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My Beautiful Female Director/C3 Interview Beauty
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C3 Interview Beauty

"..." Are you for real? "Who doesn't know how to spout nonsense? But it's not good to lie."

Chu Yunfei frowned helplessly. It took a long time before he managed to calm down. He had no strength to explain.

"Who asked you to lie! You are talking about eloquence!" Talking talent! Do you understand? "Even if I gave you the whole Ph.D., you wouldn't be able to say it out loud. I wouldn't be able to answer any of your questions. You're always looking for people no matter where you go. Practice is more important than theory."

"..." I... I still don't understand. "

"Taro scratched his head and laughed." "It doesn't matter. Whatever you say, I'll listen to you. You have a lot of ideas anyways."

"Look at how promising you are. If I buy you one day, you might even help me count the money."

Chu Yunfei blew out a mouthful of smoke and smiled as he held onto Taro's shoulder.

"No, my mother said, as long as I treat others well, they will treat me well."


Chu Yunfei powerlessly slapped his forehead and said with a bitter smile. Your mom taught you... "Truly outstanding …!"

"Then... "Then let's go to the talent market now?"

"Where to?"

"Didn't you say you were looking for a job? I want to be a white-collar worker!"

"..." You... If I had a knife now, I'd like to push your head away and see what's in it. "

"" Chu Yunfei rolled his eyes at Taro. "You've already said that you have to find a good job. What good job can there be in the talent market waiting for you? The real big companies all go to the media to hire people, and who still goes to the talent market? It's not bad at all to call you Taro. You're just a fool!"

"Oh …"

"Taro nodded as if he understood something." No... Not go to talent market... "Then where are we going?"

"To the Ninth Century!"

"Nine Heavens …" What is the Ninth Century? "

Don't you see the price of the houses per day? The real estate gives you a lot of silver for work, and right now, you have the most land, the most buildings, and the most reputation. Of course, the ones with the most benefits … "Even if it's the ninth century!"

"We... We can enter a big company like this? "

Taro looked uncertainly at Chu Yunfei.

"Hur hur, isn't it just a real estate company? It's not difficult, if I say yes, I will definitely be able to do so."

Chu Yunfei patted his chest and said very confidently. You... How much money do you have on you? "

"Less than 400."

"Taro asked curiously while twisting his head." Why do you ask? "

"Continue acting. You still dare to show off your abilities in front of me with that ability of yours? Don't even think about it. Hurry up and tell me, how much money do you have on you?"

"..." "In the past six months, I've only saved 3000 yuan. Now that I have everything, I still want to keep it for my mother's New Year."

Taro answered honestly after a long while.

"3000, plus my 300."

Chu Yunfei thought for a moment, then nodded with a smile. "Enough, let's go to the bank and take everything out."

"What for?"

"Buy clothes!"

"I have clothes! "It took me a lot of effort to save up this money …"

"Look at you. You call that clothes. A black collar like you dares to go to the ninth century and embarrass yourself?"

said Chu Yunfei bitterly, twisting the collar of the taro." If we were to dress like this, we wouldn't even spare a glance for them.

"My mom said that people value inner strength. Ink is stronger than anything, and people will respect you in everything they wear. If not, then even if you wear a dragon robe, it's just an embroidery pillow that's useless."


Chu Yunfei could only silently smile bitterly. After sighing at the sky, he helplessly said. My aunt is insightful, and she's right, but... "You should go back and tell Auntie that she's talking about the 586 era now. Now that she has a cool 4 core, tell her to hurry up and level up."

"Even clothes can't cost that much!"

Taro frowned in heartache.

"We still need to get a certificate!"

"What kind of certificate?"

"I'm going to get a fake diploma, brother!"

"Diploma? Available... But didn't you just say that there's no use in having a diploma now? "

Chu Yunfei held his forehead and spoke only after a long while.

"Taro!" "Brother Yu Tou, let's go kick the building now. We must have a brick that can smash the door!"

"Mr. Chu... You... You graduated from Harvard? "

The woman had already looked through the resume and diploma that Chu Yunfei had given her repeatedly for half an hour before she asked uncertainly.

There was only one person sitting in the large meeting room, and it was at the very center of the room. Clearly, such a table and chair had been arranged with great painstaking effort.

Women always use high heels to conquer the earth and men.

The woman in front of Chu Yunfei had high heels that were 10 centimeters tall. Chu Yunfei guessed that there must be a lot of men that she was stepping on.

She lowered her head to look at the information in her hands. From where she was sitting, she seemed to be a woman with a strong desire for control and power. The room's arrangement meant that she would always be the center and main character of everyone who entered.

Actually, Chu Yunfei had never liked women that were too strong. Perhaps it was because he was more traditional, the wisdom of five thousand years of his ancestors that a woman had to be good at everything, and a gentle and gentle one would be even more perfect.

The woman raised her head and stood up. Chu Yunfei stood rooted to the ground.

The first word he thought of was Ice Clear Jade.

The second was a monster!

The woman in front of him was wearing a pure white silk professional suit, the collar of the suit was open very low, and one could vaguely see the twin peaks inside. The short skirt was only barely covering her butt, and a large half of her snow-white thighs were exposed, a light and elegant fragrance was emitted from the woman's body, causing Chu Yunfei to feel a bit excited.

Not only was her face indescribably beautiful, her figure was also impeccable. The part that should have stuck out was neither too high nor too low, just right in the right place. Her body exuded the delicate aura of a young girl and the mature charm of a woman.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfei discovered that his way of thinking was too paranoid. Actually, it wasn't bad for a strong woman. At the very least, the one in front of him was impeccable.

"Yes, I graduated from Harvard!"

Chu Yunfei righteously replied.

"Hello! I'm Zhao Qianning, the person in charge of this interview! "

Even the voice was so pleasant to hear, Chu Yunfei smiled dumbly, his gaze quickly moving away from her face. In fact, the moment they met eyes, Chu Yunfei's heart throbbed inexplicably, as if it was pierced by an electric current, the frequency of the rise and fall was abnormal.

Zhao Qianning seemed to be 23 or 24 years old, her skin was as fair and tender as an infant's, and as tender as a bamboo leaf. Right! It was the bamboo leaves, because Chu Yunfei's mind was in a mess, he could not find the right words to describe them.

Women at this age always had an irresistible attraction towards men, Zhao Qianning belonged to this type of woman.

Every move of hers exuded a mature and charming aura, especially her eyes. What was flowing within her charming eyes was a river of spring water, Chu Yunfei was unknowingly submerged within it.

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