner of his mouth was filled with embarrassment and a helpless smile.

Following the closing of the elevator, Zhao Qianning's beautiful face slowly disappeared from his line of sight. Chu Yunfei almost slapped himself in the face. So this was what he intended to do …

Of course! Zhao Qianning might not be the woman he thought she was!

What kind of woman? Water Yang Hua still didn't get over the flirtatious mood? If she didn't ask him to send her home in the middle of the night, it would be obvious that she was just teasing him, there was no need to seduce her like that right? Chu Yunfei grabbed his hair and tugged twice.

The phone in his clothes was vibrating. Chu Yunfei had just lit the cigarette at the corner of his mouth and absent-mindedly took it out to have a look. His eyes shone like a pirate who had found a treasure, filled with greed and hope.

"Can you accompany me tonight?"

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