My Beautiful Female Director/C9 Beautiful Director Please
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My Beautiful Female Director/C9 Beautiful Director Please
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C9 Beautiful Director Please

"Simple? "F * ck, you think it's easy? Just do it and you'll know how difficult it is. How many people have been able to do this for thousands of years?"

As soon as the taro was served, he put it down after a moment's thought.

"Brother Chu, when you came to work, we were assigned the same job. I remember you telling me that you came out to work because of your family, but didn't have any money, and didn't have any education. How do you know so much?"

Chu Yunfei was momentarily at a loss for words. He lit up a cigarette and smiled helplessly.

"She went to school on TV."

"Since I can also learn so much on TV, I'll have to watch more TV in the future!"

Taro nodded and murmured seriously.

Chu Yunfei shook his head with a bitter smile as he said this.

"Brother, I was the one who brought you in during the ninth century, in short, I'll have a bite of food, and if you want to earn silver, if you want to find a wife, I'll promise you that." Brother, I'll take you in the ninth century, and in short, if I want to eat a mouthful of rice, I'll have a bite of food, and if you want to earn silver, and if you want to find a wife, I'll agree. Do you understand? "

Taro nodded with a silly smile and continued to pour wine for Chu Yunfei, his eyes full of respect and worship.

"Again …" "Go get two plates of fat cows, and one plate of hairy tripe as well!"

Chu Yunfei said with a greasy mouth.

"You're still eating? You've already exceeded the limit for today."

Taro said painfully as he counted the plates on the table.

"I haven't eaten my fill yet. Oh, right, that's right. I'll just casually pay the bill!"

Chu Yunfei didn't even raise his head as he focused on fishing for the fish that had escaped the net.

"Why is it me again? I didn't come here to ask you to pay."

"Look at you, kid, I've just told you that from today onwards, mine will be yours and yours will be mine. Spending money to pay the bill is the same as me paying the bill, do you understand?"

He was glad that he didn't meet Chu Ruoqing on the first day of work. Although Chu Yunfei said it was easy in front of Yutang, he didn't know what would happen in the future. However, according to the current situation, Chu Yunfei felt that his and Yutang's current situation wasn't much better than going to assassinate the Emperor of Qin, Jing Ke.

Chu Yunfei really wanted to see Zhao Qianning again, because the fragrance from her body was too enchanting. Even if she just walked past him, he would be satisfied with just seeing her.

As for Chu Ruoqing … It was best if she could not see him.

The first colleague Chu Yunfei had met in the ninth century, Han Xi, who was in charge of his induction training for him. Although he was still a supervisor, he was still an apprentice, but he was still in charge of management, and he unexpectedly arranged for his induction training to go to the headquarters of Di Fan Corporation. Chu Yunfei was really depressed about this matter.

When God closes one door, he is destined to open the other.

Han Xi was the other door in front of Chu Yunfei, and he was feeling much better.

Han Xi looked more like an anime girl, cute and unreal. Her black hair was curled and smooth like flowing water, and her dark brown eyes under her elegant eyebrows were like a bottomless whirlpool, bringing about a rippling temptation. Her cherry lips were pink and tender, slightly tilted, as if looking forward to being tasted.

The induction training was very dull and monotonous, Chu Yunfei didn't know if all the big companies paid attention to this environment, they talked a lot about the culture and development of the company, as well as the rules and precautions that gave Chu Yunfei a headache. Even the arrangement of the desk had its requirements, not even a bit of democracy or human rights, for someone like Chu Yunfei who was used to casual and casual people, this place was simply a prison.

Thus, Chu Yunfei focused most of his attention on Han Xi. She was not tall, and her high heels were only 160, so when Chu Yunfei stood in front of her, he had a sense of superiority. Chu Yunfei could always look down on her from a high vantage point.

When he shook hands with her this morning, Chu Yunfei easily saw the light green hem of her undergarment and the shallow cleavage she had squeezed out. Although her gaze only stayed on it for a short time, it was enough for his eyes to fill, so Chu Yunfei was in a very good mood.

Han Xi had a good personality, her voice was soft and gentle, and her smile looked a bit shy. She was very compatible with Chu Yunfei's requirements for girls, so Chu Yunfei had a very good impression of her.

At least compared to the cold and gloomy Chu Ruoqing, the feeling Han Xi gave Chu Yunfei was like a leisurely and comfortable afternoon sunlight.

Han Xi was small, but the title on her head was not small.

Director of Human Resources in the Ninth Century.

When she introduced herself to Chu Yunfei, he was flabbergasted for a long time when she spoke of her position. He never would have thought that such a pure and beautiful girl would be the Director of the Ninth Heaven.

However, this was not a rare occurrence. Every company had their own reputation and international connections, but in reality, they were all f * cking selling their lives for money.

It was different for the director. Although there was no difference in position, it was obvious that the director was much more important than the manager. The moment the name card was handed to the director, others would look at him with awe and respect. The director was not someone who could be compared with the director.

Han Xi was introducing the organization structure of the company to Chu Yunfei just now, Chu Yunfei vaguely remembered that Chu Ruoqing was also a director, what kind of marketing director was she?

The sky was high and the birds were free. According to Han Xi, there was a lot of room for development in the Nine Heavens. As long as he worked hard, he would definitely not be buried.

After introducing the company's situation to Chu Yunfei, Han Xi pushed the training materials in front of her aside and smiled amiably at Chu Yunfei.

Chu Yunfei didn't know if she was hinting or teasing him, but Chu Yunfei was already brilliant.

He really couldn't stand that beautiful woman smiling at him. Moreover, it was such a lovable smile, it was hard enough to not let Chu Yunfei think about it.

"I have something to tell you that you care about the most!"

Han Xi said to Chu Yunfei with a smile.

Chu Yunfei stared blankly and nodded as he revealed a signature bright smile.

"What I care about the most? "What is it?"

"I want to talk to you about 3-D!"


The smile on Chu Yunfei's face was frozen as he spoke awkwardly while swallowing his saliva. You... You want to talk to me about 3-P? "

"Hur hur, that's right. I know you like this topic."

Chu Yunfei's face turned red, he could actually blush!

However, Chu Yunfei was overwhelmed with emotions. He was surprised that such a pure and charming girl like Han Xi could say it so directly. Moreover, she was so calm and indifferent. Chu Yunfei was momentarily at a loss for words.

"Director Han …" How do you know I like 3-Ps? "

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