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C14 psychic

"You, you, you, you are Wu Qi's master, but you are not, not already ?"

Oh my god, I saw a ghost again. I was so shocked that I couldn't speak properly. But the ghost was not at all intimidating, and looked as kindly as in the picture, and I was not much afraid of him.

Wu Long slowly opened his mouth, "It's been so many years, besides my disciple, you are the second person to have seen this path. Child, you and this path are fated, so I will naturally help you with your help."

"I didn't expect you to be a Spirit Master. You are fated to be with my master. How about this, I will give you a 40% discount this time. You just have to give me 8500 yuan."

This guy really never forgets to earn money. Wu Qi passed the water over to me.

"You have a Psychic's Physique, didn't anyone tell you about this?"

"What is a Psychic's Physique?" I took a cup of water and followed Wu Qi to the living room. Zhang Shaowu was already there drinking.

Zhang Shaowu took a sip of tea, "You should know that if a normal person can't see ghosts, but there is one type of person that can see ghosts, this is a person that we call a psychic person, the reason why people can see ghosts is because of his eyes. This person is born with the ability to see ghosts, and there is another possibility, that is the day after tomorrow, after finding someone to open the Heaven's Eyes, they can see ghosts, Wu Qi and I can see ghosts, but I opened the Heaven's Eye, and Wu Qi is a born psychic." Zhang Shaowu explained.

"Then why didn't I see ghosts before?" Zhang Shaohu's words once again refreshed my world view, having a damn husband is already shocking enough, now he's saying I'm a psychic, what's wrong with this world?

Seeing my doubt, Wu Qi explained to me, "Since ancient times, spiritualists have always existed all over the world. Spiritualists gradually became a profession, and their lives involved both the Yin and Yang worlds. In Taoism, there were many people who were psychic among the shamans. They took this job as a way to help people get rid of disasters and become the spiritual media. Spiritualists were often the envoys from the Yin Yang World. They were responsible for some of the disharmony between the Yin Yang World and the Yin Yang World, helping them to reconcile and rectify the disharmony between the Heaven and Earth. There were many different kinds of spaces in this world, among which were the mortal world and the underworld. Humans and ghosts did not invade each other. But there are many wandering ghosts in the world of men, and their grievances remain in the world of men. This caused them to constantly bring calamity upon the people of the Yang World. This was something that needed to be dealt with by someone who was a psychic. The psychic would negotiate with the people of the underworld and come to an agreement. It was because they no longer violated the people of the mortal world. Actually, my master was a psychic, and he was a well-known psychic at that time. A family went to him for help in catching ghosts. So it became like this. "

Wu Qi's beautiful eyes dimmed. If not for that accident, his master would still be drinking tea and chatting with her like usual.

Noticing the change in Wu Qi's emotions, Wu Long sighed: "Disciple, since the situation is like this, then let it be as it is, don't be stubborn about this matter."

"Yes, disciple understands." The eyes of the Wu Qi monster had once again been dyed with the color of unruliness.

"Alright, let's talk about the plan."

"Zhang Ziyuan definitely did come back to find Su Su, and there were many times when Su Su was infected with Zhang Ziyuan's grievances on his body. Zhang Ziyuan was severely injured by me previously, but a black figure appeared and saved him. This black figure is not weaker than Zhang Ziyuan, therefore, when Su Su and I face a great threat, we want you to come and help us. "

"Un, I understand." It seems that Zhang Ziyuan is not a simple person, Su Su, how long have you been married to him? "

I thought about it carefully. It seemed to be something that happened since I was young. "It should be when I was a kid, right?"

"Oh right, Zhang Ziyuan's One Soul and Three Souls were possessed by a man called Chen Yuanxing. I think that if this opportunity comes, Zhang Ziyuan will definitely retrieve this Three Souls. "

"Yeah, but it's not good for a man to be called Chen Yuanxing like that. Originally, the one and three souls in his body weren't his, but now that Master wants to return them, it will cause great harm to Chen Yuanxing's body."

Saying that, Wu Qi got up and went to the living room's ear cabinet to look for something, then brought it over. Only then did I see that it was a set of coppersword.

Wu Qi explained, "The coppersword I am holding is also called the Seven Stars Sword, made using forty-nine bronze coins. The more bronze coins I have, the stronger my mana is, and now, forty-nine of them are more than enough to deal with Zhang Ziyuan. Su Su, in a while, I will write some runes on your body to lure Zhang Ziyuan over, but remember, no matter what, you cannot panic. No matter what happens, you can't run away. "

"Are you reliable?" Su Su wouldn't be in danger, right? You need to know that Zhang Ziyuan had navigated for several years. "It's not that easy to get rid of him. I was at a disadvantage because of him."

I silently watched as Wu Qi searched for those Tao Technique Tools. I felt that I could now accept so many things that I had never heard of before. First, I encountered this damned husband of Zhang Zilong, and then later, I encountered so many things that could not be explained with science. I just want to be able to calm down.

Wu Qi took out a pile of magical equipment from the cupboard. Adding the coppersword from before, they piled them on the table in a mess. He then placed one of the yellow paper talismans that was filled with talismans on my face.

This sigil is also known as the Soul Guiding Curse. Furthermore, you also have Zhang Ziyuan's aura of grievance on you, so you will definitely attract the Zhuang Zi Garden over.

As I spoke, I placed some runes on my arm and on my thigh. I let him place these runes on his body without a trace of doubt.

What Spirit Master, what Spiritual Energy, what bloody husband, these are all clearly not what I want. I want to live a normal life, why do I have to touch these ghosts and gods?

After attaching the runes, Wu Qi led us to the courtyard. I stood in the middle of the courtyard with some of the glutinous rice flour he had scattered earlier.

He said that the ghosts and gods did not like to get close to the glutinous rice, black dog blood, or rooster blood s. Although previously, the glutinous rice was useless to Zhang Ziyuan, it was different this time around. Furthermore, the one who lost isn't necessarily someone. Wu Qi's master will also help us, but we just don't know if that black figure will appear again this time.

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