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C6 Unsightly

Qi Yuan didn't say anything else, he finished his cigarette, put down the teacup and didn't even look at Chu Yunfei. He moved his fat body, walked out with a gloomy face, and whispered to Zhao Qianning when he passed by her.

"This kid will stay behind for me!"

Zhao Qianning didn't know what to do while holding Chu Yunfei's resume. Even now, she still didn't understand two things.

How could a Master of Business at Harvard Business School be willing to be a marketing director?

Furthermore, she didn't understand a single word of what Chu Yunfei and Qi Yuan had just said …

He didn't know if he was lucky enough to meet the chairman of the board in the ninth century during the interview, and he was hired without being able to report it to the HR department.

However, Chu Yunfei couldn't feel happy now because this meant that his conversation with Zhao Qianning would end soon. Here, Chu Yunfei didn't even think about how to place the brush on the ground.

"I'll give you a staff manual for the company. Take a look at it when you get back. There will be special training for you when you enter the job!"

Zhao Qianning stood up and went to get the documents from the back safe. She was about 160 meters tall, and with her 10 centimeters high heel, it would be challenging and difficult for her to get the documents from the penultimate safe.

Chu Yunfei fiddled with the pen in his hand absentmindedly, and Zhao Qianning looked even more unique from behind. His eyes swept from her tall hair to her slim waist, and finally to her long white thighs.

Zhao Qianning's current position could be said to be classic. For someone like Chu Yunfei who had watched countless office plots in A/V movies, putting Zhao Qianning into any movie, her current performance definitely wasn't any worse than those professional ladies.

Zhao Qianning bent down to pick up the document. Her body was bent at a 45 degree angle, and her perfectly round buttocks were raised high, perfectly facing Chu Yunfei's line of sight. Every slight movement of her body would cause her beautiful buttocks to move extremely seductively in front of Chu Yunfei.

"Damn!" Do you still want to live? This is practically a crime! "

Chu Yunfei swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he spoke in his heart. Even his breathing had become noticeably hurried.

A white miniskirt was tightly wrapped around it, revealing the outline of the underpants, Chu Yunfei began to use his rich association.

Leith? Triangle? D?

When Zhao Qianning handed him the employee handbook, Chu Yunfei stood up and realized that the disappointing thing between his legs was swelling up, and an atypical pyramid was standing underneath Chu Yunfei.

Luckily, she found it in time and was blocked by the table, so Zhao Qianning didn't see it. She subconsciously wanted to cover it, but in her panic, she knocked over the glass of water in front of her.

Chu Yunfei swore he had no other thoughts, he just wanted to compensate her for his mistakes, and without thinking, he pulled out a piece of paper from the side and wanted to help her clean it up. He didn't know if it was because he was really unlucky these few days, doing things would make mistakes, but just as he took a step forward, he tripped over the table leg, lost his balance, and pounced towards Zhao Qianning.

The final scene was like this.

Zhao Qianning instinctively backed off and sat on her chair. Chu Yunfei held her arm and fell into her embrace, or it would be more accurate to say that Chu Yunfei was half-kneeling on the ground. Zhao Qianning's legs opened up unconsciously, and Chu Yunfei's head was buried in her miniskirt.

This kind of posture was too strange, and anyone who saw it would have countless versions of it, but Chu Yunfei didn't because in just a few seconds, he was completely intoxicated by Zhao Qianning's breathtaking body fragrance. With such a close distance and such an unsightly posture, Chu Yunfei actually didn't have any evil thoughts.

It was so warm and cozy.

The unexpected fortuitous encounter only lasted for a few seconds, however, this chance that could only be encountered but not sought would never come again in a lifetime. Chu Yunfei was now clear-headed, but his consciousness was still on Zhao Qianning, and he was thinking about all sorts of reasons to apologize.

However, Zhao Qianning spoke before Chu Yunfei, and the smile on her face didn't change at all.

"Why are you so careless? Are you alright?"

Chu Yunfei was convinced by Zhao Qianning's calmness. No wonder men liked mature women. If she could remain calm, it would be enough for the woman to scream in the bathroom and slap herself for a few years.

Furthermore, Zhao Qianning's expression didn't change at all, she didn't even move at all. This sort of calmness was something that could not be achieved without more than ten years of practice.

Thus, Chu Yunfei had a new understanding of her. This woman was not simple, she was someone who had seen great events unfold before, it was best to be a little more careful in the future.

Chu Yunfei apologetically smiled and said, "I'm sorry. Just as he was about to stand up, the door was knocked. He faced Zhao Qianning and couldn't see who came in, but he only heard two short sentences.

"Director Zhao …"

"Right... "Sorry …"

The second sentence was obviously more confused and surprised than the first sentence. Chu Yunfei didn't need to look at the expressions of the people who came in, he could roughly guess it. After all, the current state of Chu Yunfei and Zhao Qianning would inevitably cause others to have a lot of thoughts, so Chu Yunfei secretly cursed in his heart.

"This thought is too dirty …"

Zhao Qianning no longer looked at Chu Yunfei and calmly said to the person at the door.

"It's fine, come in. You just happened to be introduced to a colleague!"

After Chu Yunfei tidied up his clothes and raised his head, he looked at the people who had entered, and the two of them simultaneously spoke out.

"It's you?"

Chu Yunfei's voice was filled with surprise, but hers was filled with disgust and panic.

Chu Ruoqing was standing in front of Chu Yunfei. The difference from the last time he saw her was that she was wearing her clothes.

Sunlight fell on her professional suit. From her low-cut neckline, Chu Yunfei could vaguely make out the outline of her lace undergarments. Her tall, well-proportioned, concave, and beautiful figure was wrapped in them.

Perhaps it was because the first thing he saw was her naked body, so Chu Yunfei was not used to seeing Chu Ruoqing.

"You two know each other?"

Zhao Qianning asked curiously.

"Acknowledged …" "I do."

"I don't know him!"

The first to reply was Chu Yunfei, while the first to reject was Chu Ruoqing. How could she be willing to say a few words to someone like Chu Yunfei who was classified as a perverted pervert by her?

Zhao Qianning was able to detect something from the expression and gaze of the two in front of her, she said calmly while she tidied up the water stains on her clothes.

"This is Chu Yunfei, the company's new colleague. The position you are applying for is that of the marketing department's director. You're the marketing department's manager, so you came at the right time. You should get to know each other first!"

"He … Can he apply to be a marketing director in the ninth century? "

Chu Ruoqing was flabbergasted.

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