My Bloody Teacher/C1 Chapter 1: Introduction
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My Bloody Teacher/C1 Chapter 1: Introduction
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C1 Chapter 1: Introduction

“Fuck it, I'm not going,” I whispered to my reflection in the mirror as I took in my frizzy hair, new zit on my forehead and the two new stains that mysteriously appeared on the shirt I was going to wear today. Lie to me by Tate McRae was playing in the background and my head was bobbing to the music. Maybe I should just call in sick and try again tomorrow. I scratched the scar on the back of my neck and I frowned as I thought I had no choice but to go today, it's the first day of the second year of university. By not showing up on the first day you won't have a good track record for the rest of the year.

I knew my hair was a risk, with wavy hair you never know if the next day will be a good hair day. Of course the hair gods didn't bless me today with shiny, curly and smooth hair even though it sat badass right before going to bed yesterday. While I grabbed the brush to just brush the half-curls out and put it in a bun or ponytail, my phone blared the alarm, signaling the end of my morning routine and telling me to get my ass out of the house on time.

Of course. Of course I'm either going to be late and half decent or on time and not ready at all. Late is not an option, not today. So I quickly grabbed another shirt to pair with my black jeans, some hair stuff and some concealer. As I threw it all in my school bag, I heard Kenna honk twice to signal we have to leave NOW. The day that Kenna is late, is the day that dogs can fly.

‘‘Be a bad bitch today,” I said to the mirror with a wink as I ran downstairs, almost tripping over my dog Moose. My mom sighed, “one day Beatrice, you're going to break your ankle if you don't look where your feet are going.” “But today is not that day, mom,” I smiled as I took in the packaged lunches she made for me and my friends. “You are a star, mom, I don't know how you do it.” I said in a grateful tone. Every first day of the year and almost every Monday, my mom makes lunch for me and my five friends from the leftovers of the restaurants where she works. As my mom smiled at my comment, Kenna honked again. I quickly grabbed all the lunches and gave her and Moose a kiss while I put on my black biker boots and ran out of the door to Kenna.

'“Honestly Tris, I don't know how you can be late EVERY day, especially on your first day of school! I almost drove off without you.” Kenna scolds me as she put her foot down on the gas. As we shot off, I apologised to her and put my favourite tunes on and started singing along to Fast Car by Jonas Blue and Dakota. I sang louder and louder and put in a few extra false notes to make Kenna laugh. I met Kenna the week before the first year of university.

We quickly formed a group with our other friends, Jane and Rose and two guys, Logan and James. The six of us bonded and we stayed friends throughout the year. Kenna is just a year younger than me but already more responsible. She took care of her younger brother and sister from the age she was 14 when her mom passed away and her dad couldn't handle all the care on his own anymore. Kenna stepped in and saved her family from going into foster care. She's the 'mom' of the group and I couldn't be more proud of a person as I am of Kenna.

“Loosen up Kenna, you need to live life and have fun,” I said as I smiled at her and turned the music up more. Kenna started singing with me and soon we were singing together on the top of our lungs to Irreplaceable by Beyoncé, Kenna her favourite song. “I can't believe the second year has already started, I'm so excited!” Kenna said to me while we drove closer to school. “Kenna, stop. Can I stay a little bit longer in my fantasy where the summer holiday is endlessly long and I don't have any responsibilities or homework.” I groaned as I took in the surroundings. It was still summer and everything was bright green around us, birds singing their morning songs and dogs being walked by their owners.

I sighed as I watched the world going about their daily lives while I thought back about all the free time I had until this morning. I did have a job at the local pub where I worked 3 nights a week but that was so much fun I hardly considered that work. “No, but if it makes you feel better, the school trip that was cancelled last year is going ahead this year, and I heard they are extending it to two nights.” My eyes went big at that and a huge smile lit up my face “NO way, that's the best news of the entire week already! Just try to stop me from bringing in bottles of vodka, I will bring anyone down who tries,’’ I said with a happy grin. “Beatrice you are a demon sometimes, can't you abide by the rules just one time?” As Kenna said that though, her face also lit up with excitement. “No, and you love me for it. ” I blew a kiss in her direction and focused my mind on how I looked today.

I quickly changed my shirt, hoping nobody would see me, put some concealer on my face and quickly put some leave in and oil in my hair. I completely forgot my hairbrush so I tried to tame my hair with my hands. “Don't overdo your hair Tris, your hair is amazing, just accept the fact its wild. That's when it looks best.” Kenna said while pulling my hands away from my hair. Kenna was always positive and supportive. I just saw a sort of lion looking back at me in the mirror but f*ck it, I can't do anything about it now anyway.

When Kenna parked the car I got the typical first day of school nerves. Is it too late to go back home? We sat in the car for a few minutes, not saying anything and just watching the students get ready for the start of a new year. Most people I already knew from last year and there were some new faces here and there, looking lost. I was searching the sea of people for our friends. As I spotted Rose, reading her book as usual, I nudged Kenna and we got out of the car.

After taking two steps, the first thing that hit me was a rugby ball and then two massive guys ran into us. “Sorry beautiful ladies, didn't see you there, we were focusing on the ball.” I looked at the guy that ran into me and had to strain my neck to get a good look at him. He was holding me by my waist to prevent me from falling and he was still holding on while looking down at me with a soft smile. “That's okay, just remind yourself there are more important things to look for than balls.” I winked at him and walked away towards Rose, pulling Kenna with me.

“Hey Rose, what smut book are you reading now?” Was my greeting to her. “Oh Tris, you would be having red ears for days but I can recommend some to you that you can read tonight if you want?” Rose wiggled her eyebrows at me and put her phone away. I chose not to respond to that while I luckily saw Logan walking towards us.

“Hey chicas, how are my ladies on this depressing first day of the year?” He said in a gloomy tone. Logan was a year older than us, having to redo the second year this year. Flirting, partying and making bad decisions was like his second name. But he was also the friend that would literally fight for you once you got into his trust circle. With a total of 6 siblings, he was often overlooked at home and often searched for that love and attention elsewhere. And man, he was hot. If he wasn't the brother figure in my life I would have definitely made some bad decisions along with him. He had quite a lot of friends in school so I always wondered why he preferred to hang out with us.

Before I could respond, James suddenly jumped us from behind. “Hey Logan, just thinking about leaving this mess and get drunk, you in?” James said as he put his hands on Kenna's shoulders. Yep. They were meant to be. If only they just kissed or something man, it was almost painful to watch. That dam was going to break soon and we all, except the two of them, knew. If they weren't so into denying their feelings they would be holding hands by now. “I would love to mate but I can't mentally take having to redo another year so I have to get my act straight. ” Logan said while looking like he did really want to get drunk with James at 9 am.

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