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C4 Caught

Gianna and I are on her couch watching a movie, our usual Sunday routine. Her father usually joins us, but he’s avoiding her since she keeps pestering him about getting a girlfriend. I glad he isn’t here; I don’t need to distraction. I’m over trying to figure out if it was him or not; it happened once and will not happen again. I will have to update my list to add his name so that we won’t be matched in the future.

I still feel guilty though, Gianna would kill me if she found out I slept with her father. Or would she? I know she had an issue with it when we were younger, but we’re both grown now. It’s just two consenting adults having sex; why should she care?

“Gi, umm, do you still have an issue with your friends sleeping with your father?”

“Huh?” She looks up at me with those innocent doe-like eyes and smiles. I avert my eyes and repeat the question,

“Do you care if any of your friends have sex with Mr.C, you know, since you want him to get a girlfriend?”

“Papi and my friends? Ewwwwww, yes, B, don’t tell me you have the hots for him?”

“No, of course not; I was just wondering since you want him to date so badly.”

“Anyone except my friends, especially you. He watched you grow up. That would be gross. I mean, really B, you think he’s cute?” My stomach twists, right? He’s known me since I was 13.

“He’s not bad… plus, what if it was an accident?” She starts laughing and then punches my arm.

“How do u you accidentally sleep with someone? Trip and fall on his thing? B, you’re hilarious.”

“No...drunk or...” Sex in a room with no lights, I groan. The doorbell rings; Gianna gets up, still laughing to answer it. She returns a couple of minutes later with an envelope in her hands and a snack on her arm. He has caramel skin, green eyes, and a well-defined body; he is fine, but not my type.

“Brandi, look who showed up.” I look at the strange man, confused.


“B! Carlos, I told you about him!”

“Oh, food truck guy?”? Nice to put a face to the name.” I reach out to shake his hand, but he pulls me up into a hug. I stiffen; isn’t he friendly. That could be a possible red flag.

“He’s a hugger. “Gianna explains once she sees my face. I grimace as he pulls away. “B is not; she barely lets me hug her. I’m jealous.” she looks at me with her puppy eyes and pout. I roll my eyes. She’s so dramatic. Indeed, I rarely let anyone hug me, but she’s acting like I let him do it.

“G….” she folds her arms and pouts. “Fine, you can hug me,” I reply reluctantly, knowing she’ll have an attitude all night if I don’t give in.

“Yay, your hugs are the best.” I chuckle as she jumps up and wraps her arms around me. She inhales and sighs her she goes sniffing me. “Divine, you smell delicious B. I could eat you up.”

“I’d pay to see that,” Carlos replies with a grin that earns him a glare from Gianna and me.

“Carly, don’t be gross.”

“Right, I’m sorry, babe. Ah…Nice to finally meet you; Gigi has told me so much about you.” I eye him skeptically after that comment but soften into a smile, he seems genuine, and I want Gi to be happy.

“Carlos?” I need his last name to add to the list; after what probably happened between Me and Mr.C, I’m not taking any chances.

“Santiago, Dr. Santiago.”

“G, you finally bagged a doctor after years of trying.”

“So it’s not me. It’s my profession you like? No wonder you said yes.” I chuckle as Gianna glares at me.

“Babe B was only joking. I rejected a lot of frogs before you.”

“What about…”

“B, shut up!”

“Fine, but first, let me say one thing. Carlos…No, Dr. Santiago, you better treat her like the princess she is or else I’ll….”

“Kill me? Yeah, I get it. Mr.C already warned me.” I chuckle softly. Mr.C really is something. He’s such a great dad. And even better lover if last night was him. Moisture pools between my thighs as the feeling of that man’s rod in my core has me feeling rather hot.

“You don’t have to worry. She’s my baby. I’ll never hurt her.” Carlos's voice pulls me from my thoughts, and I realize where I am and what I’m doing. I really should stop this. Where was I? I look over at his big goofy smile; right, I was in the middle of threatening Carlos. I smile at him and reply.

“He’ll kill you; I’ll chop your dick off and feed it to you.”

“B!” Gianna screams.

“Ouch!” Carlos grimaces out loud.

“Yeah, so don’t even...” I approach him and stick my finger in his chest; g jumps in front of him.

“B, can you give this to dad, please.” She presses the envelope she’s been holding in her hand to my chest as she glares at me. She must really like this one to be so protective. Usually, she lets me threaten them.

“What’s this?” I ask, looking at the envelope.

“I don’t know; a courier handed it to me a couple of seconds ago. It seems important. You should definitely give it, dad….right now!”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?”

“Yeah, so take the hint.“ I gasp playfully.

“On family night too? I’m so hurt, Gianna, you’ve abandoned me for a man. How could you?” She rolls her eyes, and Carlos laughs.

“Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge. Now take your big mouth and go. Maybe hang out with Papi for a while.”

“You may regret that,” I mumble under my breath.


“Nothing. I’ll be back, you and lover boy enjoy yourselves, I’ll do the same with Mr.C.” My core jumps just from the idea. I can’t stay up there with him, especially if he’s really the guy from last night. I’ll drop this envelope off and head home.

“See you later, Brandi,” Carlos calls as I turn to leave. I spin and smile sweetly.

“Sure, Carlos, just remember snip, snip.”

“B!” I laugh as I make my way out of the living room. I stop at the edge of the staircase and lookup. I’m going to be alone with Mr.C; okay, I’ve done this before. So, I may have slept with him; I need to act natural. We can move past this like nothing’s happened.

I slowly climb the staircase towards his room, my heart pounding. I approach his door slowly and raise my hands to knock on the door. Before my hand descends on the door, I hear his muffled groans.

I stand frozen.

Is he?

Right now?

Naked? Is he stroking that massive cock?

My head tells me to flee; this is dangerous; I have to get away, I have to leave.


My throbbing vulva is louder; she’s curious; she has to know if he’s responsible for giving her the best sex in years. I clench my thighs, hoping to push away my lust, but the need is too strong. And before I can think, I twist the knob, unlock the door and step into his room.

I scan the room; he’s on the bed, my eyes move up his body slowly. His eyes are closed, the Jeans he had on earlier are tossed to the side. His cock is in his hands, and what a massive cock it is. My core heats up as he moans and starts stroking faster. The need to touch him is overwhelming, but I stay planted where I am, watching him pleasure himself. My nipples harden while my core is throbbing like crazy, but I don’t dare to move and ruin the moment.

After a few more strokes, he jerks a little and grunts. A grunt I’m familiar with, I’ve heard it at least six times between last night and this morning. The cologne, his cock, the sound, I have no doubt in my mind it’s him.

Shit, I fucked Gianna’s father, and from the way my body is reacting to him masturbating, I clearly want to f**k him again. Was he thinking about me as he stroked that massive? No, I can’t do this. She’s my best friend. She made it clear it would not be ok.

I toss the envelope on the chair and back out of the room slowly, close the door behind me and jog down the stairs. Once I’m on the last steps, I stop running and catch my breath. I straighten my clothes and walk calmly to the living room. I can’t let Gianna see how rattled I am.

“Did you give it to him? I thought you were going to spend some time with him.” No, he gave it to me multiple times last night. I groan now. Even innocent words like this remind me of her father fucking my brains out last night.


“Uhh, Mr.C was busy, and since you have your boyfriend, I’m just going to head home.”

“Really? You can stay with us as long as you don’t threaten him.” I twist uncomfortably because I really need to get myself off.

“That’s fine, you should spend some time with him, you’re both busy, plus I’m not feeling so hot.”

“Papi’s cooking, right?” No papa's cock, The after image of him stroking it sends another river of moisture between my legs. I have to get out of this house.

“Uh, no, just a long night. I’ll call you tomorrow, ok?”

I grab my purse, she stands and hugs me.

“Okay, text me when you get home.”

“I will.”

“See you later, Carlos.”

“Goodbye Brandi, I hope you feel better.”

“I will.” I think once I get a dildo in me, I’ll feel a whole lot better.

“Who knows, maybe next time we can double date.” I frown. What are we in high school? Why do I have to be stuck on a date with them?


“Come on, Carly has some really cute friends.” Here she goes trying to set me up again. I should have known it was coming once she got a boyfriend.

“I don’t do cute; I like my big and burly.”

“I have some friends like that too,” Carlos replies. Can’t he take a hint? I am not interested in any of his friends.

“I doubt it; see you guys later.”I have to get out of here before they marry me off.

“B, you have to let us set you up. Look how happy I and my snuggle bunny are.”

“Good for you, but I like my big empty bed with no man in it, so I’m not interested.”

“B, come on….”

“Love you, G.” I hurry towards the door before she can say another word. I have tried to the men she wants me to date; their idea of kinky sex ended with some slap on my ass and eating my vagina. That kind of sex puts me to sleep. The kind of sex I wanted was... like last night. I slip into my car and sigh; what would Mr.Caputo do if he knew it was me? Would he want to have sex with me again?

My vagina throbs at the thought of him slamming his cock into me again. I want him; I crave him so much I can’t even think straight right now. I need a release.

I shouldn’t do this here, but I’m too horny to go anywhere else. So I ease back my seat, hike up my dress and slip my hands between my thighs. I stroke my soaking wet slit slowly as a picture of Giovanni stroking his cock comes to mind. I take my finger and slowly enter my hot core. I moan as I remember each stroke.

“Gio.” I moan softly, I’ve never called him by his first name, but I figure that I have earned the right after all the positions he had me last night. I grind my hips as my finger sinks deeper and moves faster, but they can’t compare to his cock.

“Gig, f** k me!”I scream much louder, this time feeling my climax near. I grab my breast and squeeze it as a massive orgasm ripple through me.


“Brandi…” I spin, shocked and Mr.C standing by my window.


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