My Best Friend’s Father/C3 Help Papi get his grove back
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My Best Friend’s Father/C3 Help Papi get his grove back
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C3 Help Papi get his grove back

We provide a list when we sign up for this. It’s a list of names of your family and friends, so you are never matched with them. I ensure both my cousin's names were on that list, but not Giovanni Caputo. The color drains from my face as the possibility settles, my heart pounds loudly in my chest. Could I have slept with Mr.Caputo? I clench my thighs together like last night flashes in my mind. No, no, it’s not him; it can’t be him. Mr.C is goofy and corny; I imagine sex with him would be sweet and romantic. Last night was not sweet, nor was it romantic. Mr.C can’t possibly f**k like that, can he? My core moistens the more I think of last night. I grip the sink.

“Stop it; it’s not him; it’s just a coincidence.” I jump at the sound of someone knocking at the door.

“Brandi, are you alright?” My core throbs with just the sound of his voice; stop it, Brandi, it isn’t him. This is Mr.C, G’s father; you are not attracted to him. He is off-limits.

“Brandi?” I inhale and exhale, then walk to the door and open it up.

“I’m…” The smell hits me again, and the memory of me spread wide comes to mind sending waves of moisture between my thighs.

“Bra..” I bite my lips and shake it away.

“I’m fine, Mr.C. I’ll be right there.” He smiles at me and pats my head. See, he doesn’t even see me as a woman; he wouldn’t; well, if it’s him, he probably doesn’t know it’s me. Shit, what would he think? His daughter’s best friend a part of that world. Fucking any unknown men in hotel rooms to get my kicks off? How would he feel about me and Gigi’s friendship if he knew how much I enjoyed being defiled.

“Glad I didn’t poison you.”

“Well, there is still time.” He laughs and walks away; I follow him a safe distance away, my vagina still conditioned to moisten each time I got a whiff of that cologne. We arrive at the dining room.

“B, are you ok?”

“She’s ok. It wasn’t my food.” Giovanni replies, grinning as he takes a seat at the table.

“I asked Brandi Papi, not you.” I take my seat and plaster a big smile on my face hoping to hide my growing lust.

“I’m fine G, stop badgering your dad. Now, what’re you guys talking about while I was gone.”

“Dad may have a girlfriend.”

“Oh..” I reply, trying to act nonchalant, but secretly I’m relieved. If he has a girlfriend, then he probably wasn’t fucking me last night.

“That’s great, Mr.C; how long have you two been dating?”

“I do not have a girlfriend.”

“Then why were you out until 4:00 am last night, sneaking in?” 4:00 am I choke on my drink; I cough uncontrollably. I was a bit out of it, but I’m sure the man from last night left after 3 in the morning.

“Brandi!” Mr.C jumps up; I hold up a finger as my coughing calms.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.”I take my glass of water and drink it, hands shaking; I’m a nervous wreck. It was the early hours of the morning when that man left; I don’t know the exact time since I didn’t have a clock. Shit, shit, shit, my heart pounds in my chest.

“You were out all night?” I finally manage to get some words out.

“A business meeting.”

“Oh.” I hope it was a business meeting and not a meeting between our private parties.

“He’s lying what business meeting runs until 4:00 am.. com on Papi tell us who she is.” Gianna whines.

“It was really just a meeting.” He says but doesn’t sound convincing. Shit, I need to know the truth because this is driving me crazy.

“Mr.C, that’s a nice cologne. Is it new?”

“Gianna got it for my birthday last month. Do you like it?” I swallow hard as I nod my head, pouring myself another glass; I drink it and pour another.

“It’s nice.”

“See, Dad, I told you, I had to force him to wear it yesterday. Now everyone has been giving him compliments. I bet that woman you met last night liked it; come on, tell me who she is.”

“I didn’t meet anyone, baby girl.” He replies, and I really hope it’s true for both of our sake, but something deep down is telling me, well, my throbbing vagina is telling me it is not.

“Fine, don’t tell me; I won’t tell you about Carlos,” Gianna replies, pouting. Carlos, who is Carlos? I wonder have been so out of touch; I don’t know who’s she’s dating.

“Who is Carlos?” she glares at me and scowls; from that look, I can tell she did tell me about him. Okay, think Brandi, think which guy she mentioned, but the moisture between my thighs distracts me.

“ I told you about him last week; we meet at lunch.” Her mentioning this reminds me of the guy she told me about.

“Oh, the food truck guy? I didn’t know it had become more than a cute doctor you met at lunch.”

“Well, he has; he’s become very important to me. I’m in love.” I roll my eyes and take another sip. She falls in love every three months. I can’t keep up with her.

“It’s been a week, G.“

“It was love at first sight.”

“You said that about Troy…


“And Bradley, Nicholas.”

“Why are you bringing up the past B? Just support your bestie and her new love, plus he has a cute friend.” I groan. I knew this was coming.

“She’s been insufferable all week; she’s in love now everyone around her has to be too.” Mr.C chimes and chuckles when he sees my face.

“Hey, I want you guys to be happy. Dad, it’s been 10 years since mom, and I’ve never seen you with another woman. When was the last time you, you know... if you were actually at a business meeting last night?” I choke on my drink again; G knocks my back.

“Brandi, what is with you today?” I stop coughing as I furrow my brows.


“You’re usually reserve and calm, but you’ve been acting nervous and jittery all night. Is something wrong?” Other than I may have bed your father. Everything is peachy. But I can’t say that, so instead, I take another sip more slowly.

“Uh, long night last night.” My eyes lock on Mr.C, which makes my core throb again. Oh man, this isn't good. Luckily Gianna doesn’t notice me lusting after her Papi and smiles.

“Hmmm, ok, get some rest when you get home.” I nod, stuffing my mouth with more food as she turns to him.


“One second.” He pours himself a full glass and downs it all at once.

“Papi, stop being dramatic. I’m simply asking when are you going to get a girlfriend? It’s been years since, mom.”

“I know, sweetie, but your mom was one of a kind. I haven't meant anyone that can take her place." I smile at his words. This is the Mr.C. I know the sweet widow who is a great father. He couldn't be the one who was so skillfully dipping his tongue in my honey pot last night. I moan softly at the thought, then look up nervously, wondering if they heard me, but luckily they did not.

“What’s your type, maybe me and B...”

“Leave me out of this.” I have no interest in Mr. C's sex life, other than possibly being the last person he had sex with. I groan as Mr.C mouths thank you and Gianna scowls at me.

“Come on, B, let's help Papi get his groove back. Sex is necessary...” she begins, which makes Mr.C flight out of his chair.

“Okay, I’ve heard enough. I’m leaving.”

“Papi” He grabs the bottle of wine and heads out the room.

“He’s so uptight; I’m just trying to help.” I stuff my mouth full of pasta to avoid any conversation. If Mr.C is the same man from last night, I have done more than my share of getting his groove back.

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