My Bossy Ghost Husband/C15 Fighting Zhang Ziyuan.
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C15 Fighting Zhang Ziyuan.
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C15 Fighting Zhang Ziyuan.

I didn't know how long I stood in the courtyard, but I suddenly felt a chill on my back. Wu Qi and Zhang Shaowu, who were waiting by the side, came to my senses.

One of them held a peach wood sword, the other a coppersword, they both pointed at Zhang Ziyuan. I stiffly looked at Zhang Ziyuan in front of me, but in my heart, I was extremely terrified. Even though I had their guarantee, I was still trembling in fear.

Zhang Ziyuan shot a bland glance at me, and that handsome face looked a little sinister: "I already said, even if you are my wife, if you want to kill me, I will still kill you."

"Daring Zhang Ziyuan, you should have gone to the reincarnation cycle, yet you forced the world to marry you and live to this day. As matters stand, you still haven't woken up, so don't blame me for being heartless."

As Wu Qi spoke, he picked up the coppersword, pointed it at Zhang Ziyuan and muttered an order under his breath. "Urgent like a law, chase and kill order, go!"

Following Wu Qi's incantation, the coppersword in his hands released a burst of yellow light and charged towards Zhang Ziyuan. Zhang Ziyuan was not willing to be outdone and counterattacked.

"Be careful!" Zhang Shaowu held the peach wood sword in his hand and started fighting with Zhang Ziyuan, who was on the side casting spells to disrupt Zhang Ziyuan. The three of them fought extremely intensely, with neither side winning the battle nor losing.

Seeing that Zhang Shaowu's body was becoming more and more exhausted, Wu Qi bit his own middle finger and dripped his blood on the coppersword.

Flames flew out from the coppersword's body, forcing the two people in the midst of battle. Seeing Wu Qi's fire attack order heading towards them, Zhang Shang Wu immediately took out a talisman, and sprinkled a handful of glutinous rice onto Zhang Ziyuan: "Ancestor Da Mo, drawing a floor for a prison!"

The runes and glutinous rice that were thrown out turned into a cage along with the command and locked Zhang Ziyuan inside. The two of them heaved a sigh of relief.

"Can you let me know the next time you set the fire order? You almost set me on fire." Thinking that this matter was over, Zhang Shaowu took a few deep breaths.

He already knew that this Zhang Ziyuan was not easy to deal with, he never thought that it would be difficult to deal with him when the two of them were working together, but luckily, they succeeded in the end.

"Don't underestimate my opponent. Zhang Ziyuan isn't that simple, I keep having the feeling that my Fire Attack Order can only trap him. However, it can't do much harm to him."

"If that's really the case, then it's going to be troublesome. The time to draw a lair is almost up." Zhang Shaowu took out another talisman paper and was about to increase his attack, when the cage suddenly shattered and Zhang Ziyuan flew out.

"Is that all you two stinking Taoists can do?" His clothes were tattered and his face was a bit bedraggled.

As the caster, he suffered from a severe backlash. Holding onto his chest, he suddenly spurt out a mouthful of blood, he turned his head and shouted at me: "Su Su, quickly, give me the incantation on your body!"

"Oh, okay," I was already a little dazed, but when I heard Zhang Shaowu yell at me, I immediately reacted and fiercely pinched my trembling thighs. They needed me, they definitely could not help them out.

After stumbling across the glutinous rice on the ground, I ran to Zhang Shaowu's side and quickly placed the runes on my head and body into his hands, only then did I sit on the ground and take a deep breath.

Seeing my miserable state, Zhang Ziyuan sneered, "Are you planning to collude with them? "Then don't blame me." As he spoke, he coalesced an even bigger and darker black gas in his hand and charged towards me.

Seeing that the black gas had immediately blown me to pieces, Wu Qi held the bronze sword, and flew in front of me to block this attack for me, only hearing a "bang" sound, the coppersword in Wu Qi's hands was actually smashed into pieces, the copper coin fell to the ground, and Wu Qi was also injured. The hand that was holding the coppersword had a bloody wound on it.

He clutched at his injured arm and shouted back at me, "Quick, go back and hide. No matter what, don't come out!"

At this time, Wu Qi did not look as uninhibited and unrestrained as he used to look at him. Even his voice had turned serious.

He used his other hand that was not injured and took out a piece of talisman paper. His arm had lost too much blood so he needed to hurry up and stop the bleeding, he took out this piece of talisman, and after chanting an incantation, he slapped the talisman on his bleeding arm. He then took out two Pills s and threw one of them to Zhang Shaowu.

After Zhang Shaowu received the Pills, he swallowed it without any hesitation. As expected, he felt that his physical strength was much better than before, and he also recovered some of his strength, I hid behind the main entrance while my entire body shivered, this is the first time I saw Zhang Shaowu spitting out blood in order to protect his injured arm.

Why is it like this? I just want to be an ordinary white-collar worker and live a life of nine in the morning and five in the evening. Why is it that I get infected with this kind of thing?

"Urgent order, Killing Order! Ghost Slaying Token! "Seven Deadly Order!" Wu Qi who had his coppersword destroyed, took out a handful of talisman paper and threw it towards Zhang Ziyuan.

While Zhang Ziyuan was dodging, Wu Qi quickly picked up a handful of copper coins scattered on the ground and formed a circle in front of him. He then took out a small box and placed it in the middle of the circle formed by the copper coins.

Sure enough, after the Heaven Soul Unsealing Pellet was taken out, Zhang Ziyuan's aura weakened by quite a bit as he stared with wide eyes: "Why do you have the Heaven Soul Unsealing Pellet?"

"You don't need to know why I have you. You only need to know that the time of your death has come." Just as Wu Qi was about to gather his power and take Zhang Ziyuan away in one go, a gentle energy stopped him.

Even Zhang Ziyuan didn't know what was going on. If the old man in front of him hadn't stopped Wu Qi just now, then he would have been turned into ashes by now. Why would he save him?

"Master?" Wu Qi looked at Wu Long in confusion. Wu Long smiled benevolently and turned to look at Zhang Ziyuan, "Child, if I'm not wrong, you two should already be husband and wife."

Zhang Ziyuan squinted, how did he know? "How did you know?"

"Your aura, child, don't be stubborn. Just let him be. "Your physique is very special with this child, so when you're with her, you won't absorb her Yang energy. On the contrary, it would benefit both of you. You should have known about this from a long time ago, right?"

Zhang Ziyuan stood up straight, "That's right, I already knew this a long time ago."

I was the most surprised to hear these words. Didn't they say that people and ghosts can't be together? Then what's going on between me and Zhang Ziyuan?

"Master, is it because of Su Su's Psychic's physique?"

"Not only that, Su Su had an underworld marriage with Zhang Ziyuan, there is no longer any estrangement between them, even if they are together there are only benefits and no harm, it will improve both their cultivations, this is what you call dual cultivation."

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