My Bossy Ghost Husband/C1 This is the kind of thing that is popular these days
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C1 This is the kind of thing that is popular these days
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C1 This is the kind of thing that is popular these days

"Su Su, my dear big darling, do you still want to go home for the new year?"

"Dear Mother, what is it now? Of course I'm back. You don't miss me. "

Just take it that I've never had a little girl like you. Look how old you are, your second uncle's little sister is already having a second child, the granddaughter of Grandma Wang next door already married twice. The neighboring Little Chen family has already had their little child soya sauce. "It's not that I'm talking about you, but that I'm so distracted with my own matters ?"

After hearing this, I quickly took the phone away from my ear. Frowning as I saw the voice drifting out from the phone receiver, I helplessly shook my head. I saw my mother did not want to stop, so I quickly interjected: "Oh my god, isn't it annoying? Every time I make a phone call I say these things. My ears are getting old."

"Little girl, are you tired of me? Why don't you bring a son-in-law back to your home? Quickly give birth to a fat boy for your parents to play with. If not, it'll be a waste of your child's time. Look, your mother's generation is already carrying grandchildren ?"

When I heard my mother, I immediately said, "Hurry up and stop. Mom, stop nagging. Isn't it just bringing a man home? I guarantee that I'll be able to complete the mission."

My mom still wanted to nag, but I quickly dismissed her and hung up. He heaved a sigh of relief. Where could he get a man to bring him home? At such a young age, he was still a single girl and was about to become a leftover girl at the age of three. He felt anxious. However, it was quite strange. During my university days, I had also met two boyfriends. They both said that ever since I started dating them, I had always heard a man in my dreams grumbling, "She's mine. You guys will die a horrible death." After that, they both left on bad terms. I don't know who asked the question, causing me to be in my late twenties or be single. I was extremely depressed.

When his colleague Nuo Nuo saw that I was frowning unhappily, he asked me: "What's the matter, Su Su, have you been forced to marry by your family again?"

I said, "Oh, yes, it's all a man's fault."

"Haha, it's really fast. These days, it's popular to rent a boyfriend to come home. It's not bad to call him to come and go as soon as you can. How about you try it? "

I rolled my eyes and looked at Nuo Nuo: "Hey! Are you the Emperor's favorite concubine? "That's so disgusting!"

Nuo Nuo laughed sinisterly, "This method can save lives, don't forget, the new year is coming soon!"

What Nuo Nuo said was true, perhaps she could even fake it and marry herself out. Afterwards, I searched for information and cases of hirer's boyfriend on the internet, and to tell the truth, I was curious at first, and was also a little scared, afraid that I would run into a scammer on the internet. However, I really didn't have any other choice, so I could only bet this method and try it out on myself.

At this time, there was a photo that attracted me. Looking at this unfamiliar face, I felt a sense of familiarity in my heart, as if I had seen this face somewhere before. I didn't know where I had seen this face, it was handsome, elegant, and extraordinary, Yanran was a man with classical beauty, and I immediately decided that it would be him.

"Hey!" Hello, is this Zhang Ziyuan? "

"Hello, I am."

My name is Su Su, if I see you online, I can rent you to be my boyfriend, right? I nervously called the number of the man I had written down at work today, a man who was both familiar and unfamiliar.

"Yes, it is absolutely true and reliable. If possible, let's meet first and discuss it in detail later."

Hearing his lukewarm professional tone, he began to wonder if he was a swindler, and didn't answer his question for a while.

He might have guessed my hesitation, so he added, "Please be at ease, Lady Su Su, I am not a bad person, you can tell me the location, I will go and find you."

I hesitated for a moment, but then I said yes, so I said a lot of people who weren't too far from home and weren't too close, and I thought that if it was a bad guy, he couldn't do anything to me in public, and if he did anything to me, I'd shout.

"Okay, Ms. Su Su, wait half an hour for me. I'll see you in half an hour." So I hung up the phone, packed up a little, and went out with a nervous mood.

We met at a Starbucks, and I was sitting on pins and needles waiting for him to arrive. After a while, I saw him coming from the window, and our eyes met, and he recognized me, too, and went straight over to me, my mother, such a handsome man, in a suit and leather suit, with his hair done up, with his eyes wide and his nose high, his eyebrows sharp, and his lips thin. Yanran has a look of fresh meat from today, f * ck, I am infatuated with her again. Then, he walked over and extended his hand out. "Hello, you must be Lady Su Su, I am Zhang Ziyuan." At this time, I looked at him infatuatedly, brought back to reality by his voice, and quickly reached out my hands to hold his hands, "Hello, hello. I'm Su Su, you can call me Su Su, please have a seat."

After we sat down, he took out the documents and contract, and introduced them to me according to their contents. How could I have heard what he said, I could only see his pure red teeth white mouth open and closed, but his heart was beating rapidly, his face blushing behind his ears, and he was cursing himself in his heart: I've never seen a man before, I can't take it anymore, he's too damn handsome, I can't hold back my purity anymore.

"Su Su, what do you think?" His inquiry interrupted my flurried, love-struck embarrassment, and I hastened to say, "Sure."

"Then if there are no objections, we can sign the contract."

I didn't look at the contract carefully and signed it. The two of us agreed to bring him home for the new year. We would deal with our parents at home. Then it dispersed.

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