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"Speak, continue, finish what you just said."

Qi Yuan didn't even look at the documents Zhao Qianning delivered to him, he just pulled up a chair and sat beside Chu Yunfei.

"This is the Chairman of the Ninth Century, Qi Yuan. Mr. Chu, please continue with the conversation just now."

Zhao Qianning introduced him as she gestured for Chu Yunfei to continue.

"Chairman Qi …"

Chu Yunfei thought about it and suddenly laughed. Chairman of the Ninth Century, Qi Yuan... "Oh, I got it, you are Jiujing!"

"..." "Mr. Chu, you …"

Zhao Qianning looked at Chu Yunfei in surprise, then turned around and glanced at Qi Yuan with lingering fear in her heart.

Qi Yuan asked curiously, stunned. He started laughing slowly, and his body was trembling even more fiercely.

"Kid, there are very few people who know my nickname. How do you know?"

"I saw it on the internet, on the internet. Chairman Qi, yours is a big shot. Your introduction is everywhere."

"Hehe, that's impossible. There are only a few close friends or seniors who know of my nickname."

Qi Yuan looked at Chu Yunfei with interest and said with a smile. Forget it, since you don't want to say it, I won't force you. Let's just talk about the matter first.

Zhao Qianning had already served a cup of tea, Qi Yuan nodded with a peaceful smile. Just as Chu Yunfei wanted to speak, Qi Yuan suddenly asked with a smile.

"Boy, do you smoke?"


"Give me one."

When Chu Yunfei heard this, he felt a lot more relaxed. He passed a cigarette over and helped Qi Yuan light it up. On the side, Zhao Qianning had an anxious expression, she held it in for a long time before finally speaking in a low voice.

"Chairman Qi, don't smoke. You're not in a good condition, and the doctor told you to quit smoking and limit your drinking. Smoking is not good for your health."

"Why are you youngsters even harder to deal with than an old man like me? Look at me, I'm just a bit fatter, so what if I'm a bit taller, I've been working on this machine for most of my life, it would be weird if I don't run into some problems. I'm already half buried in the ground, what does the doctor know, I won't allow it, I won't allow it, I have to restrict everything, so I might as well just die like that."

Qi Yuan waved his hand to interrupt Zhao Qianning, and replied with a carefree smile. You said that Bandung has other plans, why don't you tell me, what does Bandung want? "

Chu Yunfei also lit a cigarette for himself and calmly replied.

"Bandung Real Estate wants to invade the Nine Heavens Century!"

"Bandung wants to nibble away at the Nine Heavens?" Impossible, Bandung has only been on the market for a short period of time. In terms of strength and qualifications, he cannot even be compared with Nine Heavens! "

Zhao Qianning said in surprise.

"Wait for him to finish."

Qi Jian raised his teacup and calmly said.

"Strength and experience are two completely different things from being able to nibble away at the Nine Heavens."

"Chu Yunfei took a drag on his cigarette and answered confidently." If you look carefully at the annual report for the past three years, you will see that Wan Long's profits have increased by more than 11% a year. On this point, Wan Long has already surpassed the annual growth rate of 9% in the current nine centuries, so to be able to go from a contractor to a developer, you need a lot of money to support him. With the speed at which Wan Long is developing, he should have a lot of money behind him, so with just this bit of capital, Wan Long's strength is actually less than nine days under the current nine centuries!

"You're right, Bandung Real Estate has received a venture capital investment from an unknown source. The outside world only knows the general situation, but the specific information is not known. Based on my experience in real estate for several decades, this investment is not a small amount."

Qi Yuan nodded in agreement.

"Now that Bandung Real Estate has money, it is equivalent to having strength, and now in the real estate industry, it is unique in the ninth century, and most of the cakes in the entire market are in the dining plates of the ninth century. Bandung Real Estate wants to develop, the only bottlenecks and obstacles that need to break through are all in the ninth century, and although Bandung Real Estate is still unable to completely control the market, but at the very least, Bandung has the goal of challenging the ninth century, and Bandung's goal is simply to turn the first show of the ninth century into a dual monopoly with Bandung.

"Duopoly!" Well said! After that, tell me, how is Bandung Real Estate going to invade the Nine Heavens? "

Qi Yuan said with a pleased smile.

"Separate the encirclement, annihilate them one by one!"

Chu Yunfei answered without hesitation. If you pay close attention to the development of the sand table in the ninth century, it is not difficult to discover that all the buildings built in the ninth century were surrounded by the building of Bandung Real Estate, which has two purposes. "

Qi Yuan asked as he stood up and walked around the meeting room with his hands behind his back.

"What's the first one?"

"The first is to steal market and potential customer resources from the public, the audience and the public. But this is just a facade, I even thought that the planner of this plan must be a smart person who has a thorough understanding of the real estate industry, or even the entire business world. The essence is to use the reputation and fame of the ninth century to create a brand for the real estate!"

"Yes." Chu Yunfei replied confidently. The industry knows that the quality and quality of the buildings in the ninth century are outstanding. To dare to build a building next to the one in the ninth century shows that Bandung has the confidence to compete with the other in the ninth century, and at the same time intentionally let the market's audiences and potential customer resources compete with the latter, after all, Bandung and the other nine days, this is undoubtedly advertising for Bandung. And in fact, from the sales report released by Bandung, Bandung's sales performance is even slightly higher than that of the ninth century, which shows that Bandung has actually reached the same height as in the ninth century. "

Qi Yuan looked out of the window silently for a long time.

"Then... Then what's the second one? "

To prevent the expansion of the ninth century, these buildings were not unintentionally distributed. If you analyze the location of each building carefully, you will find that these buildings are obstructing the connection between the developments of the ninth century. Not only does Wan Long want to compete with the ninth century in the short term, but he has already started planning for the long term. If he wants to continue the development of the next nine centuries, such as rebuilding or linking them from the top to the bottom, then Wan Long's construction of these buildings will be stuck at the most important point of the development of the ninth century.

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