My Beautiful Female Director/C8 Became a Robotic a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a
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My Beautiful Female Director/C8 Became a Robotic a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a
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C8 Became a Robotic a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a Robotic or a

Both of them went to the 9th century to apply for the position of marketing department's director, but he became a bitter expander. If translated into vernacular, he would be a trashy person, but his boss was actually Chu Ruoqing, who he had just seen clearly. This kind of story was too bloody, life doesn't meet anywhere, it's hard to encounter anything, yet he had to meet an enemy who wanted to burn his bones and scatter his ashes.

Thus, Chu Yunfei was very clear on this fact. He had gone from being a rascal to a rascal!

Chu Yunfei ignored him lazily and pointed to the marketing department manager. Chu Yunfei spent most of the night writing down the questions he would encounter during interviews, as well as how to answer them. From the beginning to the end, it took only twenty minutes for him to master the skill, but he had spent two whole nights memorizing it, so he was very familiar with it.

"Big Brother Chu, the little girl who gave me an interview looks really good. A big company is a big company, and the women inside all grow up …" "Like flowers, that's what you call fragrance when you talk. It smells so much better than the perfume on those girls on the bus. I almost lost consciousness."

"Taro looked like he was laughing foolishly, and it seemed like he was still not done yet." Those questions I asked you were really all written by you. Back then, I recited them all in reverse, trying to cover everything up so that nothing would leak out. The way that girl looked at me … I've never seen her before, she... She seems to adore me! "

"Look at how good you are. A lousy supervisor can make you laugh like this."

Chu Yunfei raised his wine cup, smiling as if it was white for him.

"What do you mean by 'lousy supervisor'? I just found out that you're giving me 3000 yuan a month and there are more than 10 people under you. No matter what, I'm now a government official."

"Taro pulled at his collar and laughed triumphantly." Look, white collar! We're now a white-collar worker too. "

"That's all you have, a supervisor is already so satisfied. This brother doesn't care, or maybe he won't do it. Since he's come, this brother will let you see what is called the return of a king!"

Chu Yunfei drank his wine nonchalantly.

"Brother, why do you only know what they want to ask? I really didn't know. You still have that kind of ability, you can't be calculating, right?"

"Damn, divination is nothing, when I was at Harvard …"

"Chu Yunfei paused in the middle of his sentence and spoke mysteriously as he looked at his surroundings." "I'll tell you something, I didn't tell anyone else."

Taro came over and asked in confusion.

"What is it?"

"When I was young, it was the New Year. I went to the Spirit Hidden Temple to cause trouble, and there was an old blind man at the door to tell fortunes. I heard that he could feel his bones, and I ran away quickly and accidentally knocked him over. He scolded me as he pulled me up from the ground, but …"

Chu Yunfei drank a few cups of wine and his entire body seemed to float, looking very bold and unrestrained.

"What was the result?"

Taro asked curiously.

"You couldn't believe it even if I said it, you kneeled down right there and then! There are a lot of people, so they only said two sentences: Tiantai Wen Qing Huo Feng Long and Yin Chang Yang Xing Chi, do you know the meaning of those words, if you say them, you will be scared to death! "

the man with the taro asked with his eyes wide open. His brain was almost as simple as his.

"Old blind man, kneel down …" "What do you mean, you won't say that you will be rich in the future, right?"

Chu Yunfei smiled proudly and put his head in front of Taro. After a short pause, he solemnly said.

This is called the life of an emperor, do you understand? If I, your brother, was born in ancient times, I would be a monarch that ruled over the world! In this world, even you are your elder brother's life, only your elder brother is happy!

"Then... "Then I want to become the Prime Minister!"

Taro was actually extremely serious.

"Prime Minister... If your stomach can't support the boat, you can just be the Minister of Imperial Household. How good would it be to stay by my side. "

"That's a eunuch, I'm not a eunuch. My mom is still waiting for me to bring back her daughter-in-law!"

Taro shook his head in disbelief.

"It's easy to find a wife. Didn't you see a bunch of flower girls in the ninth century? Let me tell you, women nowadays are all very realistic. Without three, there's no need to think about this matter."

"What's three 180?"

"Height of 180 cm. House of 180 sq cm …" "Below."

Chu Yunfei pointed at the taro between his legs and said meaningfully. The following thing is going to be 180 MM... Hehe, the first two are Houtian disciples, you're not bad, but the last one is Xiantian, you're not up to the standard, hahaha. "

Taro shook his head and said after thinking for a long time.

"My mom said that as long as a man has the ability, he shouldn't be afraid to find a wife. Now that I'm a supervisor and do my job well, I don't believe that I can't find a good wife.

"Why do you keep thinking about this all the time? Is it good that you found her? Senior, you have to comprehend it completely, woman …" It was best not to provoke this thing, as it would drag you down for the rest of your life. "Brother, today I must toast you with this goblet of wine no matter what."

"Taro picked up his wine cup with great respect." "Before, I thought you were trying to trick me, but who would have known that you could actually do it. Now, I no longer have to hang on a rope and swing on the roof every day. If it wasn't for you, I would be here today."

"It's actually very easy to get in. Trouble is, how long can you sit in the office?"

Chu Yunfei drank a mouthful of wine and said as if he was deep in thought. "Bro, if we were to say that wiping the outer walls was dangerous before, then being a white-collar worker is not a good job compared to being in the office."

"Being a white-collar worker is even more dangerous than wiping the outer walls?"

"Of course, I've never heard of a workplace that is like a battlefield, filled with deceit and scheming against each other every day. With your little intelligence, putting you in the ninth century would be like putting a sheep in the middle of a pack of wolves, leaving you with nothing!"

Chu Yunfei said with a serious expression. When we were swinging the steel wire, we accidentally dropped it. Pa! "Blood is blood, meat is meat, you can see it clearly, it's not like that in the office. Everyone looks kind and friendly, and all they do is stab others in the back, and all of them are soft knives, and they can't even be stabbed in the back. Look at how many positions there are in charge of in the nine days and centuries, and how many people are waiting to climb up there, and how many people are waiting to die, and how many people are going to die in there, and how many days are you going to become the corpses of others."

"Brother, Brother Chu, that …" "Then what should we do in the future?"

Taro said with some lingering fear.

"It's nothing much, I was the one here, it's just a little bit, stop talking!" Remember, with your intelligence, it's wrong to say too much. Now that you're the supervisor, the people below have to listen to you and use your resources rationally. Let the people below do everything, don't offend anything. "

"It's that simple?"

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