My Bloody Teacher/C4 Chapter 4: Tension
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My Bloody Teacher/C4 Chapter 4: Tension
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C4 Chapter 4: Tension

When Mr. Hayes walked past my desk, he slowed down a bit but kept walking. I chose that moment to look outside as if there was something really interesting out there. The scent of cinnamon, the beach and old books washed over me. I frowned at myself, am I that delusional I can actually smell this guy? I didn't turn around to see where he was but Ms Melissa started the class again so I guess he found his spot.

“Alright leftovers,” she said with a wink, “let's move on. The continents that are left are Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, the other continents have 4 people in them and are grouped. There are 2 spots left in Europe and Africa, Asia and South America are empty.” She said gleefully, like this was the best idea ever to make groups. “We are picking flowers next, write down your favourite from the board!” She said and wrote down:

1. Tulip (Europe)

2. Protea (Africa)

3. Lotus (Asia)

4. Rose (South America)

I was all over the place. I felt eyes burning in the back of my head and I saw all the girls occasionally turning back in their seats to look at Mr. Hayes. Logan nudged me. “You need to pick Chica, she's coming to collect the papers.” I quickly wrote down number 1, not even looking at the board and gave my piece of paper to Ms. Melissa and Logan did the same.

Mr. Hayes beckoned her over and he helped her make the groups. Ms Melissa went back to the front of the class and announced the final groups, all having picked other flowers so the groups were correct. When it was announced that I was in a group with Kylee, Hailee and Esmeralda, I frowned at Logan.

“Didn't you pick number 1?” I asked him. “I did, let me sort this out.” Logan said and walked over to the front of the class. After talking to the teacher for a while and pulling out the papers again, he came back with his thumbs up. The teacher announced Logan and I were in a group together with Kyle and Hailee and he happily put his hand on my arm, to which a loud growl sounded in the back of the class. The entire class turned around to Mr. Hayes, where the sound was coming from. Mr. Hayes shut his laptop. “Sorry guys, I had my laptop open.” Mr. Hayes said while his eyes fixated on Logan. “Continue.” he directed the class.

“Come on, let's go to their table.” I said to Logan as I nodded my head in the direction of Kylee and Hailee. I wanted to be as far from this spot as I possibly could. I quickly gathered all my stuff before Kylee and Hailee could think of coming to our table and practically ran over. “God, he is so fine. I wouldn't mind getting on all fours for him.” Kylee said with a laugh to Hailee when we sat down. “You would go on all fours for almost every guy Kylee, don't act like a virgin.’’ Logan responded to her. I snickered at that and received a glare from Kylee and Hailee. “At least I'm getting some, when was the last time you got laid?” She asked me and I rolled my eyes in response.

“Alright guys, the assignment is on the worksheet online, start reading and begin.” Ms Melissa said. We all got our laptops out and started reading. I noticed Kylee stealing glances at Mr Hayes in the back every 30 seconds and pulling her shirt down every time. I still felt his stare on me and couldn't concentrate at all. After reading the assignment, which was an international trading talk with another group, we started to write down notes. “Let's do this assignment with team Australia.” I said to my group. At least then we would be teamed up with Kenna and Jane and actually get a good grade this semester.

Kylee and Hailee were looking at their friends in another group, wanting to be paired up with them but eventually agreed, as Logan already wrote down the team names on the group sheet and shot a message to Kenna. Kenna was one of the hardest working students of the class so Kylee didn't really mind and Hailee followed every decision made by Kylee anyway. Kenna, Jane, Anna and Tyler joined our group and we all squeezed in around four tables. We slowly started to work and the teacher put some music on because she knew how much we liked that from last year. You should be sad by Halsey started playing and our group sang along to it, getting louder by the minute. The teacher gave us a disapproving glance but once she saw how much fun we had in her class, she let it go. After our karaoke session, we got our heads down and started work.

Ten minutes later a knock sounded and another teacher entered, calling Mr Hayes for something important. I was purposely not looking back at him for obvious reasons but it did sound like he was taking his time gathering his things. As he walked by to the front of the class, I heard multiple girls sigh when he passed them. When he passed our table, I stole a glance at him which I definitely shouldn't have done.

His dark eyes met mine and I couldn't help myself but stare at his face. Only then did I realise I was singing in class ten minutes ago and my cheeks reddened a bit at that thought. His lips pulled into a cocky grin and I raised an eyebrow, not looking away this time. We stared at each other and the air electrified. Goosebumps trailed over my arms, blood rushing to the surface of my skin. His eyes darkened like they had before and a look of lust and possessiveness entered his face. He openly stared at me, not even bothered by all the other girls looking at him.

Kylee chose this moment to stand up to go to the toilet and 'trip' right into Mr Hayes' arms. He looked away from me and stared at the girl who was now splattered all over his chest. “I'm so sorry, Damon, I'm so clumsy. I was so lucky you were there.” She smiled seductively and spread her fingers over his chest. He grabbed her arms, roughly putting them down. “I told you to call me Mr. Hayes, and don't touch me again. Ever.” He took two steps away from her and walked out the classroom, not looking back.

Kylee had a look of disappointment on her face but quickly put a fake smile in place and sat down again, completely forgetting she actually stood up to go to the bathroom. Once she sat down, she glared at me like I had done something wrong.

The lesson went by in a blur, none of us really doing anything on this first day. Soon enough it was lunchtime and we all gathered outside in the sun again. Logan, Kenna, Jane and I met James and Rose outside. I got out the packed lunches my mom made for us and gave everybody their own. The lunches were all different, my mom knew exactly what my friends liked so she tried to make it as yummy for everybody as she could. “Your mom is the best,” James said as he took a big spoonful of his stir fry. “A lifesaver.” Rose said, looking at the food like it was her lifeline. “Have you guys met the new school coordinator yet?” James asked. “He came by for a 30 second stop in our class and left again. Super hot though.” Rose added.

“Yeah, we met him. Kylee already embarrassed herself in front of the entire class by doing her little flirt stunt but weirdly it didn't work this time.” Jane said while biting her sandwich. “He's intense though.. Like I'm sensing some sort of danger.” Kenna stated. “The guy gives me the creeps, he looks at me like I personally offended him.” Logan grumpily said. “He probably just needs to get laid, Logan. Maybe you can invite him next time when you go out and show him around,” Jane answered with a wink in his direction “I would totally hit that if I wasn't taken,” she added with a little smirk.

“Enough talk about teachers and school! It's time for sun, food and talk about the weekend.” I said to the group with a firm face. “Yes, my house party!” Jane shrieked, “I'm so excited for you guys to come.” We all lit up and that and started grinning. “This is exactly what we need,” Logan said while James and Kenna smiled at each other. As we ate our food, I felt watched but looking around me, I didn't see anyone looking in our direction. I shrugged it off and even managed a few minutes of half-sleep in the sun.

Lately I hadn't been sleeping well, my mind was too busy with everything that was going on and getting ready for the new year. I checked my roster for work, seeing I had to work Wednesday and Thursday after school. That wouldn't do my sleep schedule any good, working till 01:00 and then getting up at 07:30 for school. Ah well, I could use the pennies. My mom was a single mom, working tirelessly to be able to afford the rent. She divorced my dad when I was six years old.

Anger surfaced when I thought about my dad, who I hadn't seen since the moment he left. No memories came to mind when I tried to think about him. Not even the way he looked. Not that I cared though, not anymore. I had an older sister, Brooke, who moved out two years ago and lived in another country with her boyfriend about 15000 km away. She was currently pregnant and in a few weeks she was due. I tried to talk to her as much as I could but somehow we talked to each other less and less. I should visit her soon.

Unfortunately lunch was soon over and we had to go back inside. I looked at the school while walking in, admiring the size of it. It was actually beautiful, it looked more like a country manor but then with 4 floors. The whole front of the building was covered with creeper plants and there was a big lake behind the school, where we could swim after class and sometimes had gym classes. Green fields surrounded it with a few trees here and there for some shade. It was a public school but since it was situated outside the big cities, only local people went here.

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