My Bossy Ghost Husband/C13 'Monstrous Beautiful Man Wu Qi! '
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C13 'Monstrous Beautiful Man Wu Qi! '
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C13 'Monstrous Beautiful Man Wu Qi! '

"Su Su, come eat some buns, don't just stand by the door. We still have things to do after breakfast," Zhang Shaowu beckoned me with a bun in his mouth.

"Is the Wu Qi you spoke of powerful?" I took a bun and chewed it carefully. The bun was very delicious. I didn't know where I bought it.

"His master is Old Daoist Mao Shan. He is the only disciple under his name. Now that his master is no longer around, he has more or less inherited some of his Tao technique."

"What happened to his master?"

"I don't know the specifics either, but Wu Qi said that his master was injured by the evil ghost during a single mission, and the evil ghost tore his soul into pieces, causing Master Wu Qi, who had lost three souls, to become a fool. I don't know the specifics, but Wu Qi said that he had thought of a way to find his family, Wu Qi, but after a while, Wu Qi became numb, and he didn't try to find out what had happened, so that he could bring Wu Qi's master back home.

I saw that Zhang Shaowu doesn't really like to mention this matter, so I didn't ask too much. Right now, I can't even meddle in my own matters, do I still have the mood to care about others? All in all, he could only take one step at a time.

After eating breakfast, Zhang Shaowu and I drove to Wu Qi's house. The car turned left and right and stopped in the alley once more.

Zhang Shaowu raised his hand and knocked on the door three times. Then, he knocked on the door three times before bringing me in.

I asked curiously, Zhang Shaowu, why did he knock on the door thrice before knocking? Zhang Shaowu said that this was due to him respecting Master Wu Qi, although he had already left, his soul would still be in the courtyard, if he did not knock on the door then he would disturb the peace and quiet of the old man.

After hearing what Zhang Shaowu said, I was quite frightened. There couldn't be a ghost in this courtyard, right? I nervously pulled on Zhang Shaowu's sleeve, "Do you think there is one here?

"Su Su, don't spout nonsense. Wu Qi's master is not an unclean thing, it can be counted as Wu Qi's Guardian Spirit, after a cultivator dies, he can exist in two forms: one is to protect the people and things he cherishes while alive, the other is to protect the existence of the true spirit. True spirits are similar to the deities in the sky, but the requirement for cultivation is extremely high; We came in courteously, and we recognized Wu Qi, so Wu Qi's master would not have any ill intentions towards us. "

After hearing Zhang Shaowu's explanation, I felt relieved. Looks like it wasn't all ghosts that were Zhang Ziyuan's; wasn't Wu Qi's master a good ghost?

However, Wu Qi's house was really messy. There was everything in the courtyard, even broken stools, broken tables were casually placed in the courtyard. There was even a peach tree that looked to be quite old.

At first, I wanted to go and see if there was water inside, but when Zhang Shaowu realized what I was planning to do, he immediately pulled me back.

"Su Su, remember, the things here, do not move, do not look, this is a type of feng shui science, do not think that those chairs and tables that seem to be placed randomly are broken, that table and chairs are made from my peach wood and have the effect of driving ghosts away, so there are no ghosts in this courtyard, Wu Qi's master is a guardian spirit, the peach wood on the table is disagreeable to the spirit energy that Wu Qi's master would absorb, but this kind of place ? if it is destroyed, it will very likely be the opposite. The well in the courtyard, I think that it has been lit up before."

"Hey, Zhang Shaowu, you know quite a lot? The friend that you're talking about is that girl right? If you have anything to say, come in and then talk. Don't disturb Master's peace and quiet. "

Following the voice, I saw a very enchanting looking man. He was dressed in a casual t-shirt hanging loosely from his body, and his scarred face, high nose bridge, and thin lips made me drool. His devilish peach blossom eyes shot me a coquettish look, causing me to shiver all over.

How can this person be so monstrous, causing me to almost drool at him. This time, I let him see me act like this, it's so embarrassing.

After entering the room, I looked around the room. In the main hall, there was a tablet with "Spirit Master Wu Long" written on it.

He should be Wu Qi's master, right? Wu Long's appearance in the photo was pretty much the same as what I imagined, wearing a yellow robe with Tai Ji imprinted on it.

In short, it was very comfortable for others to see, unlike the other cultivators, whose first impression was that Wu Qi's master was a professional swindler. Wu Qi's master gave people a different feeling, it was a very comfortable feeling.

"What do you want to drink?" Hearing that someone was talking to me, I turned around and asked Wu Qi while holding a glass cup.

"Ah, anything." I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

"Zhang Shaowu has told me everything about your situation, I will do my best to help you, in a while we will discuss our plans to deal with him."

"Mm. Alright." Looking at Wu Qi's back as he went to pour the water, I became a little absent-minded. Why would such a good-looking evildoer man choose to come to the daoist school? He could have just relied on his looks to survive.

Just as I was staring at his back blankly, an elderly voice sounded in my ear. "Child, are you satisfied with my disciple?"

"Yeah, it does look good." is in the living room, and he would not use such a tone to talk to me. Wu Qi is right in front of me, helping me pour the water, so, who is the one who is talking?

I slowly turned my head towards the direction of the voice, feeling a bit stiff. As expected, I saw an old face. And I seem to have seen it somewhere before?

Suddenly I felt my head explode. Isn't that the face in the photo on the memorial? is Wu Qi's master! Wu Long!

Seeing my panic-stricken expression, Wu Long stroked his non-existent, pale beard and slowly said, "Child, don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

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