My Beautiful Female Director/C7 Enemies Have a Narrow Road
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My Beautiful Female Director/C7 Enemies Have a Narrow Road
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C7 Enemies Have a Narrow Road

"Director Zhao, what my department needs are all outstanding elites, but I really can't see through him … What ability does he have to be able to do this job? "

"Chu Yunfei's resume and education level completely meet the requirements for this recruitment."

Zhao Qianning handed her resume to Chu Ruoqing.

A thick stack of personal information was quickly read through by Chu Ruoqing. The more she looked, the weirder her expression became. Finally, she laughed out loud.

"Yo …" I still don't know. As a domestic helper, wiping glass on the exterior wall actually requires a master's degree … Chu Yunfei, do you dare to make fun of me anymore? Harvard is too mainstream, why are you trying to get a non-mainstream diploma, like Cambridge or Oxford, Harvard is too old-fashioned, if I were you, I'd just go straight to MIT. Look at your resume, AGB Investment, Global Finance... "It's not creative at all. It's quite impressive to fill in the CIA's liaison officer in Asia and the Pacific directly."

Chu Yunfei scratched his head and replied with an extremely innocent and calm expression.

"Actually... "Actually, I did receive a notice from Cambridge at the time, but it was too cold there. I was afraid of the cold, so I thought about it and decided that I could only go to Harvard. I regret it a little now!"

"Chu Yunfei! You... "You really boast quite shamelessly."

Chu Ruoqing coldly glared at him, turned her head and anxiously said to Zhao Qianning. Director Zhao, I don't want this person. "


Zhao Qianning looked at them in surprise again and asked in confusion.

Chu Yunfei awkwardly lowered his head, the hatred Chu Ruoqing had towards him had already reached an unforgettable level. If possible, she would have wanted to skin him and pull out his tendons, now that it was in her hands, Chu Yunfei had nothing to say.

"I suspect this person... There's a problem with your luck! "

After all, it wasn't a glorious thing for a man to sneak a peek at her, so it was only after a long time did Chu Ruoqing come up with a reason. Chu Yunfei didn't agree with it and wanted to argue, but he seemed to be the one who had no say in it.

"..." You... Don't you want to explain? "

Zhao Qianning looked at him curiously, and actually asked with a smile.

Chu Yunfei spread out his hands and smiled wryly. After all, he had looked down on her, and had taken advantage of her. A man shouldn't fight with a woman for victory, if this could help Chu Ruoqing vent her anger, then it would be equal.

Seeing that Chu Yunfei didn't explain, Zhao Qianning nodded and calmly said to Chu Ruoqing.

"I hired him because I think highly of his work ability and education. From these aspects, I believe that Chu Yunfei can be qualified for the current job and limit it to the problem of character, so I do not have any negative findings. The company hired him to develop, and if there is any private problem between you and him, you can solve it yourself without affecting your work.

Chu Ruoqing seemed to have no other choice but to obey Zhao Qianning's orders.

In reality, Zhao Qianning's aura was indeed strong enough, the words that came out of her mouth were such that no one could question it.

Chu Ruoqing didn't have anything to say in front of Zhao Qianning, she gritted her teeth and glared at the innocent Chu Yunfei before turning and closing the door. When she came out, she still felt that she couldn't take the pressure anymore, so she thought for a while before going to Qi Yuan's office.

Qi Yuan pushed his reading glasses down and put them on his nose. He looked at Chu Ruoqing, who was hesitating to speak, and smiled.

"What are you doing? Do you want to revolt or do you want to revolt? Hur Hur, I'm paying you on time for this month's salary."

"Chairman Qi, I have an opinion on this recruitment."

"It's good if you have an opinion. Bring it on!" "I like having people raise their opinions. I will tell them everything I know. The good and the bad, I am willing to listen."

Qi Yuan took a sip of tea and smiled peacefully.

"Director Zhao has assigned me a new colleague... "This person looks like he's just putting on an act. Coming to my department will only delay the progress of his work, and I don't even know how he was hired. Now that he's in charge of hiring, he's becoming more and more outrageous. I really don't know who's blind to actually be able to pick someone like that."

Chu Ruoqing said confidently.

"Oh, if there's such a thing as putting on an act and trying to sneak in, what is the name of the person you're talking about?"

"Chu Yunfei!"

"Chu..." Chu Yunfei! "

Qi Yuan frowned and said with a wry smile after tapping his finger on the teacup a few times. "He, I know, I know, Little Chu, the blind man you speak of is either me or someone else. I've assigned this person to you and he has to be assigned to your department."

"Ah, it's you …" Chairman Qi... I, I didn't mean it that way, please don't misunderstand, I don't know, this is what you want. "

Chu Ruoqing held her hands awkwardly below and blushed. However, I can guarantee that this person's education and resume are fake. If such a person were to stay in the company, it would be a hidden danger. "

"I don't know what to say anymore."

"Qi Yuan leaned back, looking very cute when he smiled." "According to what you said, I should be the first person in the ninth century who isn't suitable to be left behind. I just graduated from university, my family is poor and I don't have the money to go to school. I lifted the prefabricated boards on the construction site at the age of 16, haha."

"Chairman Qi... I, I really didn't mean that. "

Chu Ruoqing's face turned even redder, she couldn't help but lower her head.

"I know what you're trying to say. Education is really not important to me here, whether it's real or fake. What I care about is this person's ability and value. I don't care about anything else."

Qi Yuan looked at her amiably and said in a serious tone. If you use this person well, it will be of great help to you in the future. "

The stall business was very hot, and Taro and Chu Yunfei waited bitterly for a long time until there was an empty place. Taro worked for a long time before he finally stopped, and the greasy table was filled with delicious food, but in reality, it wasn't much. Of course, he and Chu Yunfei would normally squat at home and eat Guilin Meat Powder, which was worth 3 yuan. Of course, he and Chu Yunfei would normally squat at at home and eat Guilin Meat, which was worth 3 yuan, rice, which was not human life. This is not an exaggeration. You will know after eating that this world is a lie. Even though it is called minced meat rice flour, there is actually no minced meat. Even if you say that you have nourishing milk powder, you can eat people to their deaths.

Those who didn't have money were miserable.

In fact, Taro and Chu Yunfei never had more than 500 yuan on them, so today was the day for eating. Chu Yunfei rolled up his sleeves as he ate. A buffet worth 20 yuan was simply a waste of 25 yuan.

The taro bought two bottles of Luzhou's old cellar from a grocery store on the street. Compared to the usual 3 yuan bottle of Red Star Second Pot Head, this was already a very high grade one.

"Brother, Brother Chu!" "I'm convinced, I'm really convinced."

Taro poured wine for Chu Yunfei as he smiled devoutly.

Taro really should be laughing, but Chu Yunfei did not.

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