My Boss is a Cat/C3 Chapter 3
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My Boss is a Cat/C3 Chapter 3
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C3 Chapter 3

"Why did you have to tell her that she should be with me all the time, Simon?" Titan turned to face the windows, his hands on his waist, and flipped his head to the side. He sighed in frustration and grimaced as he turned to face Simon.

"Tell me, Titan, what other options do we have which is realistically possible right now? Look. We have been hunting for solutions for ten years, but here we are. We have reached a dead-end, and we are both aware of that." Simon clucked, seeming irritated by Titan's usual childish gimmicks.

"That woman," Titan took a moment to observe Stephanie as she dozed off on the couch. He stared at her and unknowingly scanned her face covered with strands of her ombré-colored hair that matched her fair skin color.

He scoffed as he overheard her snoring softly and snorting. "Why does she need to snoop into my personal life for this purpose when I offered to double her income if she doesn't say anything about it?"

Simon rolled his eyes, diverted his gaze, and responded by shaking his head. "But, it's already done, and she gave her consent. Besides, we are at a loss on what to do whether you like it or not."

Stephanie flipped her face, raised her eyebrows, and opened her eyes as Titan turned around. She almost sprang up onto the couch and straightened herself, combing her layered, shoulder-length hair.

"How long have you guys been awake?" She turned to face us while the sunbeam in the distance cast a shadow over her.

Titan jumped in, "That's none of your concern."

She rolled her eyes and scoffed.

Simon's eyes widened when he saw Titan talking like that to her. He shoved his friend, glowering, and when he glanced down at Stephanie, who was still seated and waking up, he grinned. "Not too long ago, Stephanie."

"Would you two like some coffee?"

"Sure." Simon gave his response while grinning and glanced at Titan, furrowing his eyebrows. "What the hell are you doing?"

Titan glanced between the two and scoffed, then turned away without saying anything and sat on the couch next to where Stephanie had been sleeping.

He watched Stephanie in the kitchen as he rested against the plush surface, draping his arms over it and resting his hands. He jerked back as he realized Simon was already staring at him as he turned his head to face Simon.

"What?" Titan grimaced.

"Nothing... simply that I want you to consider what I previously mentioned."

He sighed and set his head down at the same level where he had forced my arms against the couch's plush velvet fabric.

"Your coffee is here." Stephanie brought the liquid-filled steaming cups from the kitchen one at a time. Nearly full.

She said, "I don't know what you prefer or if you want black coffee, so I just made what's available in your kitchen," as she went back to get the last cup. She shocked Titan by giving him a squeezing gaze. "Titan seemed to enjoy dark stuff."

As he drank the coffee she had made, Simon laughed. "It appears to be."

Titan grabbed the cup and scoffed without saying anything, not even a simple "thank you." But as soon as he took hold of the handle, he unintentionally caught himself casting Stephanie a quick glance.

His eyes squirmed to take a fleeting glance at Stephanie's coffee-sipping, sun-kissed face. She had both of her hands on the cup.

He blinked and drew himself away when she fixed him with a stare, attempting to avoid meeting her eyes.

Titan glanced at her once more as he sipped his coffee and Simon began to converse with her.

He was growing increasingly nervous in his chair as he continued to observe them conversing and joking as if they were the only people in the room. He cleared his throat while flicking his eyebrow to catch their attention and halt it. "Simon, I had no idea you were so amiable."

Simon tilted his head and hooked his brows, wondering what he was up to. "Titan, what do you mean by that?"

Before responding, Titan took another look at Simon before turning to Stephanie. "I've never seen you smile so widely while you're speaking to someone before."

"What's the matter, Titan?" Stephanie cut him off with a frown. "It's still early in the morning, and you want to start a fight right away?" She stood up and turned around.

"Stephanie, where are you going?" Simon wondered.

"I have to pee." She hesitated, smiling sarcastically as she turned to face Titan. "If you're so unconvinced and offended by me, Sir Titan, perhaps you should see me do it as well."

Simon's response more than anything else astonished Titan as he sneered.

He wasn't expecting to hear Simon laughing so hard that he started crying, shaking his head, and flushing his cheeks.

Simon wanted to keep talking, but his snorting and laughter were becoming more audible. "Stephanie, you are a fascinating woman. Sorry, I simply can't help myself but laugh."

Titan had never imagined Simon laughing so hard that he was struggling to balance the cup in his hand with the other hand.

As Stephanie quickly turned around and made her way toward the bathroom, she didn't move and remained untouched.

After some time had passed, she came back and sat in the same spot. She took the cup and sipped her coffee while she gave the two young, attractive men a cat's eye view.

Stephanie Reyes, what a wonderful breakfast you have prepared.

Her eyes widened as she then glanced at her wristwatch. "I'm late."

Simon and Titan stood up in shock and noticed that they were also late after checking our watches.

Simon was moving more quickly to open the door for Stephanie as she approached the front entrance.

"Such a gentleman, unlike the other one," she said after giving him a quick glance while moving toward the car.

"Why are we escaping while I'm the boss? I am the time." Titan rolled his eyes in frustration at being ignored.

Simon shoved him and climbed into the driver's seat as Titan he was about to get inside the vehicle.

Titan moved toward Simon while holding his waist in his hands. "And why are you sitting there?"

"Because I will drive," Simon replied.

Titan replied by shaking his head. "No, I'm driving."

Without uttering a word, Stephanie simply gave a loud, frustrated sigh and shoved Titan. Watching her run towards the front gate, both men were taken aback.

"What in the world are you doing?" Titan struggled.

She paused, turned, and arched an eyebrow. "Excuse me if you intend to remain here for a moment longer. I have to report to work, hoping that I can still do it in time to avoid upsetting the boss." She turned around and began to run.

Titan seized Simon's keys from his grasp and took control of the vehicle. He signaled for Simon to get in the passenger seat and then turned on the engine, bringing Stephanie to the car, who had been racing a few meters from the gate and was already panting.

Titan halted the vehicle and observed her as she stood in the scorching sun with her work jacket concealing her face. "Hop in." It was the only thing he could say in a chilly, authoritative baritone while opening the car window.

After opening the passenger door, Stephanie nodded and entered the car.

He quickly stepped on the gas and raced, screeching the car as they made their way to the office as soon as she got in and sat in it.


Titan gazed at Stephanie in the rear view mirror as she undid her seat belt as soon as they had parked the car in front of the company entrance.

Stephanie departed after Simon had already stepped off without saying anything.

Everyone in their offices took notice of the three of them as they went together. What area of the office building is the best in the morning? Titan thought.

It's when he could see his reflection on the shiny walls and surfaces every time he turns his head and realized how attractive he was.

He enjoyed the attention when others took notice of him since they recognized his importance. Since he took over the business, he has been operating on his own.

But right now, having to share the spotlight with her was frustrating for him. Even though he wanted to disagree with Simon's advice that she should remain close to him, he knew that Simon was correct.

There hasn't been a set timetable for Titan to change into a cat. Although it has happened at night during the past three weeks, it might happen at any time of day.

So, welcoming Stephanie on board this potentially lifelong search was unexpected, despite years of work spent hiding and learning more about this disease. Witchcraft.

Titan cocked his head and gave her a quick glance, wondering if her presence would be of benefit. Because the longer he stared at her, the more fascinated he became as he suddenly recalled how he had felt that night.

Even though he hardly knew her, it was the first time Titan felt so safe and at ease with someone. Despite the fact that he has known Simon since they were young children, he felt safer and cozier around Stephanie than he did with his boyhood friend.

He had trouble understanding how he was feeling, but he knew one thing for sure.

His instinct has been telling him to keep Stephanie ever since he ran into her, despite any reservations he might have about her. He may have discovered the person he was looking for, deep down, he thought.

Maybe a soulmate?

Titan laughed as soon as he had the idea. He said in a voice that only he could hear, "Soulmate."

"Did you say something?" Simon gestured while furrowing his brow.

Titan raised an eyebrow. "Nothing."

Since then, he couldn't stop thinking about what might happen next even as the three of them made their separate way to their offices because he could change into a cat at any moment of the day.

As he walked into his office, he sighed. But then he began to feel lightheaded. It's the same emotion once more. He was alone, his body dampening gently with sweat.

He was hurriedly running to his table and contacting the division where Stephanie worked, saying in a low voice, "Tell Stephanie Reyes, the intern, to come to my office, please."

Titan now experienced increased fever. Leaning on the table with his hands pressed to the glass top, he noticed that his sweat was beginning to drip across the surface. He looked down to quickly check his wristwatch before closing his eyes.

9:00 AM

Titan didn't answer the door when Stephanie knocked, which caused her eyes to widen in fear that he had transformed into a cat.

As she was about to say something, she walked inside his office and noticed him approaching her while growling and hissing.

Before anyone could see him in that form, she ran in his way without a second thought. The cat attempted to wriggle out of Stephanie's tight grip, but Stephanie made sure he wasn't successful.

Titan was taken by her and hoisted into her arms, where she hugged him. As she turned shocked, her eyes widened. What should I do regarding the board members' meeting today?

Titan was looking at her and gaping as soon as she turned her attention to him. She rubbed her brows together as she considered her options. "What should I do, Sir Titan?"


She slapped her cheeks and shook her head in frustration as she let out an angry sigh. "There's no point to this. Oh my god, sh*t!"

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