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C16 parting

"Master, you've already figured it out why didn't you tell me before?" Wu Qi was a little doubtful. His master had never been like this before, but why was it like this this?

"I'm old and I don't have much spiritual energy. After a while, I should be burned into ashes. You're still young, and it's hard to avoid some impulses on your path to growth. This is your experience with growth."

"Master, what do you mean? How could this be? "

Why did it become like this? Master was clearly fine before, but why did he suddenly become like this? Wu Long reached out his hand and caressed that somewhat ethereal and transparent beard.

"Whether it's a ghost, a human, or a spirit body, they all have a time limit. Now that the time limit is approaching, turning into ashes is already the best result. It's just that I am not at ease with your disciple, as she always gives me trouble and acts so impulsively. In this world, the person I am most worried about is you, disciple. "

I know I'm not sensible, and I know that I love to create trouble for you. I can change that, but I really can't do it without you, Master, you are the only person in the world who is willing to teach me how to speak, play with me, and teach me Tao techniques. I have never had a parent since I was young, and it was you who took me in.

Looking at Wu Qi who was crying so hard, Wu Long felt his heart ache as well. He reached out his hand and touched's head as if it was before, but then passed it right through his head.

Wu Long sighed, the number of Spiritual Energy on his body was getting smaller and smaller, to the point that they were unable to materialize anymore.

He turned his head and looked at me who was hiding behind the door, "Child, I have reached my limits. Wu Qi is still young, if he doesn't know anything, please take care of him."

I looked at this benevolent old man, I wanted to say something, but my throat seemed to be blocked, I could not say anything, I raised my eyes to look, and Zhang Ziyuan, who was standing behind Wu Long, looked at me without moving, and slowly walked towards me. When he was in front of me, he pulled me, who was still paralyzed on the ground, and bowed.

"This is thank you for saving me, but I'm taking away my wife now. You guys can slowly talk about your family matters for me. Goodbye."

After saying that, she pulled me out of Wu Qi's house. I was pulled in passively, and kept looking back the whole way. I wanted to know how Wu Qi's master was doing. And there's also Zhang Ziyuan, who was just about to kill me. He's holding my hand and walking on the street right now, and I want to shake his hand off, but I can't get rid of him no matter what.

On the street, I was like a madman, constantly shaking my hands. People passing by all looked at me strangely. That's right! Normal people would not even wave their hands in the corridor. No matter how you looked at it, it looked like they were cramping.

Walking to a place with fewer people, I finally managed to say, "Why aren't you killing me?" Zhang Ziyuan turned around and looked at me, "What's the benefit of killing you and me? "That old Taoist also said that dual cultivation with me is good for both of us, so why should I kill you?"

So it's just because I'm useful to him. I don't know why my heart is a little empty and uncomfortable.

"If you know this won't hurt me, why didn't you tell me in the first place?"

Zhang Ziyuan looked at me strangely, "You didn't ask me either."

Uh, okay, I really didn't ask him, but how would I know about that? He also didn't know that he had said it himself, but in the end he got himself into so much trouble, and I wonder how Zhang Shaowu was doing.

Just like this, I didn't know how long I was dragged by Zhang Ziyuan until my legs were numb and he finally stopped.

"Where is this?" I looked at what was in front of me. There were trees everywhere and they were so dense that it was impossible to see what was within 4 meters.

The more you don't know what's inside, the less you can see inside, the more afraid you will be, the more your subconscious will tell you that there's something very scary there, this is the subconscious of humans.

In this forest, there are many undead, which is also called ghosts. However, they are all ghosts, and they were all lost in this forest while humans were still alive, eaten by wild beasts, and became ghosts because they were unwilling to die. You are the Spirit Master, so it's good for me to kill these ghosts.

After hearing what Zhang Ziyuan said, I was so scared that my legs went weak and I almost kneeled down. This guy knew that I was afraid of ghosts, but he still wanted to bring me to this kind of place.

But for some reason, after what happened just now, I don't seem to be that afraid of him anymore. It can be seen that with his strength, if he wanted to kill me, he definitely wouldn't waste time with Wu Qi, but why did he have to waste time with Wu Qi when he could have just killed me?

"I can't not go. The ghosts are so scary, what if they eat me?"

"Like I said, these are just brats. Are you planning to be an ordinary person for your entire life? You need to know that, as a Spirit Master, there are many ghosts spying on you. If you don't want to be like this, when you see ghosts your legs become weak, you can go in and I will teach you how to use your Spirit Master's power. At the very least, the next time you see a ghost, you can still protect yourself.

When he said these words, Zhang Ziyuan's expression was extremely serious, it seemed like he truly hoped for me to enter, and what he said was right, I cannot be scared stiff every time I see a ghost, nor can I rely on others to save me every time. I need to learn how to protect myself, so even if I meet a ghost, I won't cry from fear.

Gritting my teeth, I lifted my slightly trembling legs and walked inside. Behind me, Zhang Ziyuan's voice slowly drifted towards me, "The form of a ghost is usually the form of one that died in life, so you don't have to be afraid. I will enter to protect you if there's any danger."

"Yes." After answering him, I pinched my trembling legs and thought to myself, 'Am I going to be looked down upon as an ordinary person for the rest of my life?' Since I am a Spirit Master, then I must cherish me well. What the hell are you doing, god or whatever, what are you doing in front of me, a Great Spirit Master?

I kept drumming myself in my heart, and finally found some courage, and walked into the forest with empty steps. This place is really eerie, the air is filled with the smell of death, mixed with a musty smell, it kept drilling into my nose, making me want to vomit. I pinched my nose, then changed to breathing with my mouth, finally feeling better, I tried my best to open my eyes and look around, but it was always a misty place, so I couldn't see anything.

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