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"Let's briefly introduce ourselves!"

Chu Yunfei couldn't stand Zhao Qianning's smile any longer.

"Hello, my name is Chu …"

Perhaps because he was too nervous, Chu Yunfei tightly held onto his hand. Perhaps this could calm down his surging emotions as soon as possible, but he still accidentally touched the pen in front of him on the ground.

When he raised his head, his head knocked against the table, because from this angle, he could just see Zhao Qianning's white miniskirt. Although her legs were crossed, from Chu Yunfei's level view, there was a dark red color faintly seeping out from the dress, mysterious and seductive.

Chu Yunfei almost vomited blood. He licked his dry lips, the heat was no less than dry firewood, even a spark could ignite his entire body.

The interview process was already familiar to him, but Zhao Qianning said something else later that Chu Yunfei didn't hear. Chu Yunfei kept looking at the pen at the side, planning on when he would touch it again.

"Mr. Chu, your resume and education... There is some discrepancy between our company's recruitment requirements and ours, I need to explain once again, our target this time is the marketing department, and your education is obviously better for a job, moreover … The salary of the marketing department employees may not be as high as you expect them to be. I would like to know, what is the salary standard that you are looking forward to? "

"I looked at the recruitment details carefully before coming here. I am indeed here to apply for the marketing department's expansion commissioner. The silver I am looking forward to …" The salary standard, this, this, I really haven't thought about it. I wonder what kind of standard you would provide for this position? "

Chu Yunfei replied nonchalantly.

"The marketing department's expansion commissioner's salary range is between 1000 and 2500. He'll be given a probation period of three months. However, as for the specific salary, your colleagues in the HR department will give you a detailed discussion. Of course, this is after you've entered the office."

"2500, um, that's fine! "That's fine!"

Chu Yunfei lowered his head, his gaze never leaving the brush beside him.

"Harvard Business School Graduated, Master of Arts, Executive Director, Asia Pacific, AGB Venture Capital Group, Greater China, Australian Global Financial Trading Group..."

Zhao Qianning softly read the resume that Chu Yunfei handed to her, and her eyebrows furrowed even more. This resume really had some weight, perhaps it would feel heavy in the hands of any executive director of a big company. If the monthly salary was lower than 20 thousand, she would be too embarrassed to tell others about it.

Chu Yunfei obviously knew what Zhao Qianning was hesitating about, because he was only hired as a marketing executive, he was in too much of a hurry.

"Mr. Chu, with your resume, you will definitely be able to apply for a job that is even more well-paid. I really want to know, I really want to know, why did you choose the ninth century?"

Zhao Qianning was very tactful, Chu Yunfei understood that she was holding back on her resume and education.

"The Ninth Century belongs to the Di Fan Group. They are one of the four listed companies under the Di Fan Group. Their main businesses include real estate development and low-density high-end villa development, as well as municipal infrastructure projects …"

"This information of the ninth century can be seen everywhere. I wonder what Mr. Chu's personal opinion of the ninth century is? Or, from your perspective, what sort of situation is the current ninth century?"

Zhao Qianning was clearly much stronger than a vase, at least she could easily grasp the focus of this matter.

Chu Yunfei changed his posture, rubbing his brows as he replied without hesitation.

Personally, I don't have much of an opinion on the Ninth Century. However, since the Ninth Century is currently devoted to investing in low-density commercial residential areas, there are four buildings that have been completed for sale, including the Scandinavian Style, Yimingyuan and so on. There are two that haven't been completed. From the perspective of development, the Ninth Century is flourishing, but from a perspective perspective point of view, I do have some personal thoughts.

"I really look forward to Mr. Chu's brilliant opinion. Since Mr. Chu intends to join the 9th century, I would really like to hear Mr. Chu's personal opinion."

Zhao Qianning leaned her body against the chair with interest and asked with a smile.

"In the ninth century, the potential enemy, or recently the strong rise of Bandung Real Estate, was overlooked. From the four buildings currently completed in the ninth century, it is understandable that, in order to make greater use of the resources of the open space, a massive reduction in the area of greening and construction of supporting facilities was made. Of course, this is the custom of domestic real estate enterprises, which maximizes the benefits. However, I have noticed that in the vicinity of all the ninth century, there is bound to be the construction and sale of Bandung Real Estate, and Bandung Real Estate is basically the same as in the ninth century.

"Wanlong has other plans?"

Zhao Qianning stood up in surprise.

"What's your name?"

The voice came from behind Chu Yunfei.

No matter who it was, Chu Yunfei believed that it was a big shot, because Zhao Qianning had already stood up, and her attitude was very respectful. According to their relationship, Zhao Qianning was the executive director of the 9th century, and could also be considered one of the company's upper echelons.

Qi Yuan was such a person. His aura was strong enough to make Zhao Qianning respectfully rise to greet him.

Chu Yunfei stood up and turned his head, finally understanding the meaning behind that sentence.

One could not judge a book by its cover.

The person in front of him was not human, no matter how he looked, he looked like a Maitreya Buddha.

Qi Yuan was as fat as a stupid penguin, wiping the sweat off his face with a tissue. The cold air in the room was very suitable, but for a fat person like him, he would feel the heat and slow and struggle to move. Any movement, even if he raised his hand, Qi Yuan seemed to use all the strength in his body.

She was very cute, it was hard for Chu Yunfei to believe that such a clumsy person could make Zhao Qianning feel such respect and awe, but when Chu Yunfei saw Qi Yuan's eyes, he could not believe that this person was stupid.

The flesh on her face was so thick that it was about to droop, causing her originally small eyes to become even smaller. However, her eyes were filled with wisdom and majesty, so it was hard for anyone who saw her eyes to laugh.

"What's your name?"

Qi Yuan repeated the question as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Chairman Qi, his name is Chu Yunfei. He is here to apply for the company's marketing department expansion representative."

Zhao Qianning put the documents on the table in front of Qi Yuan. Mr. Chu is a Harvard businessman... "

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