My Bloody Teacher/C3 Chapter 3: Meeting him
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My Bloody Teacher/C3 Chapter 3: Meeting him
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C3 Chapter 3: Meeting him

“Guys, did you hear we have a new school coordinator? I hear he's super hot.” Kylee said to us, who stood just behind us. We turned around and greeted her and her friends. Kylee and her friends were considered the mean girls of the school. But since there was no beef or drama between us, we were alright with them. “I heard that he's going to introduce himself in our class today,” Hailee said, who stood next to Kylee.

“He's only 28, how he got the job as school coordinator is beyond me, but if he's as hot as they say he is, I won't mind faking an illness to spend some time with him.” Kylee said laughingly. Her friends laughed at that and I rolled my eyes at Jane and Kenna. “What's his name?” I asked. “Damon, which is like the sexiest name ever.” Hailee answered.

The door of the classroom opened and our teacher, Ms. Melissa called us in. We called her by her first name to get more comfortable in the classes, but put Miss before her name, because we were adapting to British and Irish culture. I gathered my things which I put on the floor earlier and walked to the back of the class with Jane, Kenna and Logan. I sat next to Logan and got my laptop out to type down notes.

“Alright class, today marks the first lesson of the year! Welcome everybody, we are going to form groups. You won't be choosing your own group this semester, we are going to do it a bit differently this year.” Ms. Melissa said with a big smile. Disappointment flooded the class, all of us wanting to have an easy semester. The four of us shared looks that said 'get me out of here right now' and waited for the organization of the groups.

“You guys are going to be divided into the continent names,” Ms. Melissa started, “in every continent, there is one animal most popular. Every person will choose an animal and from there on we will make the groups smaller.”

She wrote down 7 animals on the board:

1.European Bison

2.African Elephant

3.Bengal Tiger


5.The Emperor Penguin

6.American Alligator

7.Black jaguar

We all got a piece of paper and a pen, where we had to write our name and favourite animal from the list on. We would then be divided into groups on the basis of our favourite animal. If there was a group of 4 people, those people would be named the continent of that animal and locked in.

The groups that were bigger than 4 people had to play another one of these games, until all groups were made. I looked at Logan and wrote down 'Bengal Tiger'. Logan peered over my shoulder and wrote down the same. We gave our papers to the teacher who divided the groups. It turned out that groups 2, 3 and 7 had too many people and had to go again. I saw Jane and Kenna in the same group, having picked Koala and Anna and Tyler joined them. “We will stick together.” Logan whispered. I nodded.

Two sharp knocks sounded. The door opened slightly and I saw Kylee tugging down her shirt. We all stared at the door in anticipation of the new school coordinator. “Come in,” Ms Melissa called while handing out new papers to people for round two of the group organisation.

The most handsome man I had ever seen walked in. Tall, dark hair, dressed in a fitted dress shirt with a dark blue tie and trousers. A big watch sat on his wrist and he held a stack of papers and laptop in his hands. The whole classroom silenced, taken by his looks and dominant aura. His eyes snapped to mine, his nostrils flaring as if he was smelling something. For a moment, I was completely lost. My eyes were locked in his and I felt dizzy, as if my body couldn't handle his stare.

His eyes darkened suddenly and he looked almost like a predator and I was his prey. I released a breath and his eyes darted down to my lips, his own lips turning into a soft smile. His eyes studied my face, and it felt I was put under a light too hot and bright, naked and being judged. It felt like forever, although in reality it only lasted a few seconds.

“Damon, there you are. This is class 2c and 2d, the two classes are combined because we are working in smaller groups anyway. You can introduce yourself quickly, I'm sure you have more important things to do.” Ms Melissa said with a smile.

This Damon person looked at Melissa with a glare, like he was mad at her for interrupting something. I was happy the moment was broken and quickly looked down to my desk where a fresh piece of paper lay. “Why does it feel like all the oxygen is sucked out of the air.” I heard Kenna whisper to us from behind. Logan chuckled at that “I don't know but even I can feel it, and I think Tris stopped breathing.” I glared at Logan, who was looking down at me and trying to hold in his laugh.

“Shut it, a**hole.” I shot back while I nudged his elbow.

When we looked to the front of the class again, the new school coordinator was glaring at Logan, his eyes darting between Logan and I. A phone went off in the front of the class, the girl apologising and shutting off her phone, the intense moment between us three broken. The coordinator then cleared his throat and looked at the rest of the class.

“Hello guys, my name is Damon Hayes, you can call me Mr. Hayes. I'm the new school coordinator and I don't take any shit. If you are trouble, you can say goodbye to this school. If you have any personal problems, talk to your mentor. For class 2c, this will be Ms Melissa here and for class 2d, it will be Mr. Jackson. If you have any problems with the lessons, teachers or the school, you can talk to me. My office is on the top floor, room 1260.” Mr Hayes finished his little speech and I heard an almost old accent in his deep voice. He looked at all the students and when his gaze lingered on me, I felt a buzz of electricity shoot right through me and the scar on the back of my neck started to itch.

Our teacher saved me by taking over the class. “Alright guys, time for the second round. Damon, you can go.” She said with a flirtatious smile. Mr. Hayes looked at me. “I think I will stay a bit longer, don't mind me. I will be in the back of the class observing,” he said and started walking to the back of the class, straight towards me. My stomach dropped. Nothing happened and this guy is making me feel all hot and bothered, what's wrong with me?

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