My Bossy Ghost Husband/C17 female ghost
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My Bossy Ghost Husband/C17 female ghost
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C17 female ghost

"Heehee ?" The woman's laughter reached my ear and my heart went cold. 'Oh no! I just came in and I met a ghost. Before I came in, I didn't think that I wouldn't know Dao Techniques!'

It's over, there's no use thinking about it now. I feel like I'm going to be eaten by this ghost girl. But I was not convinced and decided to take another gamble.

I turned stiffly and said to the laughing voice, "Well, I didn't mean to, I, I, I just went to the wrong place, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first," and then I wanted to run away, couldn't we?

"You are not allowed to leave, since you have come, then stay behind with us, ghosts like us, we won't be able to meet any living people often, furthermore, you look like you are a Spirit Master, only then will you have a taste."

The one who spoke was a ghost who had been killed by a car, and when he opened his eyes again, he was already in this kind of place. The strong resentment made her turn into a ghost, and in this unknown forest, he occasionally relied on the yang energy from humans to raise his cultivation.

Her luck was good today, she had met a Spirit Master who passed by, and from the looks of it, this Spirit Master did not have much strength on her. She could absorb the Spiritual Energy and Yang energy from the Spirit Master's body, and eating the Spiritual Energy and Yang energy from the Spirit Master's body was way better than eating an ordinary person's Yang energy to raise her cultivation. If he didn't quickly finish them off, then the other ghosts would also be attracted over. This would inevitably lead to a fierce battle.

It was only when the ghost girl appeared and flew towards me that I saw her face clearly. She had a very standard face and it was almost impossible to find her in the crowd, but now she seemed so out of place, because this place was full of ghosts, and now there was only me and her, and it was impossible not to see her clearly.

Just as her fingernails were about to grab me, I tried to control my quivering thighs and dodged to the side. The ghost girl grabbed at nothing, and the tree behind me was grabbed by a powerful trigger, giving me goosebumps.

Why is her fighting strength so valiant? With a single claw, she could have snapped the tree in half. If this were to land on me, would I have been cut into two? The female ghost was infuriated that her claws hadn't hit me yet. I didn't have the time to think, I just relied on my instincts to constantly dodge. If I were to think now, I would probably be smashed to smithereens, right?

The female ghost, who had grabbed onto thin air several times, was completely enraged. The flesh on her face continuously fell, revealing her ghastly white bones, and that ferocious look of hers caused me to recall the dream I had about Zhang Ziyuan. At that time, the flesh on his face was also falling, it was extremely terrifying.

While I was still in a daze, the ghost caught up with me, and I closed my eyes in despair. I thought it was too late, I even started to give up, and then all of a sudden there was silence, and after a while I didn't even get to wait for the ghost to tear me to pieces.

I suddenly opened my eyes and saw Zhang Ziyuan standing in front of me. A hand was grabbing onto the ghost lady's neck like a chicken, the flesh on his face was still constantly falling, leaving only his empty eyes staring straight at Zhang Ziyuan.

"Why, why did you help this human? She is a Spirit Master, isn't it better for us to eat her together?"

"One point is correct, but one thing is wrong. That's right, he is the Spirit Master, but he is my wife." His words were like a bolt of thunder that struck the ghost girl's head.

"You actually broke the taboo, unless people and ghosts are engaged, they can't be together, and looking at your appearances, no one is willing to marry someone already dead, and if Hades knows, you guys won't have a good ending, hahahaha!"

"Since you're worried about others' martial arts, why not worry about yourself? Seeing how you've eaten at least 100 people, if I eat you, my cultivation level will at least double, right?"

Zhang Ziyuan pinched her neck and continued to work hard, "What, do you still want to report to the King of Hell? Do you think I will give you that chance?"

Ghosts couldn't breathe, but she felt her Spiritual Energy disappearing nonstop, and she started to feel fear in her heart for no reason at all.

She had already stayed in this broken forest for so many years, and even if she wanted to leave, she couldn't. It was like a barrier that locked them up here, and there were only two ways to continuously become stronger: one was to devour the weaker ghosts, and the other was to devour the yang energy from the humans.

Don't forget, you are a ghost, he is a human, it is not beneficial for you to protect him. Since you are able to freely enter and exit this place, your cultivation must be much higher than mine. Why don't we form an alliance, then I will split the fresh oxygen I got into 3/7, then you 7, me 3, as long as you are willing to let me go, I will tell you the biggest secret of this forest.

"She's a Spirit Master, and eating her will at least double your cultivation. You better think carefully, don't waste your time cultivating for a human."

Hearing the female ghost talking terms with Zhang Ziyuan made me even more nervous. What if Zhang Ziyuan agrees to the female ghost's conditions?

"Su Su, how about we make a deal?"

"Huh?" I stared at him. He made a deal with me?

"Duo Cultivation is good for us all, I request that we practice it every night." After saying that, she stared at me intently. Under his pressure, I had to compromise.

I had no choice but to tremble when I thought about those eyes of hers looking at me. The greatest threat under the heavens is the silent threat. I had no choice but to accept it under his coercion. That must be the case. He must have used some spell to coerce me.

"Did you hear that? My wife said she agreed to dual cultivate, so it doesn't matter if I eat you now. "

"You ? You can't do this! " The ghost lady was panic-stricken. She didn't expect things to turn out this way. She had thought that this man would only use her as a weapon. She didn't expect it to be like this. It really was a mistake.

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