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C11 Nightmare

The door suddenly opened, and Zhang Shaowu looked at me who was in a sorry state, and immediately pulled me in: "I was just about to sleep, and I heard that you were knocking on the door, you said that he was looking for you, when and why did you say that you were here? Didn't I say to call me whenever I had something to say? Did you use the ones I gave you for your Lifeguard?

"Don't worry, no matter how scared I am, I will listen to your words. I only used one, but I really don't have time to call you.

I looked around carefully, not knowing if Zhang Ziyuan had caught up to me here or not. From his appearance just now, he really wanted to kill me.

What should I do? He's a ghost, and I'm a human. It's easy for him to find me and kill me, but hard for me to avoid him.

Seeing that I was this scared, Zhang Shaowu didn't know what to do, and gently hugged me as he said, "Su Su, don't worry, with me here, nothing will happen to you. Today, you will stay here, and I will sleep in the bedroom, and go sleep on the sofa, and remember that within 24 hours, no matter what situation you encounter, you must immediately come to me and not use Lifeguard again. If you use Lifeguard again, you will be in danger.

"Why is it possible to die using the Lifeguard s, and what are Spiritual Energy s?" Lifeguard can die if I use too much of it. Zhang Shaowu did not tell me this when he handed the Lifeguard over to me.

Also, the Spiritual Energy that Zhang Shaowu was talking about, what was this?

"I didn't tell you that the Lifeguard was going to lose its life because I was afraid that you would have a psychological burden and wouldn't use it when you encounter danger, but as long as you use one every day according to what I said, then you will only consume a little bit of the Spiritual Energy and won't lose your life. As for the Spiritual Energy, it can be considered a type of power amongst humans, one needs to eat when one is hungry and drink water when one is thirsty, and normal people won't be able to see the Spiritual Energy, it is a kind of transparent power, it can't be seen nor touched, but it is a part of the human body. Using Lifeguard requires Spiritual Energy s, the stronger they are, the more runes they can use, and the fewer runes they can use, the fewer runes they can use. Therefore, you can only use the runes once a day, this is your limit. " Zhang Shaowu stood up and poured a cup of hot water before passing it to me. "Don't be burdened by it. No matter what happens, I will protect you."

After all, I was being chased by a ghost.

Su Su, don't worry, he won't chase after us tonight. Last time, even if he was injured by my Dragon Trapping Lock, it would still take some time for him to recover, so during this period of time, we have to quickly investigate who the black shadow who saved him is. With just the strength of the two of us, it is impossible for us to contend against Zhang Ziyuan and the black shadow.

"Mm, thank you." I was already extremely tired. First, I received such a huge shock, and then, in order to avoid Zhang Ziyuan running for such a long distance, I was already extremely exhausted. I wanted to have a good rest.

I can't take it anymore as I lie on Zhang Shaowu's bed exhausted. The fear in my heart coupled with the exhaustion in my body, I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up countless times at night and every time was the same. Zhang Ziyuan's head was bleeding as he walked towards me, step by step, and as he moved, the blood would drip down to the ground and gradually become a puddle of blood as he and Zhang Ziyuan stood on that sea of blood. Every time Zhang Ziyuan took a step towards me, blood would continuously rush out from his head and into that ocean, and as the fresh blood continued to flow, the rate of blood flowing from Zhang Ziyuan's head would increase, and gradually, the blood flow from his head would stop.

It's too scary, I really don't want to see this kind of scene again. Even if Zhang Ziyuan is a ghost, but this kind of scene is really too scary, as if a hand had unknowingly grabbed onto my throat and was ruthlessly kneading it. I want to breathe, I want to shout, but I can't.

Lowering my head, I wanted to see what was on my neck that kept me from making a sound. It didn't matter, but when I looked down, I was so frightened that I couldn't even scream. It was a hand, yes, just a hand, bloody against my neck.

"Su Su, Su Su, you wake up! You're having a nightmare, wake up!" Zhang Shaowu ruthlessly shook my shoulder, but I seemed to be possessed by a devil as I pinched my own neck with all my strength, causing my own face to become purple.

Seeing that it was useless no matter how much he shouted, Zhang Shaowu slapped me hard in the face in a rush. Only then did I wake up, and after recovering from my shock, I took a few deep breaths.

After breathing smoothly, I noticed Zhang Shaowu beside me. "Uhm, why are you here? Didn't I go to sleep?"

Seeing that I had woken up, Zhang Shaowu wiped his sweat, "Su Su, you scared me to death. Do you know how dangerous it was just now?

Zhang Shaowu did not finish his words, but I could roughly guess that what he wanted to say, was probably because he discovered that I would die after a while. Su Su, what happened to you? Why are you pinching your own neck? Have you had a nightmare? "

Seeing Zhang Shaowu's anxious look, I couldn't help but say, "Mmm, I had a nightmare. I dreamt of Zhang Ziyuan."

"What did you dream of him?"

"I dreamt of a vast ocean, but it was all blood. Zhang Ziyuan stood in front of me, his body was also covered in blood, and his head was still continuously flowing with it. Then, he, as if he had been strangled by a meat grinder, continued to drop flesh.

Sitting on the bed in a daze, I recall that dream. Why would I dream about him? What a horrible nightmare.

"Su Su, the reason why you had such a nightmare is because the resentment and hatred from Zhang Ziyuan was too heavy. The two of you should have already passed on that thing, if not his resentment would not have spread to you. "

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