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Zhang Shaowu looked at the pieces of paper that had turned into ashes and was in a daze. It seemed that the relationship between this black shadow and Zhang Ziyuan was very good.

Forget it, it was useless to think about it now. It was already very late in the night, so with Su Su's current condition, it would be better for him to rest first.

"Su Su, don't worry, I will definitely take care of this matter for you. Right now, you need to rest and have a good night's sleep, I will come again tomorrow to look for you."

"Alright, thank you for today, then I'll go to sleep." With that, I dragged my exhausted body towards the bedroom door. After experiencing so many things today, I needed to rest and sort out my thoughts.

The first half of the Yellow Paper s' souls were attached to Chen Yuanxing's body, but Zhang Ziyuan wanted to snatch that first soul back. Now, not only did Chen Yuanxing think that they were married, he also thought that they had children, but that must be because of Zhang Ziyuan's memories. If the luck Zhang Shaowu mentioned was right, and Zhang Ziyuan stole the first soul and third soul, then was this a threat to Chen Yuanxing's life?

After thinking about it, I called out to Zhang Shaowu who was about to leave. "Wait a moment, I have a question to ask you." Zhang Shaowu turned around and looked at me: "What's wrong, Su Su?"

"I just thought of a question. If Zhang Ziyuan were to take back all three of Chen Yuanxing's souls, would Chen Yuanxing still be alive? Being robbed of the first and third souls, wasn't it the same as losing the first and third souls, Chen Yuanxing?

Zhang Shaowu lowered his head and thought for a while before saying, "I can live, but I'll be sick for half a year. If Zhang Ziyuan wants to take back the first and third soul, he must go on Chen Yuanxing's body. Look at their names, all of them had the word 'Yuan' written on them. The word 'Yuan' also meant Qi, which was the meaning of Essence. If a person doesn't have any vitality, then he only has his last breath of life, but Chen Yuanxing's body has an additional soul. I suspect that they were bound by a restriction in their previous life, to the extent I don't know the specifics, but in short, we have to think of ways to prevent Zhang Ziyuan from obtaining back that one soul and three souls. At this point, I will find a way to investigate all of this. "

"I will give you a few talismans. Although it won't be of much use to Chen Ziyuan, at least I can help you block him and buy you some time for me to save you." As he spoke, he began to rummage through his bag nonstop. After taking out a few pieces of yellow talisman paper, he took out a brush and a millstone from his bag and started to draw on the talisman paper. It was a good thing that I had stored some chicken blood at home. Originally, I wanted to become a duck blood fan, but now, it seemed that it would be useful.

He took out the rooster blood from the fridge and gave it to Zhang Shaowu. After receiving it, Zhang Shaowu dipped the brush into the rooster blood and drew some symbols on the talisman that I could not understand.

Ten minutes later, Zhang Shaowu handed over the talisman that he used to hold onto the rooster blood to me, "You must take these talismans properly, if you encounter any mishaps, immediately burn one of them. This kind of talisman is called Lifeguard, and can cause ghosts to temporarily be confused and be unable to find you. Remember, you can only burn one at a time. " After repeatedly warning me, Zhang Shaowu then took his bag and left.

I took the talisman and laid back down on the bed, I couldn't help but be curious, what exactly did that last part of the Yellow Paper write, but thinking about it would be useless, I don't understand magic, I don't understand cultivation experience, but Zhang Shaowu knows a lot, why not I learn magic from him, this way I can protect myself, maybe I can even solve the problem of the ghost.

He would go to the company tomorrow and ask Chen Shaoxing, to see if he can remember about her childhood. That way, it should be helpful to Zhang Shaowu in his investigation.

Lying on the bed, he drowsily fell asleep. In the midst of his drowsiness, he felt his entire body turn cold. He couldn't help but shiver. The temperature inside the room is turning on the air conditioner is more than 20 degrees, why do I feel cold?

The more I thought about it, the colder I felt it and shuddered. I sat up on the bed and rubbed my sleepy eyes, the scene before me immediately made me stop sleeping, in an instant, I felt as if time had stopped and it was so quiet that I almost forgot to breathe. It's Zhang Ziyuan.

Yes, it was the feeling of being stared at by a wolf, it was very sinister and terrifying. In that moment, I forgot to shout for help, and even the Lifeguard, who was placed in my hands by Zhang Shaowu to save lives, I forgot to take out a lighter and ignited it.

"I've said it before, you can't kill me. Even if you are my woman, I won't tolerate you having the heart to kill me. So, I have no choice but to kill you." Zhang Ziyuan suddenly grabbed onto my neck with one hand and used all his strength. The strong feeling of suffocation made me break off his fingers.

The fear of death made her cry out loud, and Zhang Ziyuan's grip on his neck suddenly became lighter. She did not expect Su Su to cry out so suddenly, and he was stunned for a moment.

Fresh air gushed into his lungs as Su Su took a few deep breaths. The strong sense of fear made Su Su unable to care about anything else as he used all his strength to break free of his restraints, grabbed a Lifeguard off the bed and started firing at it with a fire engine.

Indeed, it was just as Zhang Shaowu had said. The Lifeguard quickly started a fire and started a thick smoke. In the fog, I saw Zhang Ziyuan flinging his hands in the fog, trying to find where I was.

Zhang Ziyuan is a ghost, he doesn't have any mercy, if we want to destroy him so much, he must want to take revenge on us. Fuck, I'm not married yet, and I haven't even had children, I don't want to die yet!

Although I thought that in my heart, my mouth didn't dare to make a sound. I was afraid that Zhang Ziyuan would find me along the sound of the voice.

It was already 11 o'clock, there were very few people on the street. However, the more it was like this, the more afraid I felt, who knows how much longer Lifeguard can hold on, as long as I continue running, how long will I be able to escape Zhang Ziyuan's clutches?

Oh yeah, Zhang Shaowu, I have to hurry and find him. After running for an unknown amount of time, I finally ran to Zhang Shaowu's house and fiercely knocked on the door: "Save me, he's here. I used the Lifeguard you gave me, but I managed to escape now."

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