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C2 Did I?

I’m sitting in a dark room naked on a bed; not a sliver of light can be seen. This is what I agreed to, no sight, no sound for one night of mind-blowing pleasure. My heart beat rapidly as I wait for my partner. I’m getting used to blind sex, the name of the new kink in the sex world. You put your name in the pool and get matched with the most compatible love based on your interests. I hope they got it right for me because I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks since receiving the invite. My center is soaking wet just thinking of the things that will be done to it tonight.

I bite my lips as I imagine a stranger fucking me brutally hard; it almost makes me cum. I wiggle my hips gently, trying to calm my pulsating vulva as the anticipation builds. Suddenly the sound of a door opening and then closing echoes through the room. It’s followed by the sound of his shoes clipping the ground, which sends waves of moisture flooding my thigh as my core gets more excited the closer he gets. The sound stops right before me; how does he know where the bed is? How often does he do this to navigate the dark so easily? Good, I’m not getting an amateur; a pro like him would be certain to milk my core for every last drop.

I grind my hips as his hand finds my thighs; he slowly makes his way up to my wet hot core; he parts my lips and dips his finger in as a moan escapes my lips. One finger eases into me slowly, then starts pumping faster and faster. F**k yes, right there, I moan softly as his lips capture my nipple, pulling hard and sucking as his fingers pump in and out of me. His lips move from one nipple to the other for a dual assault; I moan, unable to scream. His mouth finds mine, and he kisses me fervently, biting my lips and sucking on them while his finger still assaults my vagina. He pulls his lips and finger away suddenly, and I’m left hot and achy, grinding my hips on the bed. I’m breathless; my vulva is throbbing; I want him to f**k me so badly. I would be begging right now if I was allowed to talk.

I’m almost at my limit about breaking the no self-touch rule when he grabs my thighs and spreads my legs apart. I feel his tongue hit my wet hot core. Another moan escapes my lips as I grind my hips towards his mouth. He grabs my waist firmly as if he’s warning me not to move. I stop thrusting my hips as his tongue slips into my hot center. His skills are truly top-notch because I want to cum so fucking bad while he teases and sucks my clit. I’m aching with pleasure as he continues to suck, f**k I’m about to cum. I think, but he stops; I’m panting. Why did he stop?

I want to protest but know I can’t. I move my hands nimbly, hoping to relieve myself of my pent-up climax, but he snatches my hands. Then wraps something around them and ties them up. I struggle to get free but can’t. He pushes me gently in my chest to lie down then I feel his body over me. He opens my legs and settles between them. Then puts the head right at my entrance. I move hips hoping to cause friction, but again he holds them firmly in place. He slowly puts the tip in f**k he’s huge. I try to relax my muscles to take him all in.

One stroke from his massive cock is all it takes to send me over the edge. I twist and tremble as a massive orgasm ripples through my body. I feel myself tightening around his cock as it comes to a pulsating close. But that was only the beginning; he starts moving slowly, then hard and fast. I twist with pleasure as my core soaks his shaft over and over. He flips me over, puts me on all fours then enters me from behind; I gasp again. I’ll never get used to this cock, it’s massive, and unlike some men, he knows how to use it.

We f**k for hours in multiple positions, coming numerous times; when he’s done with me, I’m ass up on the bed, I’m wrecked but delighted.

I grab my bag and run out of the house; I’m running late to my weekly family dinner at Giannia’s house, it’s just her and her dad, but I really look forward to it. I’m about fifteen minutes late, but after the night I had, my body needed the rest. I clench my thighs as the memories of last night come flooding back. No, I shake my head, stop that I need to drive, which means I have to avoid accidents. I better pull my head out of the gutter. I make it to my car, pop the door and hop in. Her father lives twenty minutes away from me in a more affluent neighborhood, so I know I will be much later. I pull my phone from my bag and text Gianna.

“*G I’m running a bit late, be there in twenty-minute,” she responds immediately.

“That’s fine; Papi burnt the marina sauce. We’re doing a quick store run. Hope you don’t mind store-bought.”

“*Of course not, we have to keep him away from the kitchen.”

“*lol you’re telling me, see you in a bit.”

“*see you.”I smile, putting my phone back as I started the car. Gianna and I have been friends since the 6th grade; we’ve had countless sleepovers and fights and supported each other when my parents passed in a fire when I was 13 and when her mother died from cancer when we were 16. We know everything about each other, except I can’t tell her about my sex-filled nights with strangers. She’s too pure for that; Gianna has only had one boyfriend to who she gave her virginity. I lost my virginity to my cousin when he forced himself on me when I moved in with them after my parents died. Those years of abuse have always stayed with me, although I don’t have a thing for abusive sex. I do like random strangers fucking me until I’m unable to walk. My partner from yesterday definitely accomplished that since I wasn’t able to move after a couple of hours when he left. I relive it in my mind the entire ride over, slipping my vibrator in me to get myself off one more time before I have to be prim and proper Brandi.

I grip the steering wheel just as the house comes into view and scream loud as my orgasm slams through me since I wasn’t allowed to scream yesterday. I stop before the house and enter the gate code and drive into the huge mansion. I head for my usual spot by the door and quickly park, then slip my vibrator out. I do a quick clean-up with wipes since car masturbation was one of my usual kinks.

“Okay, Brandi, get your head out of the gutter; you’re about to have dinner with a cute, wholesome family; stop thinking about sex.” I inhale and exhale, grab my bottle of perfume, and dab a little on me before slipping out of the car and making my way to the door. I press the doorbell. It rings throughout the house before someone opens the door.

“Brandi, good to see you; how have you been?” Mr Caputo grins at me as he opens the door. All the servants are off on the weekends, so I always expect him or G to open the door.

“I’ve been great; visit grandma on Monday.” I step inside; he closes the door behind me.

“How is she?”

“As good as can be expected. She’s knitting again.”

“That’s good hang in there.” I nod and smile, not wanting to bring down the mood.

“Where is G?” I ask, trying to change the topic even though I brought it up.

“ she’s in the kitchen.”

“Oh, I heard you burnt the sauce.” He laughs.

“You know I’m helpless in the kitchen without you.”

“It’s a good thing that I’m here.”

“Yeah, now where’s my hug?” I groan, hating the dad part of him that loves to hug. “ come on, bring it in, bring it in.” He wraps his arms around me and pats my back; my nose catches a scent, a familiar scent, but I can’t place it; it’s too faint. He pulls away.

“See, that wasn’t so bad; I’ll go take a shower; I’m a mess. See you, girls, in a bit, don’t start without me.” Mr. Caputo looks unlike his usual polished self, his hair is a bit messy, and his shirt has marinara stains on them, but he’s still handsome. Fortunately, I found him a tad bit vanilla for my taste, so I never tried jumping in his bed. A few of Gianna's college friends tried to, and Gianna was not happy about that. That’s probably why I’m still her only female friend.

“We won’t.” I smile; he flashes me a quick grin then jogs up the staircase. I make my way through the house into the kitchen.

“You’re finally here, help!” Gianna pouts, standing beside the pot. I usually cook for our Sunday dinners, but they make some pasta dishes whenever I’m running late, which almost always goes wrong. I chuckle, then take the spoon from her hands, dip it, and have taste it. I grab some oregano, pepper, and salt and dash a couple of shakes of each in.

“How’s the life, Dr.Caputo?”She is a first-year med resident. We both wanted to be doctors when we were young, but after my first time passing out after seeing blood, I decided it wasn’t for me. Now I live vicariously through her.

“I’m not a doctor yet; I’m a doctor in training; it’s hard… but rewarding. The eye candy is quite good.”

“ I ask you about work, and you steer it back to boys, for you to only ever have one boyfriend being this boy crazy; I think you’re probably lying to me.”

“Hey, I’m just admiring the merchandise; it doesn’t mean I’m buying.” I chuckle and taste the sauce and nod, then put the spoon at her mouth to taste it; she gives me two thumbs up.

“How’ve you been?”

“Good, I visited grandma.”

“Did she?...” I shake my head, knowing the question.

“Ah. We should visit her together. I will go with you when I’m free. Whenever that is...”

“She would like that,” I reply with a smile, though I know she probably won’t remember her either.

“So any new man in your life?” She always knows when to change the subject. My vagina throbs at the mention of a new man. Yeah, someone fucked me so good I think I could die today and be happy. However, I can’t tell her that. I can’t explain why I don’t know his name, his face, or even the sound of his voice.

“I met some guy at a bar.” I lie because I know she won’t let it go until I tell her something.

“Ohh, did he ask you out?”

"Not quite." I say.

“What does that mean? Either he asked you out, or he didn’t.”

“He did.” I relent.

“Are you going?” I’m cumming, or should I say I came. I chuckle at my naughty thoughts.


“Ah…I don’t know, maybe. Come on, help me plate the dishes; if you’re going to ask me 20 questions, you can at least help.” I say, desperately trying to change the topic.

“Hey, I held down the fort while you did whatever you were doing that made you late; I’m the reason Papi didn’t burn down the kitchen.”

“I slept in.” I mean, after a night like that, I needed to sleep in.

“Papi takes great offense to that...” Mr.Caputo appears with a bottle of wine, looking like his normal gorgeous self.

“Papi, I’m only telling the truth; you taught me not to lie.” He chuckles as he walks past me; I get a whiff of the scent from earlier; this time, it’s much stronger. I feel my walls clenching as my panties moisten and my nipples hardening.

“Rough night?” Mr. C turns to me and asks.


“You said you were sleeping before you came over, so I was asking you if you had a rough night?”

“Ah yeah, went out to the bar and came back late.”

“ the lifestyle of the young. I wish I were 26 again.” He replies with a grin. He laughs, but his smell is too intoxicating, and I find myself clenching my thighs as the heat continues to build between my thighs. What is this? Why am I reacting to his cologne? We walk to the table with dishes in hand, and I sit like I always do beside Gianna and across from Mr.Caputo; we usually have the sweetest time telling jokes and recapping our week; however, today, it’s hard to concentrate and follow the conversation. Every time I smell it, my panties get wetter, and my pussy throbs uncontrollably. Gianna and Mr.C are talking, but I can think of my wet panties and that cologne. I close my eyes as I try to ignore the heat building in my body.

“B… B!” My eyes snap open.

“Huh?” Are you ok? You don’t look too good? It wasn’t Papi’s food, was it?

“Hey, I’ve never poisoned anyone.”

“Oh no, I think I ate some bad food yesterday. I have to go the bathroom; I’ll be right back.”

I stand slowly, clenching my thighs; I walk to the first floor and slip into the guest bathroom. Happy to be away from that smell, what is it about it? The memory of last night pops into my mind, that man when he stood before my bed. He was wearing that cologne, and even as he fucked me, I could smell it, although it grew faint the longer we had sex. My hearts start beating rapidly. Mr.Caputo is wearing that, is it just a coincidence, or did I have sex with my best friend’s father?

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